Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)


61). If someone beautiful tells you a joke which is not at all funny then still would you laugh on it just to get into her?

62). Do you believe in the things like true love and soul mates?

63). If you find a beautiful girl but not single then would you try for her break up so that she can date you?

64). Have you ever spent a whole night alone in a tent?

65). Have you done something crazy like camping on your roof?

66). Do you believe that a fallen star can fulfill your wish?

You should know that such little things have importance in his life or not). May be this is not something we believe in). but all these things keep us joined to our roots). Such funny questions to ask a guy can get to know you such things).

67). Do you still find it real that angels and devils exist?

68). What do you think is the coolest devil among all?

69). What do you think is the most awesome thing about Game of Thrones apart from the sensuality?

70). Have you ever abused in front of your boss to someone else in anger?

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71). Can you name one person in your life who does not want to see your face ever again?

72). What is the probability of you getting married to me?

73). Apart from the things you have, what is that one thing you love but cannot own?

74). Do you ever wanted to win over someone and make him/her your slave?

75). What was the toughest dare you have ever got to do in a game of TDS?

76). Do you believe that life could be amazing if you were single forever?

Such funny questions to ask a guy are really crazy). His ideas on the relationships and his point of view are really important). Such things may give you the lead to look further with him.

77). Can you name the one person you would not marry even if she will be the last woman on earth?

78). Who do you think is the sexiest Victoria’s secret angel ever?

79). Are you a kardashian or a non Kardashian?

80). Would you like to get a filter on your news that does not tell the news of Kardashian family?

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