10 Best Party Games for Making Fun


Who doesn’t like to go to parties, especially when someone special invites you for it. However, many a times things go really dull because many people are not known to each other. But in such situations, you can use best party games in order to break the ice between all your guests.

There are various types of games like board games, challenge games, hunt games and many more and I have tried to pick the variety of games for you all. However, they are for adults only so if you are looking for children oriented party games you can search for them.

Top 10 Party Games

Mixing a variety of genres and picking games for individual performance, duet or for people in groups, I have made a list which brings together 10 best party games. These are the best way to get rid of boredom and enjoy the company of people in the party. And you can also make some new friends too.

1. Wits and Wagers

Wits Wagers Deluxe Board GamesThe first pick in this section also fits for the category of best party board games too. When talking about a board game for a party, maximum 18 people can play it together. However, as board games are mostly for short groups only, their standard players count varies from 3 to 7.

You can buy this game from Amazon, and it requires about half an hour to play one set of this game and let me tell you it is so much fun.

Wits and Wagers are quite like a trivia game but don’t worry if you suck at trivia games because you are not supposed to answer anything. In fact, you are going bet on who gives the right answer. This is quite like bidding on the winning horse if you know you are not going to win the race anyway.

If you know the answer, then you can give it too. There are three versions of this game which varies for standard play, party and for the family too. If you are up for some betting, then it is the perfect pick of best party games for you.


2. The Hot Seat

The Hot SeatI am sure everyone would be aware about the concept of Late night talk shows by now. So, why don’t we create the same magic in a party too? Of course, everyone likes to gossip, and this is the time to bring the hot and saucy gossip from the party together through this game called The Hot Seat.

It is definitely one of the best party games which can be played with 4-10 number of players. Basically, it is a type of card game, and you can buy it from Amazon.

So, the process is pretty simple, in each round of the game, a person sits on the hot seat and the rest of the people ask him some questions regarding his personal life. These can be questions like their most embarrassing moment or their ex or something else.

However, this game is not for winning or losing but just to break the ice between your party guests. In fact, this can be a perfect start for a hilarious night, and I am sure you would not regret playing this game.

3. Codenames

The next pick as one of the best party games is Codenames. It is a type of board game where the player count varies from 2 to 8. It just takes 15 minutes for the complete round of the game. The game beings by splitting the people in two teams.

The game is basically set on the theme of spy thriller where one player of each team assumes the role of spymaster.

Now, the spymaster needs to give a special codename to each player of the team. There are 25 available cards with these codenames and any name can be assigned to any person. However, spymaster needs to use a code phrase without actually using the real code names. Make sure that these phrases are well thought otherwise clashes can happen.

If you think the game is going boring somewhere, then you have access to its expansion packs too where you can find reimagining of these code names easily.

4. Sticker Stalker

Sticker Stalker is by far one of the most engaging and best group games and the main reason behind it is the fact that it gives each party goer a chance to play. In fact, you do not even need to bring down all your guests and cite the rules; they can play it even in the ongoing party too.

The idea behind this game is pretty simple, where each guest is given 10 stickers while entering the party and the first one to get rid of all is going to be the winner.

But let me tell you it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to stick the stickers on other guests without letting them know about it. In fact, if you get caught by the other one, then they can stick their sticker on you, and you would have to accept them.

The person who ends up getting rid of all the stickers at first is going to be the winner of this game. Isn’t it fun to play such best party games where you get great chances to interact with everyone?

5. React and Act

This is the time to have some fun and forget about all the rules and regulations of the other best party games mentioned here. React, and Act is a funny party game, and there are not even any set rules in this game too. You can call it a mini version of Dumb Charades for sure.

So, the thing is a random person comes and right a happening or occurrence on a piece of paper, and the other one standing would have to react on it through gestures expressions and even words too.

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You can write things like, winning a million dollar lottery or seeing your dog dancing or something like that. You just need to try to write something as funny as possible in order to entertain people. The one enacting it can use words but should not use any word which directly gives a straight meaning.

This is the time to fasten your seat belts because this ride is going to be bumpy as hell.

6. The Metagame

To be true, The Metagame is such an inclusion in the list of best party games which is especially intended for curing the awkward silence between people in a party. And trust me, it works like no other game and going to boost the spirit of your party for sure.

So, this one is a type of card game which comes with whopping 200 culture cards and 100 opinion cards. The culture cards indicate great things like Mona Lisa, PacMan and opinion cards indicate questions like what is a sign of doom?

What makes it bring together all the people is that 50 players can play this game together. You need to deal 4 culture cards to everyone and 1 opinion card. A player plays his opinion card and ask question and for whose answer other players keep their culture card facing downwards near them.

Now, whoever is the judge, shuffle the culture cards and reads them as the answer to opinion card and whichever fits best, that player wins the round.

7. Hot Potato

If you are still wondering that how to bring together all of your party guests at the same time then you need to consider some party games for large groups. This is why I mentioned the game called Hot Potato here which can be played by adults, kids, and even old generation too.

Make sure you play this game where there is plenty of space because all the guests are supposed to sit in a circle while playing this.

If you have heard about the game called “pacing the parcel” then you would easily understand it too. You need to make a ball out of clothes, and this is what called hot potato. The host starts with pacing this hot potato to the person sitting next to them but only when the music starts.

When the music stops, the person holding the potato gets eliminated. In this way, the circle starts getting smaller and the one remaining at the end is the winner. Instead of simply eliminating you can also give some punishment to the person too. Although old schooled, but this is one of the best party games to break the ice between people.

8. Partners in Pen

Although Partners in Pen does not bring together players in the form of groups but it surely involves the addition of all the guests of the party. The rule of the game is that players are supposed to play in pairs and must keep patience while playing it.

Partners in Pen brings a great chance for all the players to form a great bonding with their partner and a chance to know them.

So, all you have to do is sit back to back with each other where one player is supposed to draw. While the other person gives instructions. The person giving instructions picks an odd object from the given bag and starts describing it.

While the other person draws it, and whoever draws the best or right that pair wins the game.  am sure this is going to turn out to be one of the best party games ever.

9. Musical Chairs

Best Party Games

Do I even need to describe what this classic game is all about? An ideal game for kids, adults, males, females and every single person available in the party. However, you can add something new in it according to your wish.

So, bring all your guests together and arrange all the chairs facing outside in the form of a circle and make sure they should be less than the total number of guests.

Now, ask someone to play the music and everyone are going to move around the chairs and when the music stops everyone are supposed to grab the nearest chair and sit on it. But improvise a rule that their legs should be off the ground.

This is going to bring great twist to the game and is going to add a lot of fun too. No matter how much old school this game is but it surely is one of the best party games ever.

10. Static Scavenger Hunt

I am talking about neither the traditional treasure hunt nor any other types of scavenger hunt games here, but this Static Scavenger Hunt game is different from all. It is one of the best games for big groups and does not even involve much of roaming and running around.

If there are more people than usual, then you can divide then between several groups keeping 4-5 people in a single group.

Now, the host is supposed to organize this game, and hence he becomes the master. Now, the host calls out for an item which can be easily discovered in the pocket of the players or around them. These can be things like smartphone, wristwatch, currency notes, etc.

Now, each team needs to have a runner who is going to deliver the said item to the master and the first runner to bring the item will win a point for his team. While playing such best party games, you need to make sure that the items are easily discoverable initially and then move to something difficult to find.


There are some games which are strictly for adults only and are a bit naughty too. However, these best party games are intended for fun only so make sure that you do not take anything personal. And also remember to be a sport and enjoy your defeat too.

It will take some time initially, but I am sure after 5 to 10 minutes your guests will be enjoying these games and you are going to get the award of best host ever. Well, no kidding but I am sure your guests are going to have a great time at your place.

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