10 Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics


Gamers and young generation these days show less interest in tactical and strategy based games and enjoy playing action adventure ones only. In such a time, games like Final Fantasy Tactics secure a place way different than other games and I think you should try playing them for a change.

10 Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

Incorporated with the turn-based combat and tactical role-playing, these games are no less thrilling and fun than the other types of games. So, here in this list, I have curated a list which is comprised of the best alternative games like Final Fantasy Tactics which are going to liberate you from the usual sense of gaming.

1. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Website: http://www.tacticsogregame.com/

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherThe first one in the list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics is Tactics Ogre or TO:LUST that it is popularly called. To be true, the game is way more deep and defined than even FFT. The game is developed by Quest and Square Enix and got released back in 1995.

Being a Japanese game it involves a lot of relatable elements with similar background setting too. This is the second installment of Ogre Battle Franchise and quite different from its predecessor.

It involves squad based tactical role-playing gaming where player is supposed to build up a team with changeable classes. This team is going to fight battles in the isometric grids. TO provides you necessary freedom with your time as you can move each player individually.

A map is provided to the player to track the movements along with it the plot is revealed timely to let the player decide its next move. You begin with limited customizations and skills but as you proceed further you start to gain more control over the game.

Compatible with: , Sega Saturn, Super Famicom

2. King’s Bounty: The Legend

Website: http://legend.kingsbountygame.com/

King’s Bounty: The LegendThe next Final Fantasy Tactics games alternative in this list is King’s Bounty: The Legend. The game is based on the King’s Bounty property which was made 18 years ago. The game is developed by Katauri Interactive and published by 1C Company with Atari and Nobilis Games.

It was released in 2008 and the player is supposed to take up the role of Royal Treasure Hunter who is serving for King Mark the Wise.

The plot is set in the World of Endoria where player is given a troop and now he is set free to complete the quests as they come. The main story quest is provided by the king but the player can also complete various side quests according to his choice.

The highlight of this game which sets it apart from other games like Final Fantasy Tactics is that the player himself does not indulge in any combat but rather govern his troop to do so. Five people can be chosen at a time and the plot varies from simple to high fantasy time to time.

Compatible with:  

3. Fire Emblem: Awakening

Website: http://fireemblemawakening.com/

Fire Emblem: AwakeningFire Emblem: Awakening is the 11th installment of Fire Emblem series. It is developed by Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD and published by Nintendo and released in 2012. Just like any other games like Final Fantasy Tactics, it also focuses on tactical movement of an army which is set out to defeat the enemies.

You are going to play the role of a Tactician Avatar which can be customized on the range of appearance, class, skills etc.

Now, you can choose between Casual and Classic mode of the game. In Classic mode, characters permanently die but in Casual mode permanent deaths can be disabled over the choice of player. This gives great depth and command to the game thus making it highly interesting.

Apart from it, the player must build up a relationship with other characters in order to increase their skills and abilities. I found the game highly advanced than most of such tactical RPGs and with so much control lying in the hands of player, you can actually make a lot of changes in the game.

Compatible with:  

4. Saiyuki: Journey West

Website: http://www.ign.com/

Saiyuki: Journey WestMost of the Final Fantasy Tactics like games are based on the Japanese theme and Saiyuki is no different than them. It is loosely based on Chinese novel Journey to the West and incorporates Japanese environment in it.

Saiyuki is developed and published by Koei and it was released in 1999. However, the game is only limited to PlayStation platform and hence lacks behind than most of the games over the terms of technological advancements.

The main character of this game is Sanzo who is a Buddhist Practitioner and he is traveling from China to India on a religious yet adventurous mission. However, there are 5 other playable characters along with 6 optional characters to play too.

The main characters has six WereAttacks and other ones have only three. The game’s tactics is a bit difficult to understand at first but once you take command over it you are going to find the game way more interesting than most of the games like Final Fantasy Tactics in this list.

Compatible with: 

5. Advance Wars

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/

Advance WarsReleased especially for GBA, Advance Wars is also a tactical role-playing game like the rest of the games like Final Fantasy Tactics. It is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in the year 2001. The game uses turn based tactics and cannot be played on any other platforms.

This is the first game of Advanced Wars series and available for both single player and multiplayer gaming.

Advance Wars includes the gameplay where you are supposed to lead the Orange Star Army in order to defeat the armies of other countries. Apart from this main objective, there are side missions too. There are different modes of this game like Field Training, Campaign Mode, multiplayer mode and others.

While playing in each mode, the player is given rank on the efforts he/she make to win over the other army on the basis of speed, techniques and power used in the battle. Advance Wars is considered as one of the greatest games ever made and I think you should definitely give it a try.

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Compatible with: 

6. Shining Force II

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

Shining Force IIShining Force II is the next one to be listed in the category of alternative Games like Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is developed by Sonic! Software Planning and published by Sega. This second installment of Shining Force series is quite different from first one and it was released in 1993.

Despite being one of the oldest tactical role-playing game in this list, you are going to find it better than various games like Final Fantasy Tactics listed here.

Rather than focusing on fighting and combat, they people focused more on free roaming and exploration in the game. You are supposed to play the role of Shining Force Leader, Bowie who is going to lead various ally units.

This is very important for the player to indulge in interactive behavior with non-playable characters to develop stronger base for the game. While exploring player can also find hidden and visible treasure in the game world. However, the game lacks chapter or quest wise processing and battles take place in square grid environment only.

Compatible with: Saga Genesis

7. Massive Chalice

Website: http://massivechalice.com/

Massive ChaliceMassive Chalice is a turn based strategy video game developed and published by Double Fine Productions and got released in 2015. The main elements of this game are strategy making and tactics and it can be played in single-player mode only.

In this game, the player is going to take up the role of an immortal ruler who is trying to protect its kingdom from the evil force Cadence.

The player is aided by a magical artifact called Massive Chalice which has two personalities to advise the player. There are two switchable modes of the game called Strategy and Tactical in which player takes decisions and commands teams respectively.

The game got great reviews and over the time it acquired great response too. The game is surely one milestone in the category of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and continuously keep the interest alive in the game. The combat mode of the game keeps on running as the evil force keeps on attacking which sets the game in continuation.

Compatible with:  

8. Wakfu

Website: http://www.wakfu.com/

WakfuWakfu makes an excellent Final Fantasy Tactics games alternative mainly because this is a tactical MMORPG and the multiplayer mode makes the twice interesting and entertaining than before. The game is developed and published by Ankama Games and it got released in 2006.

You can consider this game in continuation with the earlier Ankama game Dofus although the events of this game takes place 1000 years after the former one.

The main goal of this game remains same as Dofus which is to defeat Ogrest but there are some side missions and quests which makes it not so necessary to do so. The player is supposed to manage a lot of tasks in the game like governmental affairs, environmental management etc.

Although the game is different than most of the games like Final Fantasy Tactics listed here but I found it somewhat dull and boring than others. However, you can give it a try.

Compatible with: 

9. Jeanne d’Arc

Website: http://www.level5.co.jp/

Jeanne d’ArcAnother one to grace the list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics is Jeanne d’Arc. This game is developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released in 2006 and involves all the elements of tactical role-playing like the rest of the games.

Jeanne d’Arc is loosely based on the story of Joan of Arc and her struggles against the English Occupation of France.

The player takes control of Jeanne and her party and they needed to be move around the France. Each time you move to new location you need to face the battle. Apart from it you can shop for new weapons, armors, skills etc.

Enemies are sorted according to three phases called Sol, Luna and Stella which differs on the basis of strength and weaknesses. The game is quite sorted than most of such tactics based RPGs and you are surely going to have fun playing it.

Compatible with:  

10. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Website: http://disgaea.us/

Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceThe last game that I picked for this list of Final Fantasy Tactics like games is the sixth installment of game series Disgaea called Alliance of Vengeance. The game is developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America with former developer and it got released in 2015.

This is a Japanese tactical RPG which can be played in single player mode. The game is entirely based on the idea of seeking revenge only.

This time the player with different character is going to take revenge from evil demon emperor Void Dark. Main characters of this game are Killia, Seraphina, Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo and Zeroken. The player needs to travel across various parts of Netherworlds in order to join forces again demon king.

The theme of the game is bit edgier and darker than most of the games like Final Fantasy Tactics listed here which I think is good to bring a change in the usual tactical RPGs.

Compatible with:  


Of course, games like Final Fantasy Tactics are different from the usual modern day games but it is always fun to welcome change in your life. But I really liked the role playing elements in these games because it keeps the player connected to the game more deeply.

As I found while searching for these games, you have less choices to make when it comes to tactical role playing kind of games. However, you can try the ones which I mentioned here because they are actually quite fun and am sure it is going to take you quite some time to move over with these options.

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