10 Best Google Chrome Extensions


Just like a basic program is incomplete without additional add-ons and plug-ins, in the same way you need to install the best Google Chrome extensions to make most of your Chrome browser. If you are a total beginner on Chrome then you would not even know how many extensions it provides to make your life much simpler.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

From ad-blocking to productive and creative solutions, you can find an extension for literally any category. Bookmarking, internet productivity, organizer and others related to books, games, movies etc. there is something available for each of the genre. I could not list them all so I made a list of top 10 must have extensions for Chrome out here.

1. Hola Better Internet

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Hola Better InternetRather than installing an additional paid software for using VPN, now you can operate it with the help of Hola VPN service. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions especially because it is totally free to use and lets you access all the censored and blocked sites in your country without any trouble.

It maintains the flow of internet with its super smart services and much faster than any other VPN services available.

In fact, if you want to use it for commercial purpose then you can buy the premium plan on the subscription of $5 per month only. The features which you get along with Hola are accessing web privately, more secure, less buffering, anti ad-fraud, makes videos load faster etc.

Hola is a type of peer to peer network and routes the network through a much faster way as compared to other VPN services. It is even more secure and quite harder to detect and block too. Apart from Chrome, it is available as software and for other browsers too which makes it a quite vast program.

2. Adblock Plus

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Adblock PlusI am sure you would have been using it right now on your browser. Well, Adblock Plus is undisputedly one of the top Chrome extensions that almost all people use to block unwanted ads and pop-ups in between browsing important things on their browser.

The very basic functions attached to the working of Adblock Plus are blocking pop-ups, banners, malware and many more unwanted links.

And over all the things, it is a completely free and open source program providing the best features an adblocker can. However, by default settings, nonintrusive ads are not blocked as they are the ultimate income source of websites. Adblock Plus is also one of the oldest extensions providing its services from a really long time and that too with high reliability.

Despite that you can adjust the settings on your own which makes it an extremely customizable and easy to use option amongst other best Google Chrome extensions. Other features of Adblock Plus are allow acceptable ads, disable tracking, disable social media buttons, disable malware domains, pre-made filter lists etc.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

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Evernote Web ClipperEvernote Web Clipper is a type of bookmarking service but it functions in a better way and it is quite advanced as compared to the traditional bookmarking services. If you are an utterly clumsy person struggling to keep a track of things that matters to you then this is one of the best Google Chrome extensions which fits best for you.

This is like creating a digital diary of your own where you can clip everything like images, videos, files, websites and everything else you find online to put them together in one place.

All you have to do is just clip what is important like travel confirmation, important mail etc. and then find them organized in one place that too categorized in various categories. In fact, you can directly share these files from web clipper too and that too with additional editing and texting features.

Web Clipper also integrates with YouTube, Amazon, Gmail and all other popular social networking and interactive platforms so that you can directly clip things from out there. Apart from the free version, other plans are Plus for $14/year, Premium for $24/year and Business for $12/user/month.

4. Grammarly

Link: Download Extension

GrammarlyStill worried about punctuations, grammatical errors etc. in your writing skills? Well, this is the time to channel your inner Grammar Nazi with the help of some best Chrome extensions and this time it is Grammarly. Grammarly works for everything like messages, documents, social media messages, posts, mails and everything else.

If you are someone who is always bulk texting and mailing people then Grammarly is like the helping hand you must have in your Chrome extensions.

Once you will sign up on it, they are also going to send weekly reports and insights of your performance to you in form of mails. This is how you can improve yourself more and from next time you will be more careful about posting stuffs on social media.

In fact, Grammarly also comes with online editor too where you can save all your big documents like essays, posts, reports etc. This is the must have and one of the best Google Chrome extensions which should be definitely there in your list of installed Chrome extensions. If you want to check plagiarism and better features then you can buy the monthly subscription pack of Grammarly premium.

5. Honey

Link: Download Extension

HoneyKeeping in mind the current mode of shopping, I have listed down Honey as the next option for the list of best Google Chrome extensions. It comes with this unique feature of providing coupons for more than thousands of online shopping sites that you can literally save a lot on the day to day stuffs.

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You get this extension for absolutely free and not only Chrome but it also supports browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.

You can use the coupons curated from Honey for sites like Amazon, J.Crew, Nike, Sephora, Kohl’s and thousands of more. And the tricks is absolutely simple. At the time of check out, you just need to click on the Honey button and it will pop-up with all the possible coupons for the particular purchase.

In fact, for Amazon, it brings down the item listed for the least price by the seller and hence gives you a way of savings. It also features this service called Honey Gold where you can earn while shopping and use this honey gold on other shopping spree of yours and that too on other sites.

6. Last Pass: Free Password Manager

Link: Download Extension

Last Pass: Free Password ManagerPeople love to multitask but in this quest they forget the fact that they would have to remember a lot of passwords to various accounts which can be a bit clumsy many times. So, load all your responsibilities on the shoulder of such cool Chrome extensions like Last Pass and remember just the master password to this cool app.

This extensions keeps a track of all your accounts, payment details, passwords, crucial credentials and sync them all together so whenever you will login to a site, the password will automatically pop-up through Last Pass connectivity.

In this way, you do not have to remember anything except the ultimate password to your Last Pass account. If you are worried about your confidential information then it remains totally secured with LastPass and there are no chances of it getting leaked a lot.

Everyone needs such best Google Chrome extensions in their life to get rid of forget password activities and process. Not only Chrome but it supports various other browsers as well as operating systems too and can also integrate them together. In this way, the information saved applies to each device.

7. Google Scholar Button

Link: Download Extension

Google Scholar ButtonDid you even know that such service available because trust me I didn’t know it earlier. Although you can access it directly with the help of official website, but this Google Scholar extension brings down the most scholarly articles from the entire web for you.

This is the amongst the best Google Chrome extensions which is like the must haves for your browsers, not only Chrome but other ones too.

When you install this extension, it adds an additional button on the browser which is accessible from any site. You just need to select the text you want to know about and then click on the scholar button and it will bring all the information related to that particular topic instantly.

You can see the search result in form of pop-up or can also full screen it too. This extension is used the best when you are writing a paper or doing some research on important topics.

8. Pushbullet

Link: Download Extension

PushbulletAs they say, Pushbullet is the kind of must have Chrome extensions which you never knew you needed the most mostly when you are an android user. It falls perfectly in the genre of productive extensions for your Chrome browser and this is something which you should get ASAP.

It links you android device to your browser in just minutes and the next thing you know is that you can literally access all your notifications, apps etc. just through your browser only without even having to touch your phone.

It offers syncing with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik etc. and allows you to reply to the messages too just through the browser. It is quite like creating a clone of your phone because when you dismiss a notification from your browser it disappears from your phone too.

And after all this, if you are still not feeling satisfied with the services of such best Google Chrome extensions then you can switch to its pro version for $4.99 per month only.

9. Pablo

Link: Download Extension

PabloFrom the point of view of social engagement, Pablo is just the extension you always wanted to have but clearly had no idea that it actually exists. This free to explore service comes with a concept of making creative images along with the already curated quotes too.

The idea is pretty simple, you want a text to be inscribed on some fancy image? Well, just select it from any web page and then use the Pablo extension button and it will be copied to its clipboard and now you can make the editing on your own.

Pablo is a part of Buffer which is one of the top most social platforms. Pablo also offers paid services too which are used for higher number of social platforms linking and this plan is Awesome for $10 per month and other plans are for business purposes.

You rarely come across such best Google Chrome extensions which can boost up the engagement on your social media accounts like fire.

10. Boomerang for Gmail

Link: Download Extension

Boomerang for GmailIf you are the one who is always busy with writing bulk mails then it is the time to say hi to such coolest Chrome extensions which can become your new best friend. Call it a Gmail manager or organizer or controller, you can literally save a lot of time now with the help of this Chrome extension.

Although the basic plan is for free but later on you can go for other paid plans which are personal for $4.99/month, Pro for $14.99/month and Premium for $49.99/month.

With this tool you can use features like send later, response tracking, and using AI to write better mails all in once. You can schedule various mails throughout the day and get done with mailing for once and for all.

From setting reminders to cross-platform read receipts to know whether your mail got read or not, you can do it all with the help of Boomerang for Gmail, making it one of the best Google Chrome extensions ever especially for work.


You cannot believe how you can use your Google Chrome browser in the best way possible through these absolutely free extensions. Well, some of them might offer you paid services but on the account of basic productivity, they all are totally free to use.

These best Google Chrome extensions catch up with your activities on your browser in the real-time and hence makes less of mess and keeps thing more organized than ever before. You will literally feel a change in your work process after installing them for sure.

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