Top 10 Games like Stardew Valley


Games like Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley was launched in 2016 when action adventure game were overpowering the gaming world. So, this farming simulation game took no time in making its own different place. The developer Eric Barone never thought of its tremendous success.

Top 10 Games like Stardew Valley

If you are searching for more games like Stardew Valley then this section can help you out in that. You can easily find games like Stardew Valley on steam and other platforms. They are entertaining enough to let your whole day pass without even doing anything else.

1. Fantasy Life


Fantasy life is a role-playing video game which is created by Level-5 along with h.a.n.d. and Brownie Brown. They published this game for Nintendo 3DS. Fantasy life is the first choice in this list of games like Stardew Valley and it was released in 2012 in Japan.

However, its American version was released in 2014. This life simulation game is as interesting and engaging as Stardew Valley.

The plot of this game is set in the world of Reveria. This fantasy world has different sections like towns, cities, and mountains. The peaceful life of this place is disturbed by the meteorite attacks. The player is asked byinte the king to find out the truth behind these attacks.

There are total 12 classes from which the player can choose himself. He is also accompanied by a golden butterfly in these tasks. This is one of the quest type games like Stardew Valley that is divided between several tasks. There are some of the areas in the city which can only be opened after completing a specific task.

2. Rune Factory 4


This Neverland Co. creation is our next pick in the list of games like Stardew Valley. This is a single player simulation type of game which was released in 2012 in Japan. This game is published by XSEED Games for the Nintendo 3DS.

The plot of this game starts with a story where the player is first given the choice between genders. Then it is described that he/she is traveling to the town of Selphia through an airship to present a gift to its God.

However, the ship is then attacked by enemies and in this case, the player loses his memories and thrown to Selphia. There he is mistaken with the royal heir and the game begins from that point.

The player needs to gain the trust of the villagers, build new projects and invite more tourist out there. This will unlock new features of the game. You can even get married and have a child. You are given the option between 6 boys or 6 girls.

Throughout the game, you are supposed to fight through different people and you can take 2 people as your party.

3. Castaway Paradise

Download App: Android, iOS

This life simulation game namely Castaway Paradise is one of the most similar games like Stardew Valley. The game is developed as well as published by Stole Couch Games. It was released in 2015 and compatible with Android, iOS, Windows etc.

This single player game is inspired by other games like Stardew Valley, for example, Animal Crossing. Just like the former one, In Castaway Paradise, you need to help animals and shape the island into a better form.

This is more like a farming fiesta and you get multiple options for that too. You can grow plants and catch fish and bugs. Under the character customization option, you can decide the attired of your character too. You can also decorate the island from different things.

To make the game more realistic, the developers included different celebration on special days and holidays. The best part of this game is that it is absolutely free to use. You can apply different themes and collect different things without even giving a penny.

You would also like the different quests and tasks in the game to keep yourself entertained throughout.

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4. Atelier Annie: Alchemist of Sera Island


Atelier Annie is the creation of a Japanese developer Gust Co. Ltd. They developed the game for Nintendo DS. This role-playing game was released in 2009. This can be played in single-player mode only.

In the series of games like Stardew Valley, this game is more of a resource gathering and creation oriented rather than role playing.

The plot of this game is based upon a girl named Annie. Annie is so lazy and she does nothing but sleeps all and fantasize all day long. She thinks about getting married and becoming rich but does no hard work for it. Her parents decide to send her to Sera Island on the conversation with her Grandfather.

This is the point from which the game actually starts. Annie needs to take care of a resort out there and focus on building and construction work. This is a strategy RPG and focuses on quests and character interaction. The game is not at all related to battling and combat.

As the game progress, it becomes deeper and the resources become more attractive and important.

5. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


Marvelous Interactive developed the game of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Game Boy Advance platform. The publishing rights are with Natsume and Nintendo along with Marvelous Interactive.

The game was released in 2003 and it is a single player game only. The theme of such games like Stardew Valley is role-playing and simulation.

The player plays the character of a farmer who produces crops and sell them for a living. The story starts from the boy being a kid and as he goes for traveling, he gets lost in the mineral town. An old farmer up there helps him to find his parents.

After getting home, the boy and the old farmer keeps on talking through letters. But twists comes when the old man dies and left his farm for the player. Now, the player must restore the farm to its old beauty. This is just the other Stardew Valley games alternative which is solely based on farming.

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In the process, the player can befriend villagers and choose to marry one of the girls out there too.

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6. RimWorld


RimWorld is like the freshness that I tried to brought in this list of games like Stardew Valley. Whereas other games are more oriented towards farming, this game focuses on construction and management. This is also a role playing and simulation game.

RimWorld is developed as well as published by Ludeon Studios and released in 2013. This simulation game is available in single player mode only.

There are various characters in this game who have stranded on a planet as their spaceship got crashed. You will get to see maximum combating and characters details in this game. Name and other details of a character can also be changed easily.

There are timely features introducing in the game in form new colonist joining or some pirate raids. The main aspect of the game remains to be electricity generation. If the colonists generate some extra energy then they can store it in batteries.

The main mission of this game remains to be a complete colonization of that planet. However, you can die in this game if all the colonists leave the planet or die.

7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a type of life simulation game which relates a lot to the category of games like Stardew Valley. It was first released in 2012 in Japan and its American version released in 2013. This is single as well as multiplayer game developed and published by Nintendo.

The story is about a villager who is moving to a new town. The player is supposed to control this villager throughout the game. Things change for this villager when he is given the position of a town mayor.

The basic theme of the game revolves around town development, fishing, bug catching, and construction. This is more sort of an interactive game and hence the player needs to talk to the other town people along with the exploration.

Similar Games Stardew Valley are more interactive and hence they are more engaging than other types of games. The player earns bells by selling various items and he can use these bells for buying clothes, furniture, and other items.

This is a real time game which is based on the theme of social simulation. The game runs in a progression which means you can actually see the growth in player’s condition.

8. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale


Say bye to other games like Stardew Valley, because the list has arrived to Recettear: An item shop’s tale. This is a role-playing game developed by EasyGameStation and published by Carpe Fulgur. This game was released in 2010 in American for Windows platform.

This single player game is based on business simulation and action role-playing theme. The entire plot of this game is set in a fantasy world.

The plot of this game is centered on a girl named Recette Lemongrass who is the daughter of a shopkeeper. Recette’s father left to be an adventurer but strangely disappeared one day. Her father left her in a huge debt by Terme Finance.

Terme’s fairy tear suggest Recette to open an item shop by rebuilding her home. Hence she named it Recettear. Recette is scheduled to repay the debt of 820,000 pix in a month. You as a player need to interact with other shopkeepers and buy items for the shop and arrange them. This is how the game progresses further.

9. Slime Rancher


Slime Rancher is the only open world simulation game in this list of games like Stardew Valley. This entire game is set according to the first person perspective throughout. Slime Rancher is developed and published by Monomi Park.

You can enjoy the game on different platforms like Windows, OS X, Linux and Xbox One. This single player game is released in 2017 only. This life simulation game is a bit higher in level than any other game in this list of games like Stardew Valley.

The plot of this game revolves around a rancher named Beatrix LeBeau. She moves to a planet far from Earth to lead a life as a Slime Rancher. In the progression of this game, she explored the planet and gather different resources like food, shelter etc.

The major objective of this game is feed right food items to the slimes for their growth and living. These slimes produce Ports in whose exchange the game currency Newbucks can be achieved.

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10. Avalon Code


The last pick in the category of alternative games Stardew Valley is Avalon Code. Don’t get confused with its name because it is nothing like sci-fi concepts. This is rather a fantasy type action role-playing game developed by Matrix Software and published by Marvelous Entertainment.

It was released in 2009 and it can be played on the platform Nintendo DS. The game plot and gameplay revolved around a book named Book of Prophecy.

You as a player gets the option of choosing between male or female lead of the game. The player is assisted by a mechanic that helps the player to make changes in element code. What will attract you the most in the game, is its superb graphics and high-class mechanics.

You get the option of accessing the book of prophecy on the lower side of the screen on Nintendo DS. You also get to access the map in the book so that you can decide how to proceed further in the game.

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Stardew Valley like games is mostly farming oriented. If you are a lover of such games then you would surely like this list. I have tried to not only mention these games for PC consoles only but included games like Stardew Valley on Android too. This would increase the ease of access for the users using different platforms.

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