Top 10 Games like Harvest Moon


Life simulation game are always a huge hit and amongst them games like Harvest Moon are becoming more popular with each passing day. The thing about simulation game is that no matter what, you never get tired of playing them throughout the day.

Top 10 Games like Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a type of farm simulation game where players need to do farming in order to move forward in this game. If farming is your thing then this list of online games like Harvest Moon can be of great use to you. Here are some of the similar games which I am sure you would surely like to play.

1. Stardew Valley


Stardew-ValleyThe first one in the list of games like Harvest Moon is Stardew Valley which is a type of indie farming game. This is also a type of simulation Role Playing game which was released in the year 2016 by Chucklefish and designed by Eric Barone.

The game is actually quite interesting and its plot indulges the player quite in it that you can actually relate yourself to the character.

The character is supposed to leave their office hustle and takes over the farm of their grandparents which is situated at a place called Stardew Valley. The player needs to do everything like clearing the land, plant, tend crops, take care of the animals, mine for ores and take part in the social activities.

Amidst all this, they need to create a balance between time and energy levels too. In no time you will find yourself completely engaged in this game and trust me this is actually really addictive too. This is only a single player game and available on the steam too.

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, OSX, Linux, Windows,

2. Hay Day



Another interesting game which is also a farming simulation game is Hay Day but what makes it different is that it is available for only Android and iOS platforms only. This means you cannot play this game on Windows platform. But let me tell you that despite that, the game is super popular and played by millions of users till date.

Hay Day was released in 2012 by the developers Supercell. Unlike most of the games like Harvest Moon here, this is a multiplayer game.

You can play this game for absolutely free and Hay Day proved to be 4th highest revenue earning game in the world. According to the plot of this game, the player’s uncle is sick and cannot take care of his farm anymore so now the player needs to do so on his uncle’s behalf.

There are things like selling goods to earn coins, buy decoration items, earn experience points and many more. Hay Day proved to be one of the best Harvest Moon like game and earned great success.

Compatible with: Android, iOS

3. Rune Factory 4


Rune-Factory-4If you RPG is your thing then Rune Factory 4 is going to be your favorite game from now on. This is a simulation game which is developed by Neverland Co. This is the 6th installment of the Rune Factory series and it was released in 2012 in Japan and in America it was released in 2013.

This game is slightly different from the other games like Harvest Moon as the theme is not about farming simulation but life simulation.

The main element of this game is crafting so if a player needs to survive in this game then they would have to constantly create something new and useful. This is also a basis on which your level up relies on. The entire game is based on the town of Selphia and the player is suffering from Amnesia and has no clue about his past.

The player is now misunderstood as the member of Royalty and now is working as their guide to attracting tourists and other resources to this village. The game becomes more interesting as you proceed further in it.

Compatible with: Nintendo 3DS

4. Farming Simulator


Farming-SimulatorThere is no way that you do not know about this amazing farming simulation game called Farming Simulator. This is one of the most popular pick in this list of games like Harvest Moon and is an entire series of games which is developed by Giants software.

The game has about 10 installments but some of them are for PC and some were launched as the mobile applications. The game saw its first release in the year 2008 with the name Farmer Simulator.

The player is supposed to play the role of a farmer where he needs to do everything that a farmer does to survive. There are tasks like breeding livestock, grow crops, selling of assets created by farming and many more. The locations are inspired from the American and European environment.

This is a perfect match for the category of PC games like Harvest Moon and also sold over four million copies worldwide too. This is an amazing game which must be played by every HM lover.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Mac OS, PS4, Nintendo 3DS.

5. Farm Up


Farm-UpFarm up is another popular game in this list of games like Harvest Moon. As the name says it clearly that it is a type of farming simulation game and also have its mobile applications to make the accessing and playing even simpler for the users.

You just need to download it like the other millions of users and then you are just ready to play it for free. However, there are in-app purchases but they are completely optional.

The main character of this game is Jennifer who is a young girl and bought a farm recently. The game is set in the era of 1930s crisis where Jennifer is struggling to keep up with her farm and trying hard to become successful. You just need to accompany Jennifer in this struggle of her.

In this game, you need to do certain tasks like taking care of poultry and cattle, learning about different plants, harvest vegetables and fruits. You can take help of Jennifer’s husband and grandparents to run the profitable farming business.

Compatible with: Windows, Android, iOS

6. Farm Ville


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Farm-VilleRemember those notifications you used to get on Facebook. To be true I was really skeptical and irritated about them until I realized that Farm Ville is indeed one of the best games like Harvest Moon which is really entertaining.

The game was originally released on Facebook in 2009 and then later on released for other platforms in the upcoming years after 2009.

This is a type of farming simulation social network game which is developed by Zynga. If you have a thing for faming games then I would personally recommend this game for all of you. The game involves the little tactics about farm management like growing crops, ploughing land, planting, crops harvesting, raising livestock and many more.

I am sure you will move over Harvest Moon game once you will start playing Farm Ville. In fact, it gets so interesting with passing time that you are going to get addicted to it completely. The game is designed both for single player and multiplayer gaming so that people can make most of it.

Compatible with: Android, iOS, Adobe Flash, HTML 5

7. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers


New-Frontier-Days-Founding-PioneersAnother farming simulation game in this series of games like Harvest Moon is New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers. It is developed and published by Arc System Works and it was released in the year 2017 only. The game is a sequel to the Frontier days which was released in 2015.

Although the game received mixed reviews but it won’t be wrong to include it in this list as it is basically a farming game which has every essence of HM in it.

This is a usual farming game where the player needs to farm and earn points which reflects in his level and experience. However, what you are going to like is the depth of this game which is usually missing in most of the farming simulation games.

As a whole, New Frontier Days is a nice approach towards the new concept of farming simulation and must be tried out.

Compatible with: Nintendo Switch Steam

8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal-Crossing-New-LeafAs I mentioned some different games in this series of games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing is one such pick in this series. The game is developed and published by Nintendo and released in the year 2012 in Japan and then later in 2013 in America.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a type of life simulation game which does not focus on farming like most of the games here. However, that does not make it any less interesting.

In this game, the player is supposed to play the character of the mayor of the town which is populated with anthropomorphic animals. The player is supposed to explore the town and help the people in making it more developed by different strategies.

Every development indicates level up and hence the player also gets better features too. This is the fourth installment of the Animal Crossing series and makes a perfect game in the list of Harvest Moon games. The game is available for both single player and multiplayer modes.

Compatible with: Nintendo 3DS

9. Pot Farm


Pot-FarmThe name of such games are enough to let everyone know that they are related to farming and simulations. Pot Farm was released in 2010 by East Side Games. This game has essence of RPG and simulation and it is available for both single player and multiplayer gaming.

It won’t be wrong at all to say that it is one of the most liked games like Harvest Moon and that is mainly because of the similarity of gameplay and theme.

The gameplay demands the player to grow and harvest different strains of Cannabis and he also has to manufacture such items which are Cannabis based. You are going to see the Cannabis influence in this game mostly in the quests, rewards and challenges.

The game not only worked amazing for the commercial purpose but also earned some awards too. You must give a try to this game and I am sure you will totally forget Harvest Moon after it.

Compatible with: Android, iOS, Adobe Flash

10. Funky Barn


Funky-BarnAnd the last one in this list of games like Harvest Moon is Funky Barn. What makes the game more special is the fact that it is available in the 3D format and also known as Funky Barn 3D too. The game was released in the year 2012 and it is also a type of simulation game too.

It is developed by Tantalus Interactive and published by Ubisoft and 505 Games for different platforms. The game is quite interesting and match the theme of the other games too.

There is no doubt in this fact that Harvest Moon video game gained huge popularity but Funky Barn is also no less entertaining. This is a farming simulation game which is about handling a farm, raising cattle, growing crops and eventually making money out of it.

You can find the theme similar to games like Story of Seasons and Shepherd’s Crossing. I am sure you are going to love this game as it is quite an entertainer

Compatible with: Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

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These ones are the best farming games which I picked for the readers in this section. But there are surely more simulation games which you can play. You can look for more options as there are plenty of them available right now.

Make sure to do not get addicted to them otherwise it would be so hard to focus somewhere else. All I can say is these games like Harvest Moon are the real entertainers and there is no way you can get tired of them anytime soon.


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