100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


121). Will you ever do something crazy in public to make your partner laugh?

122). How much the physical appearance of a person matters for you?

Now this is such personal questions to ask a guy that can really matter to you a lot). You can get to know that whether he believes in real love or just infatuations). This is really important because if he is in love with the beauty only then he can never love you for real).

123). Have you ever read XXX magazines?

124). Will you lose your virginity for money?

125). Have you ever used your office property for personal use?

126). Would you advice your friend something if he is cheating on his girlfriend?

127). What was the last time when you masturbated?

128). Do you always want someone’s need for asking a girl out?

129). Would you allow your partner to take a vacation alone?

If he says yes then you should never leave him). He is the one who believes in giving space to his partner). Now it depends upon you that whether you are ready to give him enough space for his life or not? Such personal questions to ask a guy are really important to try.

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130). Have you ever stalked a girl like crazy?


These are the different types of personal questions to ask a guy. If you are not able to figure out that what to ask your guy while chatting then these question is surely going to help you out in this.

If you are in the starting of a relationship then these personal questions to ask a guy is just the perfect thing for you. It will be really easy for you to look out that what are the flaws in your guy. You can also analyze that what are his strong points.

Some of the questions like “has he ever cheated on someone” and “how many relationships has he been through” would really help you. These questions will let you know about his past life. This is so important to know about his past life to ensure that whether your future will be okay with him or not.

These personal questions to ask a guy are something which must be given a chance to be asked.

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