Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)


21). Have you ever had a quickie session in any washroom?

Get ready to listen to amazing replies after such funny questions to ask a guy). You never know what can be in his kitty to answer you on such crazy question.

22). Which do you think is the most awesome place to have sex?

23). Have you ever hated someone so bad in your childhood that you end up hitting him/her?

24). Have you ever been molested by someone in your childhood but you did not say it to anyone?

25). Have you ever caught in a teenage love scandal?

This can be quite awkward to ask). But the reason that I included this in the category of funny questions to ask a guy is about the hilarious replies you can get). Such questions are always funny to be asked).

26). What was that cartoon program that you thought really exist in real world while you were a kid?

27). Do you like playing around with children?

28). Have you ever hit on a kid because he was too much annoying?

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29). Have you ever inspired so much by a movie that you actually tried to apply it in your real life?

30). Do you often sing while taking a shower?

31). Who was your celebrity crush in your teenage and do you regret upon it now?

32). Have you ever met a lady who keeps on changing her wig and it annoys you?

33). Have you ever seen someone laughing so hard that their fake teeth came out of their mouth?

34). What do you think is the most disgusting thing you have ever done?

35). What was the worst fantasy you had when you were a kid?

His childhood memories are something which should be definitely shared with you). Such things can really cheer him up or excite him a lot). Such funny questions to ask a guy can be really crazy as you never know what kind of reply you are going to get).

36). Which movie do you like to prefer to cheer you up when you are extremely sad?

37). Which is that one flick you cannot miss without crying?

38). Have you ever felt like crying without any reason?

39). What is your perfect idea for a Sunday morning?

40). Do you like sunrise more or sunset?

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