Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)

121). If you need to pee and there is no washroom then what would you do?

122). Can you kick someone hard on their butt for their rudeness?

123). Have you ever slept with someone you regret sleeping with?

124). Can you name that one person whom you do not want to see in your life ever again?

125). Have you ever hit someone between the legs?

126). Do you record your crazy voices to listen them later on?

He should be full of life). There should be a child inside him to please you). These little crazy instances are something you can know by these funny questions to ask a guy). These little acts of joy should always be there in him.

127). Do you think all the stupid things while you are about to sleep?

128). Who is that one person you cannot spend your day thinking about?

129). Whom would you consider the backbone and support system of your life?

130). What is that one basic principle to live your life?

131). Would you mind stealing things from someone who stolen your things for tit for tat thing?

You should know what his mind set is about all such things). Whether he is a guy who knows how to take revenge or he is someone who let go things easily). Such funny questions to ask a guy can be really important).

132). Did you try cheesy lines on a hot babe but ended up messing it too much?

133). What do you think is the most fake thing you have ever heard?

134). When did you pretend like you were not okay when you actually were just to grab some attention?

135). What would you do if you were someone with no money, would you beg for it?

There should be some self respect in him). He should not be like a beggar). He should have confidence on his capabilities). These types of funny questionsto ask a guy are really good to ask).
136). How far you can bargain for a thing you definitely wants to buy?
137). How much you can convince someone to give their most important thing to you?

138). Have you ever manipulated someone so bad?

139). How many times you got involved in a quickie session?

140). Do you believe in the cast and creed system?