10 Best Games like Animal Crossing


Life simulation games are a rage these days especially when they are games like animal crossing. However, it is a kid’s oriented game but there are more simulation based games out there targeting all types of the audience with the varying age group.

10 Best Games like Animal Crossing

If you are totally done with RPGs and action-adventure kind of games then you can prefer simulation based games for a while. And if you are not able to figure out something on your own then you can check out this list curated by me. With so many options of various simulation games I am sure your weekend plan will be set.

1. Little Computer People

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/game/little-computer-people

Little Computer PeopleA less heard game but still worthy of being in the list of games like Animal Crossing. What makes it less popular is its unavailability for mainstream consoles. However, as per the plot and gameplay is concerned I am sure you will surely enjoy the simulation in it.

A really old game released in 1985, it is developed and published by Activision. The game is so different and as it is quite old you are going to miss the actual simulation feel in it.

However, ahead of its time, Little Computer People showcase the story of a three storey building and the people living in it from a side view. Apparently, there are no set goals and you as a player is going to interact with the person living his daily life and doing simple chores like cooking, watching TV etc.

You can interact with him in ways like playing poker, offering gifts and giving commands to perform for him. Each copy of the game has different character and you can also pick a name for it from the given 256 names.

Compatible with: Amiga, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, PC-8801, PC-9801, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64

2. Tomodachi Life

Website: http://tomodachi.nintendo.com/

Tomodachi LifeAnother game gracing the list of Animal Crossing like games is Tomodachi Life. This life simulation game is developed by Nintendo and released in 2013. At times, you can literally compare various elements of the game with Animal Crossing because of the high factor of social simulation in it.

The game starts with the player naming their island and now they need to create their avatar which is their look alike to represent them in the game.

These avatars are called personal Mii and as the game proceeds, player can improve the building he is living in and can also create 100 Miis on the island. Somewhere because of this element, Tomodachi Life also executes Role Playing very well.

I found the game super interesting than other games like Animal Crossing and it includes all the real-life experiences like eating, trying different outfits, doing leisure activities, falling in love, interacting with other Miis and many more. As you grow in the game you can create as many Miis as you want.

Compatible with: 

3. The Sims

Website: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims

The SimsThe Sims is one of the most popular option in the list of games like Animal Crossing and it is the first game in The Sims series too. It is a type of strategic life simulation game published by EA and released in 2000. The simulation effect is so real that you can easily connect it with your real life too.

The Sims uses a 2.5D graphics where the characters are in 3D but the other settings are seen diametrically. It is about the people called The Sims living in a fictional city.

The game usually starts in the game live mode where each family starts with 20,000 simoleons to live. This in-game currency can be used to purchase various stuff and to lead life like in real world. Just like the game Animal Crossing for PC, it also starts with literally nothing and players need to construct their houses too.

Other modes of the game are build and buy which can be used for renovating house, buying stuff etc. where time is also paused.

Compatible with:    

4. Stardew Valley

Website: https://stardewvalley.net/

Stardew ValleyAlready a popular name in the genre of farming simulation, Stardew Valley is the best option I could think for listing down PC games like Animal Crossing. This indie farming and Role playing game was released in 2016 and instantly became a huge hit.

You can also compare to games like FarmVille and other farming based games too. The game starts with the player taking up the role of a character who is so irritated with the rush life of city.

Hence, to get rid of it he quits the job and start taking care of his grandparent’s farm in a place called Stardew Valley. The game starts with very basic activities like ploughing the field, sowing seeds, planting etc. While doing this, the player needs to balance his health and time stats too.

Interacting with other people, getting married and having a social life are the other factors of this game making it perfect for the category of social simulation games like Animal Crossing.

Compatible with:     

5. Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

Website: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/harvest-moon-3d-a-new-beginning-3ds

Harvest MoonBelonging to the longest running game series Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon 3D is a special addition in it both in terms of story and technology wise. Developed by Marvelous AQL, A New Beginning was released in 2012. It can be played in single player mode only.

Quite like Stardew Valley, it is one such type of games like Animal Crossing which is more oriented towards the genre of farming simulation and also brings out the element of role playing in it.

Player needs to revive an abandoned town so that animals and other residents can return here to live again. This town called Echo Village has huge settings which can be customized according to the taste of the player. Also, along with it you get character customization options too.

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Rest of the simulation-based features remains the same like construction, farming, involving in interaction with other non-playable characters, building decorations and many more. Taking care of animals remain an important aspect throughout the game.

Compatible with: 

6. Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Time

Website: http://uk.games.konami-europe.com/game.do?idGame=198

This is the only life simulation game in this series of games like Animal Crossing which is based on the theme of fantasy and adventure. Developed and published by Konami, it was released in 2008 and apart from having single player mode, it also includes multiplayer and online multiplayer modes too.

Interestingly, RPG and social simulation elements run parallel in the game where you as a player are supposed to attend classes in magic academy.

The goal of player is to learn about magic spells and mysteries related to it. While doing so, it is important to bond with other players too by interacting with them. You have the option for character customization up to a great extent and you can also name your character too.

There are total 52 adventures in the game arranged in stages like manner. You can also chat with online players too giving a cooperative essence to the game.  The game has a lot to discover and you are also given the opportunity to customize your surroundings too.

Compatible with: 

7. Seabeard

Website: http://www.backflipstudios.com/games/seabeard/

SeabeardAn adventure oriented simulation game, Seabeard is a game by developers Hand Circus which was released in 2014. It also features the element of role playing in it. However, it is only designed in the form of mobile applications for iOS and Android users.

The game starts with introducing the background of it where you get to know that you are the grandchild of Seabeard who united all the island to form Accordia.

However, an evil spirit destroyed it all and now as a player you are supposed to build it all over again. By gather stones, gold, wood and whatever is given in the game, you need to reform Accordia again. More than interaction, Seabeard focuses on construction elements.

The game is quite varied where you are also given a crew for constructing buildings and ships which differs Seabeard from other games like Animal Crossing. After the release, it got great reception and people immediately compared it with Animal Crossing.

Compatible with: 

8. Fantasy Life

Website: http://fantasylife.nintendo.com/

Fantasy LifeMajorly a role playing game, Fantasy Life is another addition the list of games similar to Animal Crossing which is developed by Level-5 and released in 2012. Although it has an improved version called Fantasy Life Link but it is available in Japanese market only.

So, the plot of Fantasy Life is set in the world of Reveria whose peaceful kingdom is shattered one day with the sudden destruction by meteorite.

Now, the player needs to investigate its causes and this mission is divided in between various tasks and events. The game runs in real-time process and the player is given the option to choose between 12 character classes and other customization options.

Once it is done, the simulation takes a lead in the game where as the player completes tasks, new elements of the game starts to unlock. Unlike other games like Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life also includes fighting with monsters and collecting points throughout. These bliss points are important to unlock new features of the game.

Compatible with: 

9. Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Website: http://www.mobygames.com/game/nintendo-ds/rune-factory-a-fantasy-harvest-moon

Rune Factory 4Next one to join the list of games like Animal Crossing is a very popular game called Rune Factory. It is a type of simulation game with the element of role playing. A Fantasy Harvest Moon is the first game in this series which is developed by Neverland and released in 2006.

The game runs in real time process where 10 seconds are equal to 10 minutes. Being a farm simulation game, player is going to stay involved in farming activities like growing crops, planting, using tools etc.

The game is basically a spin-off of Harvest Moon series and hence follows the similar storyline. Apart from the single player mode, you can enjoy multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Interestingly, the game also includes elements like defeating monsters, exploring dungeons etc.

In fact, from a perspective of teen audience, it also involves feature of befriending monsters too and in return they help in battles.

Compatible with:  

10. Viva Pinata

Website: http://www.vivapinata.com/

Viva PinataViva Pinata makes the finest example of Animal Crossing PC game and revolves around the elements of life simulation completely. It is developed by Rare and was released in 2006. The entire plot of the game is set in a neglected garden of Pinata Island.

The game is set from first person perspective where player is supposed to restore and renovate this neglected garden using various tactics.

Basic elements belong to farming simulation like sowing seeds, using gardening tools, creating ponds, sculpting the garden etc. As the game proceeds with completing several tasks, pinatas attract to the garden where their species changes from black and white to completely colored.

Viva Pinata is an incremental type of game where you can discover a lot of elements and involvement of piñata species makes it quite like games like Animal Crossing. The game further moves forward with mating of same species and increasing the population of garden. You can also play some mini-games involves in it too.

Compatible with:  



I would like to get particular about The Sims game series here as it is an amazing example of simulation based games and the change of plot with each installment won’t let you feel bored at all. There are more games like animal crossing available belonging to farming simulation, social simulation and other simulation based categories.

There are some Facebook platform games like FarmVille, FarmUp etc. which are also simulation based that I could not mention here but you can check them out too. Simulation based games are very real in terms of approach and hence I think you can never get bored of them.

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