100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


81). What would have been your profession if not this one?

82). If given a chance which movie star you would like to kiss?

83). What is that one thing which attracts you the most to a woman?

84). Are you more of an alcoholic or more of a smoker?

85). What is the best prank you have pulled off yet?

86). Have you ever did something or lied this much that your parents cried because of you?

Such kind of personal questions to ask a guy are really important one). This can let you know that up to which extent he can lie to his parents). If he can lie to them then he can lie to you too). If he has spoken a big lie then girl you really need to watch out.

87). Are you a vegan or die hard non-vegetarian?

88). If you are turned into a girl for a day, what would you like to do first?

89). Whom would you choose among these two, your best friend or your girlfriend?

90). Do you find yourself comfortable in kissing in public?

91). Can you give away your life to save someone you love?

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If you are going to be the love of his life then you should surely know that up to which extent he can go to save you from a trouble). Such kind of personal questions to ask a guy can reveal his passion about love and the feeling of doing anything for it.

92). Up to what age you used to pee in your bed?

93). What is the one word that you can use to define me?

94). What is the perfect word that can define your life right now?

95). On the rank of 1 to 10 what would you rank yourself?

96). Would you skip a romantic date over the fun party with college friends?

97). Whether you are a night person or more of a day person?

98). Have you ever been arrested by police?

This is what which really important one to ask is). You should really know about it that whether he has some criminal record on his name or not). Such kind of intense personal questions to ask a guy are really important to know his moral side.

99). Do you fear that you will be looking old and ugly one day?

100). Which is your favorite travel destination for honeymoon?

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