10 Best Free Music Download Sites


This section is for those people who wants to know options for best free music download sites. I am sure that once in every day, you must have browsed that what are the trending songs right now.

This is not just a habit but the need for those people who just cannot do without music on an everyday basis.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites

Given below, is the compilation of the best sites to download free music. The list is going to give you various options to download all types of music files whether old or tending.

Check them out and start getting updated with the music from now onwards.

1). Mp3Juices

Website: http://www.mp3juices.cc/

If you are tired of going through thousands of sections, subcategories, and folders in a site then you must shift your focus towards Mp3juices. The simplest layout and smoothest navigation is really effective to make you meet your desired song.

I can assure you that Mp3juices is surely one of the most reliable and best free music download sites amongst all. This is the reason of listing it on the first position here.

The idea of the site is to get the results on the basis of the queries asked. You are not being provided any additional categories to choose. Mp3juices is basically a musical search engine which is so easy to operate.

The site is way more capable than being just a music search engine. With the help of appropriate YouTube URL, you can actually convert a video file into audio too.

The best part about this website is that there are no complexities involved in it which means no registration or sign up process on it. In fact, you are not even supposed to pay anything to reach to your favorite songs. You just simply need to carry out a search for your song, and the results will be there for you.

2). My Free Mp3

Website: https://myfreemp3.click/

The next one here in this list is My Free Mp3. The site is just like its name and absolutely free to be used. In fact, you would not even have seen such a simple and easy to use site never before. The idea is to let the users decide what they want and then eventually get all the relevant results of it.

This site is not only suitable to download mp3 files but also perfect to stream them online too. This means it is a perfect solution for your music needs.

No wonder why My Free Mp3 is amongst the best free music download sites right now. When you will open up the site, you are going to see nothing except a search bar. This means no filters, sections, categories, etc. Just a clean musical search engine for the music lovers.

Despite being so simple, the site is one of the most diversified sources of mp3 files. You just simply need to put the keywords in the search bar and all the relevant results will be there in front of you. I don’t think you need something more than that for your hungry music soul.

3). Pure Volume

Website: http://www.purevolume.com/

Pure Volume is just like its name and provides the best quality mp3 songs to its audience with utmost ease and comfort. The best free music download sites list cannot be completed without the mention of this wonderful site.

So let’s start talking about this amazing site now. This is optional to create an account on this site but it has its own perks. You are getting a fully featured dashboard with it where you can organize and manage the music you want.

You are also getting various categories here like top songs, top downloads, artists, albums, search, etc. This means you are also getting the option to download the entire albums too now.

I think the site is a great and wonderful option in the list of best free music download sites. This is so rare to find such unique features and services for free of cost. If you are an artist, then this site can be a turning point in your life.

You can grab great audience through it and upload your creations through it as well. This site is a great tool for not only music lovers but artists too.

4). Free Music Archive

Website: http://freemusicarchive.org/

Free Music Archive was launched in 2009 and trust me the site has no looking back moment since then. The site is literally the largest archive you are ever going to witness when it comes to music. I am not only talking about single tracks here, but the site covers albums too.

This can be your perfect destination to download free full album too. The user-friendly interface will guide you easily between different sections of the site along with high-quality media files.

You can call Free Music Archive to be a content curated platform which means artists and audience are meeting here to give the best results to users. Talking about how the site rose to fame and became one of the best free music download sites is because of its simplicity.

There are various filters like genres, charts, curators which will help you to refine your search for the desired album more. You get genres like Hip-Hop, instrumental, pop, jazz etc. when it comes to choosing the right kind of music type according to your taste.

5). Noisetrade

Website: http://noisetrade.com/

Noise Trade is a global platform and amongst the best free music download sites and hosts massive users on its site. Simple navigation of the site helps users to find their desired tracks with just a single click. I don’t think you are ever going to come across such a vast database of exclusive tracks ever.

Noisetrade is intended with the purpose of supporting users as well as artists too. The platform provides a helping hand to the artists who are looking for a source to display their talent. You are getting all these services from this site for free.

It is always necessary to appreciate people for what good deeds they are doing. So, you can donate some amount to the artists here for their phenomenal work.

It has various features which aids users to have a refined search for their favorite tracks. The name noise trade of this site suggests that in return of your sign up, they are going to provide you the latest tracks for sure. I think you must not wait anymore to browse such kind of best free music download sites.

6). SoundClick

Website: http://soundclick.com/

Soundclick is a very popular website for browsing tracks, charts, mp3 files of various artists and bands. The site is actually different from other ones mentioned in this list of best free music download sites. If you want to get acknowledged to some unique genre of music, then this site can perfectly help you in it.

You would have to first get registered on this site to access all the music available on it. Once you become a member, you can freely explore around on this site.

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You are going to find various genres on this site like Jazz, metal, Latin, pop, classical, acoustic, rock, etc. This means the navigation and interface for the users become more approachable and easy. The organized system always leads you to the right direction only.

So, now when people ask you that what are the best free music download sites, you know what you are gonna answer to them. Get ready to check out the huge 5,000,000 songs collection of SoundClick and enjoy to the fullest of the music.

7). Album Kings

Website: https://www.albumkings.org/

Albumkings is one of the most famous and best free music download sites on the internet. Despite changing its domain continuously, Album kings has managed to keep its users hooked to its site forever.  Apart from having a huge music collection, you are going to get albums here too and that too for free.

Album kings is the kind of site which is very popular for the outstanding collection of thousands of albums latest as well as classics. The site also makes sure that the users get exactly what is needed. So, preview of every song is available on the site.

The site is easy to navigate according to the wish of the user. You can download the tracks or even the entire album in just one click.

You are mostly going to find albums here. But that is also a plus point because instead of single mp3 tracks now you can download the entire album from here. I think this is the best free music download sites perks that you are ever going to see.

8). Audionautix

Website: http://audionautix.com/

You must have already heard about the site before, and I think that is absolutely normal too. Audionautix is loved by all the music freaks across the globe to not only stream their favorite music but to also download it. This is the reason it is being mentioned in the list of best free music download sites here.

There are basically three categories available on Audionautix which are genre of music, mood and the tempo being set for it.

You can pick your desired combination through all the categories, and relevant results will be displayed to you. In this way for each unique combinations, you have unique results and hence tremendously wide range of music options.

Although the site lacks direct search option but still can be counted amongst best sites to download music free.

9). Vimeo

Website: https://vimeo.com

Vimeo is the next pick in the list of best free music download sites. You would love to know the fact that whether it is some old songs or latest raps you are going to find it all on Vimeo for sure. Despite being not completely free, the site still rocks like a boss in this field.

You can go for the simple basic plan which is free to use with certain limitations to explore the site.

Apart from a huge collection of music, the site also contains great videos and artists collection too. So, from the next time when you are thinking about being updated with the latest music, look nowhere else and head straight towards Vimeo for sure.

You can even sell your videos on this site and in this way earning some easy money would be so simple on Vimeo. I would consider Vimeo to be the most diversified and rich content option amongst all best free music download sites here.

10). Musopen

Website: https://musopen.org/

The last one in the list of best free music download sites is Musopen. If you are the one who loves to explore old classics and very authentic and simple kind of music categories, then this site is going to be your best friend from now onwards.

It included no trouble of registration, and it works smoothly without it too. You just need to open the site and you are good to go.

Musopen is one of the best free music download sites to get acknowledged to royalty free music and sheet music. Simply click on the music catalog to check out the entire collection of music on this site. You can pick whatever artist you want to further proceed in the site.

What is going to attract you the most is the fact that they provide great quality music on their site. This is the reason they attract a huge audience of classic music lovers. This site is just perfect to explore the unheard classic musical era of all time.

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There is no rocket science in downloading mp3 songs. In fact, people these days prefer applications over these best free online music download sites to download various media files as well as single mp3 tracks. But the problem is that after a trial period these apps require you to subscribe with them.

So, these best free music download sites are going to help you perfectly to keep on tuning into latest music without even paying anything. I am sure you would love exploring these sites even more than applications.

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