Top 10 Games like Dark Souls


Games like Dark Souls: Dark Souls is not famous for being one of the toughest games ever, but for being what it is. The concept that was so amazing and the complexity that excellent gamers could not fight through made Dark Souls one of the most admiring games. With its release in 2011, it moved the market of video gaming completely.

Top 10 Games like Dark Souls

Now, that people have passed through the stage of Dark Souls III, they want more games like Dark Souls. And why would not they want it? People never get tired of playing Dark Souls like games ever. So, keeping that in mind we have picked out best 10 games in the category of games like Dark Souls for pc that all the gamers would love to play.

1. Bloodborne


It was so obvious to include Bloodborne in the category of games like Dark Souls and that too on the 1st position. There is nothing left that this game has not covered in terms of horror, frightfulness, and creepy souls. It was released in 2015 by From Software and specially made for PS4 and PC console.

The first site of this game is enough to let you know that how much it is inspired from the Dark Souls. However, Bloodborne has its own unique and eye-catching elements which do not fails to impress gamers.

To be true, I must say that in terms of storyline Bloodborne has left behind the Dark Souls completely. This game is the story of a hunter who is chasing the cause of a disease which has taken over the entire world. In this quest, he fights off the creepy bosses and enemies. Giving major gothic chills, right?

Bloodborne is majorly one of the most similar games like Dark Souls in terms of complexity level. Well, that is what players love about such games. I am sure you people will never get bored by playing this game.

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2. Ashen


Thinking about games like Dark Souls where you can get multiplayers mode and full combat mechanics? Well, look nowhere else except Ashen. The approach is open world and it is compatible for Xbox One and PC.

What makes Ashen even more interesting than Dark Souls is its sunless land which is beyond your imaginations. It is open world so you never know how far you are gonna go with it. On your journey in this game, you can even unite with other people.

The complexity of the game is introduced by changing weather patterns that bring new problems every time. For the survival in this game, you would have to majorly focus on crafting and eating.

There are options of character leveling too through which you can pick your favorite character to continue in this game.

Just like the Dark Souls, for combating with enemies you need to keep patience and stamina going. However, the strategy is going to remain your best friend in this game and you cannot afford to do any wrong moves otherwise you can be lost your life in it.

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3. Hyper Light Drifter


If you love sudden jerks and unexpected twists in a game then I am sure Hyper Light Drifter is made for you only. It is one of those games like Dark Souls where you can find the visuals totally different than the dark soul empire.

However, that does not mean there are lacking behind in pleasing the users. The plot of this game is set out in a world full of ruins of Mayan civilization. The visions are colorful and more defined than those in Dark Souls. The complete set up is a mix and match of nature meeting technology.

Well, the happy part doesn’t last that long in Hyper Light Drifter and soon the scenes become brutal and too much gruesome to take. We can say that HLD is not just one of the games like Dark Souls only. You can find the elements of Ninja Gaiden and Zelda in it.

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4. Demon’s Souls


Even the name of this game is enough to call it one of the games like Dark Souls. Actually, this game was released even before the Dark Souls and we can say that it worked as the foundation for Dark Souls. From, gothic environment to creepy sounds and horror chills, everything is set out perfect from this game.

Demon’ Souls is a game that would not let you forget its ultra-dark and edgy visuals. The storytelling is wonderful and causes no dilemma or confusion to the users.

What is additional in this game is its medieval approach. Yes, you heard that right. It has armors and weapons and complete fantasy fiction. There are some amazing and fascinating characters in the storyline of this game. But sometimes it is too difficult to even find them.

It is something must play demon’s souls and you will get to know about the different things Dark Souls is inspired from. I would strongly recommend it to those gamers who are looking for slight twist in the usual dark concepts.

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5. Salt and Sanctuary


After the success of The Dishwasher and Charlie Murder, Ska Studios came up with this amazing game of Salt and Sanctuary. The developers have tried to keep the old 90s visuals alive with the help of modern day gothic chills. You can surely give five stars to the amazing visuals of this game.

However, what makes it in the list of games like Dark Souls is its explicit structure and characterization of the architecture all around you.

If you think you are have had enough of Dark Souls and other games like Dark Souls then Salt and Sanctuary is something you can head towards. Along with keeping the essence of creepiness alive, it gives a super transformation to the user’s fun and entertainment quotient in the game.

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6. Castle in the Darkness


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If you are the lover of complexities and love riding on adventures then Castle in the Darkness can be something you would not get tired of playing. But don’t you think that you have excelled Dark Souls so you are ready for this challenge too.

Thinking like that can be your biggest mistake. This game is not only competent enough to give you chills at night but also the bosses and enemies are going to scare you in dreams. The difficulty level is way higher than Dark Souls and you will be wondering where you went wrong in combating them.

In the quest of games like Dark Souls, Castle in the Darkness can become your perfect partner. There are various regions and experience of one will be useless for another as they all are very different from each other.

If you have decided to play this game then you must keep in mind that you are going to die a lot in it.

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7. Lords of the Fallen


Another interesting pick in this list of games like Dark Souls is Lords of the Fallen. Well, the name can be pretty confusing and can give you various ideas about its theme, but the game is super defined and amazing to play.

The moment you start this game, you are gonna realize that how much it is inspired from Dark Souls. It is a work of CI Games who developed this game. What adds to the beauty of this game is the gloomy feels and dark background in a world of old castles and fallen and torn apart buildings.

As soon as you pass through the old corridors of edgy castles, you will remember the ghastly feeling of Dark Souls. The process of this game is really long and you will have to take care of a lot of things to finally reach to the important phase.

This game is all about strategic planning and I would recommend you to ignore the traps rather than discovering them. You would witness everything more extravagant as compared to Dark Souls. No doubt, why it is in the category of games like Dark Souls.

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8. Eitr


Isn’t the name of this game sounds like a community in India? Well, it is not. This is actually based upon the Norse mythology. The lead is a woman who need to travel through nine different worlds and in this journey she faces a lot of dark lands and creepy enemies ready to bite her.

The combating mode has a striking resemblance to that of Dark Souls. This is all about strategy, patience, stamina and a full proof planning. You cannot defeat your enemy without tracking his pattern of fighting.

With all these characteristics, this is one of the primary games like Dark Souls. Even the minute details are considered in this game which gives it a plus point as compared to other ones.

With each passing level, you get new powers and attacking abilities which makes the game even more interesting. Make sure, you defend yourself well rather than attacking your enemies because stamina is the key in this game to go far.

As far as dying is concerned, you get damaged brutally and the mode changes into soul like sequence.

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9. Necropolis


You can call the Necropolis a clone of the Dark Souls and hence we picked it up in the category of games like Dark Souls. But, that does not mean Necropolis does not hold anything unique of its own. The plot of both the games might be resembling but what differs hugely is the visuals.

Necropolis does not follow the same path of dark and edgy visuals where everything is shallow and gloomy. It rather has colorful and artistic visuals. The patterns are more defined and there is no need to carry a torch for the protagonist.

However, you might find Necropolis a bit of crazy and goofy at some point of time. There are some phases where even the Hero is not able to read the magic spells. But that is something we can ignore, after all he is fighting off some hilariously massive shark like demons.

Well, apart from all the level of complexity is quite high in such games like Dark Souls. If you will not play seriously and planning wise then it would not even take a minute to this game to spit you out of it.

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10. Below


The name of this game is quite unique and so is the concept and approach. The camera is in a top down position which is quite rare in most of the games like Dark Souls. In the start the main character looks no less like a small insect but when things zoom, you can relate why it is similar to the Dark Souls.

The plot of this game is set out in an island full of dungeons and dark caves. Each step brings a mystery too you and you need to keep going as long as you can to survive in this game.

The combat system of this game is the icing on the cake. It is very complex and tough just like Dark Souls but very fair too. The visuals will give you chills of souls and edgy settings. Most of the setting in this game is done in a way that visuals seems dark and most of the time the protagonist carries a light source.

Below will give you the perfect set up of souls flying around and giving you sleepless nights. It’s a must try game which has sorted out the lighting issues of Dark Souls.

Hand Picked Games Like Posts:


The list of games like Dark Souls can keep on going forever but we have tried to give you what is best. You can play games like Dark Souls on steam and through different browsers too. Games like Dark Souls are something which people never get tired of playing even after unlocking ever quest and level.

So, I don’t think I need to boast much about it now. Just go to the links and enjoy playing these games like Dark Souls.

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