Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)


41). If you lose the ability to speak for a day then how you would tell me that you love me?

42). If you had to go on a trip with only one pair of clothes then what it would be?

43). What do you think you are a traveler or a tourist?

You should know what kind of person he is). Whether he likes to explore things inside out or he just let it go just like that). Such funny questions to ask a guy are really thoughtful and awesome).

44). What would you prefer on a vacation a suitcase or a bag pack?

45). If you could smell only one fragrance in your life then what it would be?

46). There are millions of people on earth, why did you choose me?

47). What are the possibilities of you and me going further?

48). Have you ever played this much poker that you had to borrow money to satisfy your addiction?

49). Do you believe in getting rich by winning a jackpot in casino?

50). Do you think you can be included in someone’s hit list?

51). If you are applying for a job then why do you think those people would even short list you?

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52). What are the flaws and hits of being what you are?

53). Have you ever played beer pong with someone?

54). Did you ever take a drug overdose that you could not get into your senses for days?

There should be sense of responsibilities in him). He should be someone full of life but know his limits too). Such funny questions to ask a guy can turn to be serious at some times).

55). Do you have a phobia from injections?

56). What do you think is the best road for a late night long drive?

57). Did you get into a situation of farting loudly in a silent room?

58). Have you ever blamed someone else for your bad smell?

59). Did you have a serious fight with someone that you haven’t spoken to him yet?

60). Why do you think that I should date you further?

Such funny questions to ask a guy can let you know his wits and humor). There should be a convincing reply to all such things). And if you are not convinced with his answer then you should think about him again.

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