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  • Fully loaded with great and amazing features
  • Huge music library accessing over 3000 sites
  • Quite affordable when you go for lifetime subscription
  • Fast and hassle free


  • No free use, eventually opt for a subscription
  • Complex to use for beginners

There is like 99% probability that almost every music lover uses iSkysoft iMusic. So, this section of iSkysoft iMusic review is dedicated to all of them. Yes, I have done an exclusive review of iSkysoft iMusic software after using it from quite some time (Yeah, I am a music lover too).

So, basically I am going to tell you about different aspects of this exclusive software. There are plenty of features of this unique music solution which must have been unexplored by lots of users by now. But, after reading its true use, you are surely going to wonder why you didn’t utilize it in that way before.

Table of Contents:

So, here is a descriptive and my personal experience based iSkysoft iMusic review for all the current users and for the ones who are going to try it eventually.

What is iSkysoft iMusic?

The iSkysoft iMusic review starts from the discussion that what this software is all about. Actually, this is basically the complete synopsis about the concept of this amazing tool.

iSkysoft iMusic is a music downloader, manager, organizer and a complete music solution software which comes under the products of Aimersoft company. So, basically, the idea is to provide such a platform to the users on their own systems which can take care of their music needs on a daily basis.

If you are thinking that this is just a music downloader then you have probably didn’t even understand 1% concept of this amazing music software. Actually, this is a complete solution for the syncing of various devices together like macs, windows, iOS devices and Android devices.

iSkysoft iMusic is power packed with some amazing features which you would surely like to use. To understand iSkysoft iMusic review more, I have mentioned its features in details. This will clear out all the scopes for confusions here.

Features of iSkysoft iMusic

I would consider this part to be the most important section of entire iSkysoft iMusic review. This is going to tell you about all the services offered by this software (major and minor). To understand the working and use of iMusic software, I will recommend you to first go through the features offered by it.

1. Vast Music Library

Of course, let me tell you already that iMusic downloader is an internet driven software so keep your data plan great to use it. While talking about its feature of vast music library then it is surely true. There is no need to Google some music to download it, now you have this software which is going to do it.

In fact, you would be amazed to know that it drives music from 3000+ sites like YouTube,, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion etc. You can download as many songs as you want from this library.

2. Download Anything

Personally, I not only liked this feature but I am in love with it. Can you imagine downloading every single video available on any site on the entire internet? Well, iMusic does the work for you and all you need for that is the URL of the video.

This gives a super boost to the iSkysoft iMusic review. You can download any video and any audio just by their URL and not only this but you can even convert the video into audio at the same time of download.

3. Record

To be frank, I don’t think any other music software gives this facility but iMusic is quite different from all. This is not something what you are thinking it is. This is not like usual voice records that you have in your phone. In fact, it does not even reciprocate to the normal voice.

This feature is for recording the music playing in other systems or even in the same system. It tries to encrypt it in such a way that almost all the noise gets eliminated. This means you can even create a playlist through it.

4. Built-in Media Player

Another great part in the entire iSkysoft iMusic review is that it has a great built-in media player. This player is capable to play not only mp3 songs but also videos too. So, this means after downloading your favorite media files, you are not required to install a media player additionally to run them.

You just need to tap on the media files and they will start playing through the built-in media player of the software.

5. Exporting the Media

If you think after uninstalling the iMusic software, you are going to give away all your songs and videos then you are completely wrong. iMusic takes care of every single need of its users and provides the option of exporting the media files into the desired system location.

So, this makes iMusic a completely handy and easy to use music software ever.

6. Music Transfer

Forget songs only, because iMusic allows you to transfer playlists, music, podcasts, iTunes, TV shows etc. form one apple device to another very easily. In fact, in such cases there are no additional charges and limit too. You can easily transfer it all by iTunes without even erasing the original data from it.

It follows a drag and drop system which means even a kid would be able to use it. This shows the utmost ease of accessing that iSkysoft iMusic allows for its users. One click is enough to copy music from library without even leaving the duplicates. And most importantly, the same applies to Android devices too.

7. Backup

Another important part of iSkysoft iMusic review is its backup property. This feature proves to be very beneficial in case of data loss, computer formatting or buying new devices. You can operate iMusic from any other device with just your registered id and it will showcase all of your data.

In case of coming up with the backup, you just need to connect your device to this software and then create a backup of the music which you can use later on whenever you want.

8. ToolBox

I have never seen such a powerful toolbox in any other music solution software ever. Firstly, I would like to draw attention towards the tools that you are getting in this section. These are..

  • The rebuilding of entire iTunes library.
  • Transfer files from iTunes to devices.
  • Clean up of the music library.
  • Replacing Mp4 files to Mp3 format.
  • Backup and restore facility.
  • Creating car playlist.
  • Burn music to CD.

I don’t think there is even a scope of asking for more when you are getting so much of tools and services in just one product.

9. Device Syncing

If you are someone who wants to access iMusic through your favorable device then there is an additional solution for that issue too. You just need to connect your device to iMusic with the help of USB cable and you are good to go then. You can access all the above-mentioned features easily now.

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To know more about the compatibility and support of devices through iSkysoft iMusic, check out the section given below of Tech specification of this software.

Pricing Plans for iSkysoft iMusic Software

Now, here is a little something about iSkysoft iMusic review details. Unfortunately, the software is not free to use. But thankfully there is an alternative to that issue too. I personally felt that the pricing plans offered by iMusic downloader are very fair and do complete justice to the lots and lots of features offered by them.

This is nearly impossible to get these services for free so of course, it was very obvious by the company to charge something by users for the facilities they are providing.

To let our readers get to know more about the iSkysoft iMusic review, I am listing out all of the pricing plans offered by this software. Each plan comes with different services for different time spans. To know more check out the section given below.

  • The first plan is a 1-year license. The company charges $39.95 for this plan and it is obviously valid for a year and can only be used by a single PC. You get the free technical support under this plan which lasts for a year.
  • Next Plan is the most recommended one not only from the company but from my side too. They charge $59.95 for this plan and it lasts for a lifetime duration and valid for a single PC only. You get free technical support for a lifetime under this plan.
  • Next one is a more personal type of license. The charges for this plan is $149.88 and it lasts for a lifetime and valid for 2-5 PC along with free technical support. I think this is best suitable for offices.

Tech Specifications of iSkysoft iMusic

As I have already mentioned in the above iSkysoft iMusic review that it has the ability to sync various devices with it. Not only syncing but it allows them to transfer files between each other. Generally, there is no possible way to transfer data between Android and iOS devices. So, iMusic downloader is like the tool bridging the gap between the two.

Here is the complete details of the devices which are supported by iSkysoft iMusic software. If you are still feeling puzzled then I would recommend you to try it on your own.

  • iOS: All the devices working on iOS 10 plus the former ones too. From iPhone 4S to all the variants of each generation till iPhone 7S. In case of iPads, only iPad air and iPad Mini2 are compatible.
  • iPod: All the iPods working between iPod OS 1.0 to iPod OS 2.0 (iPod Touch to iPod Shuffle).
  • Android: All the working devices having systems Android 2.1 to Android 6.0. Some of the examples are Samsung, Acer, hTC, Google, Sony, Motorola, Huawei etc.

This was all about the iSkysoft iMusic review regarding tech specs. If your device falls in this category and still not supporting then consult the concerned administrations.

How to Install and Use iSkysoft iMusic Software

So after the complete analysis of iSkysoft iMusic review given above, you must have been thinking about downloading this software right away. But before you do so, I would recommend you to go through the steps given below which is going to make you understand the installation and appropriate use of this software.

  • Now, directly click on the option of Try It Free.
  • The software of iMusic will start downloading then.
  • Once the downloading is done, install it with required procedure.
  • Get yourself registered on it and then it is ready to use.

iSkysoft iMusic review about its compatibility is already explained in its tech specs. But to be clear again, you can easily install it in your Windows or Macs.

Below, I am recommending some list type post where you can download videos, movies, and songs. If you want to download any of these media files then you may try below-given blog posts.

Final words about iSkysoft iMusic Review

So, on the basis of the different aspects that we just discussed iSkysoft iMusic, I can finally come to a conclusion about this software.

According to my personal experience with this software, my iSkysoft iMusic review is 100% positive. I loved every single thing about this software from its larger than life music library to its capability to sync various devices together. I could not think that android and iOS can finally come together.

But, this ultimate music downloader made it possible for sure. If I had to give iSkysoft iMusic review as a critic then too I would not be able to find any trouble with this software. The only thing that may bother you is the time it takes to load and its pricing policy.

But with the lifetime license, it is all worth trying out. I am sure you would not be able to find any other software as capable as iSkysoft iMusic for sure.

Bottom Line: A permanent and overall solution to all your music needs for all the devices. A big recommendation from my side to go for this software.

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