Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)


101). Have you ever felt like masturbating in public?

102). What is the creepiest thing that you have ever witnessed?

103). Have you ever felt like crying out loud after watching a movie?

104). What is that funny nickname only your close friends call you by?

105). What is the ideal thing for you to spend a night alone?

106). What is that song which stayed the most on your loop?

You can get to know about his taste of music through these songs). There can be so many genres that he may like). Through such funny questions to ask a guy you can know many more things about him instantly.

107). Are you more of a follower or a believer?

108). Have you ever felt like kissing a girl in public just the moment you saw her?

109). Did a girl kissed you so hard that your lips started bleeding?

110). Has any girl in your life asked you to have rough sex with her?

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111). Do you like to involve in the cut throat competition for the money?

112). Have you ever shared a cigarette with anyone?

113). Do you believe that you have to face heaven and hell on the earth only?

114). Where on the earth would you like to spend your rest of your life?

115). Have you ever felt the crazy urge to scream like an idiot?

This is natural with every human being). He can be someone crazy just like you). Such funny questions to ask a guy can really help you out to know his real side.

116). Do you often talk in a baby voice when you want something from your mother?

117). Do you find it cute when your partner calls you with different names?

118). Have you ever felt like jumping from the roof when you stand at its corner?

119). Do you have faith that one day god will answer all your questions?

120). Do you believe in the old mythological concepts?

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