100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


39). Have you ever been attracted to a man in your life?

40). Did someone ever have a gay crush on you?

41). What is the thing that you are always insecure about?

42). What is the real meaning of love for you?

43). Do you believe in sex before marriage?

44). Do you have any moral values to lead your life? Would you ever change them for someone?

45). Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This question is really important to ask). This would tell you about his future plans if he has some). You should know that how he is moving with his life). And such personal questions to ask a guy can help you out with it.

46). Do you like traveling alone or with the group of your friends?

47). What is your favorite part of a female body?

48). What kind of movies do you watch alone?

49). Have you ever been caught sleeping naked?

50). Have you ever found yourself in such situation that you thought of dying instead?

51). Have you ever had crush on your teacher?

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52). Do you believe in the concept of after life?

This will help you to know his concepts about the life). It will tell you that whether he believes on facts or on something different). This is one such type of personal questions to ask a guy to know his state of mind.

53). Have you ever dated a girl who was taller than you?

54). Are you a virgin or not? If no then when did you lose your virginity first?

55). Have you ever lost a huge amount of money in poker? And how much was it?

56). Do you believe in mythological things like god and holy books?

57). What is one that habit which makes you different from all?

58). Do you have any kind of phobia? What is it?

59). Have you ever masturbated in dreams?

60). Do you find yourself financially stable or not?

This is important to be practical then dreamy). You should know that whether he is financially stable in his life or not). This is the kind of personal questions to ask a guy which will tell his financial status.

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