Top 10 Music Apps That Don’t Need Wifi


Have you ever even heard of music apps that don’t need wifi? I am sure you have not come across such concept before but today I am going to introduce to something like this.

Of course, there are plenty of music apps that run through the internet connection. Although they do not consume much of the data still it is a kind of trouble.

And to remove such trouble, I am going to suggest you some great music applications which do not require wifi connection at all.

Top 10 Music Apps That Don’t Need Wifi

You can explore all the latest tracks here and enjoy free download music here on these apps. So, check out the list of such apps given below.

1. Umusio

Download App: iOS

The first one in this list of music apps that don’t need wifi is Umusio. This is basically an iOS application only and not available for Android smartphones. You can easily install on your iPhone or iPad. This can be the perfect app that you were looking for to play non-stop music.

Unfortunately, Umusio is not completely free of cost to be downloaded, you would have to pay $0.99 to download it initially. However, there are no charges further.

This music player is not only for mp3 songs but contains millions of video songs on it and that too for free. Umusio works for systems having iOS7.0 and further. The app also allows you to manage your songs and videos by sorting them out in different folders and files.

In this way, you get more managed music library of your own. Once you have downloaded the music digitally through Umusio than you can listen to them without wifi or other internet connection. Thus, making one of the perfect entrants in the list of music apps that don’t need wifi to be functional.

2. Pandora

Download App: Android, iOS

Pandora is a very popular application and website which is famous for live radio streaming. But this is actually way more than that. You can listen to your favorite music on it, you can discover whatever you want and then you can personalize the entire collection according to your wish.

Pandora is a great pick that I could make in the category of music apps that don’t need wifi. Actually, all these apps are partially internet driven as of course to download the songs digitally you really need the internet.

But, the real deal is to listen to all those songs later on without even turning on your internet connection. And Pandora is just perfect in this category which allows you to listen to millions of songs through its vast library on the app. The great part is that it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app has in-app purchase which means you can upgrade to the paid Premium subscription whenever you want which is going to cost you $9.99 per month. Another subscription of Plus plan is going to cost you $4.99 per month only.

3. Shazam

Download App: Android, iOS

Shazam is one of the most popular applications which is used for listening to non-stop music and that too for free. Each month it acquires thousands of new users which make it loved by millions of people throughout the world. Shazam is available for both the consoles of Android and iOS.

Shazam was intended with such a purpose that everyone can have an app which can be controlled easily and which works on one tap system.

What I liked the most about Shazam is that it is free to download as well as there are no in-app purchases. This means you are getting every single feature of this app for free of cost. You can not only see the videos of the music but also see their lyrics too so that you can sing along with it.

Shazam is just perfect to be included in music apps that don’t need wifi because Shazam offline allows you to search for your favorite music without the internet too. You can search for music through artists too. Shazam is one of the best streaming app that will let you discover your favorite music in no time.

4. SoundCloud

Download App: Android, iOS

SoundCloud is a very popular music app and probably need no introduction. But let me just give you a snapshot of the amazing features that SoundCloud holds in this section of music apps that don’t need wifi. You would not even believe but you are getting a collection of about 150 million songs on this platform here.

So, if you are a complete music freak then ditch the other best music player apps and download SoundCloud today itself.

Although SoundCloud is free to use and allows you to listen to the downloaded songs even without the internet connection but it has a paid version too. This is called SoundCloud Go. They charge you $4.99 per month for this version for some additional advantages. The next version is SoundCloud Go+ which charges you $9.99 per month.

The simple advantages that you get under this app are streaming and digital downloading, no ads, offline streaming, interaction with artists, latest tracks on your fingertips and much more.

5. Spotify

Download App: Android, iOS

When Spotify launched its windows software, music lovers literally went Gaga over it and why won’t they be. Spotify had the perfect solution for their every single music needs. And these applications for Android and iOS are no less than an amazing treasure for its fans.

Talking about being one of the most amazing music apps that don’t need wifi by Spotify for both Android and iOS then they have increased the functionality and easy access as compared to Windows version.

Spotify gives you amazing features of downloading, streaming and managing as many songs as you want. It has two versions, one of them is free and another one is Premium which is a paid version with additional advantages.

Amongst all the music apps that don’t need wifi, Spotify is the most downloaded one. The reason is its reliability and the services and features offered by it. You can download it for free for any Android or iOS based devices.

6. Slacker Radio

Download App: Android, iOS

If you are thinking of its name that Slacker Radio is only a live streaming radio application then you are completely wrong. In fact, this app is a great inclusion in the list of music apps that don’t need wifi. And the great part is that it is available for both iOS and Android platforms too.

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You can download this app for free from the respective app store of your smartphone. The installation is simple and there are no charges for its access.

I am sure that Slacker Radio provides such services for free which cannot be found on other platforms at all. The app is ready for customization whenever and however you want. And of course, there is the option for radio streaming too so that users do not miss any great music here.

Of course, Slacker Radio is data free and this is why it is listed here in the category of free music apps that don’t need wifi here. You can create various music stations here and can browse hundreds of others too. In this way, you have always updated with the latest and trending music all the time.

7. Microsoft Groove

Download App: Android, iOS

You must have already heard the name of this amazing music software before. But, it is great to know that Microsoft Groove has music apps that don’t need wifi which supports Android as well as iOS platforms.

You can install Microsoft Groove for free for both the platforms. When you are using it along with OneDrive then you have various features allotted with it.

But you can also purchase the Groove Music Pass whenever you want. In this pass, you get upgrades which makes the entire process of discovering music and downloading it pretty simple. In fact, it also allows ad-free access to you so that you can enjoy hassle free use of the apps.

Microsoft Groove is amongst those music apps that don’t need wifi and which also enables you to stream live radio stations too. So, now you have an abundant music library along with radio streaming too.

Once you have managed your music list into this app then you can access it from other platforms too like Xbox, PC, tablet etc. So, now you know why people prefer this application so much.

8. Google Play Music

Download App: Android, iOS

I don’t have to tell you much about this application because it generally comes pre-installed in most of the smartphone these days. As the name says it all, this is a type of music app offered by Google and has a fantastic interface that most of the users love to access.

The app has two modes, the first one is, of course, a free of cost mode. You are not supposed to pay anything in it and it still gives you the variety of features. Some of them are like storing about 50,000 in your personal collection, radio streaming, smart recommendations etc.

If you want then you can go for the upgrade like the rest of the music apps that don’t need wifi. And guess what? In this subscription, 6 family members of yours can join you in. This is like a family saver plan which no other apps offer. You get 35 million songs here along with ad-free browsing.

9. Tidal

Download App: Android, iOS

Another great music app which is available for both iOS and Android device is Tidal. The app has got millions of downloads just because it has so much to offer to its users that sometimes it’s just so hard to believe it. The app is famous for its high fidelity sound and great user interface.

Tidal is surely worth being included in the list of music apps that don’t need wifi. So, once you are done with downloading all the songs that you want then you can access then without the internet too.

Tidal allows you to access 40 million songs without any charges. Isn’t it just amazing for all the music lovers? And why only mp3 songs, the app also allows you to access about 130,000 video songs too and that too with no adds and fuzzy images.

This is a perfect pick in the category of music apps that don’t need wifi because not only single tracks but you can access entire playlists offline.

10. Deezer

Download App: Android, iOS

And the last one in this section of music apps that don’t need wifi is Deezer. This app is no less than other ones listed out here and contains the perfect features which work perfectly altogether to give you the perfect musical experience that you want.

You can discover and download music and then listen to them offline whenever you want. There are various features in this app which you can avail free of cost.

Hence, Deezer is one perfect free music download app with attractive services and features. There is also an upgrade called Deezer Premium+ which is a paid subscription along with great exclusive features that you would love to explore.

You can create your own flow here through which you can play all your favorite songs with just one click. This is like personalizing the entire app according to your taste.


I am sure you must have liked my choices about the music apps that don’t need wifi to be functional. Some of the apps are fully functional without the internet connection and some are partial. You would come to know about them in a better way once you will go through their description mentioned here.

For more, you can download these apps and try them on your own to understand them in a better way. This is the time to enter into a completely musical world through these amazing apps that I have mentioned here.

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