Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)

141). Did you ever see someone sporting full clothes on beach?

142). What is the perfect life hack for you?

143). Name that person without whom your life is incomplete?

144). What is that one movie that you surely gonna watch on Netflix?

These types of funny questions to ask a guy are must to know whether he knows about Netflix or not). He should be aware about all the details of the modern world). A dumb guy is surely not yours cup of tea.

145). Do you have a gambling addiction?

146). Did you accidently watch a girl changing her clothes?

147). What is your preparation for the uncertainty of life?

148). What kind of porn do you think is the best one to watch with your partner?

149). Did you ever catch someone involved in bromance?

150). Have you ever seen a couple live in action?


These funny questions to ask a guy are seriously amazing. And you will surely gonna like them. To have a time of craziness with your partner, you should definitely try out these funny questions to ask a guy. Some of the questions are pretty hilarious.

The guy would surely go laughing out loud by these crazy questions. You will also get the opportunity to know him better as a person from these funny questions to ask a guy.