100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


21). Whom do you hate the most in your life and why?

22). Do you have any interest in politics?

23). Have you ever played dirty politics to screw someone in your office?

24). Why did you break up with your last girl?

Now this is what which can be something important personal questions to ask a guy). This can tell you about his past life a lot). If the reason of the break up was his faults then you should think twice before getting into a relationship with him.

25). What is your dream job?

26). Do you believe in getting inked with the name of the girl you love?

27). Have you ever been on a blind date with someone?

28). Would you mind applying girl’s perfume to hide your bad odor?

29). What was the worst and best dream you have ever seen in your life yet?

30). Have you ever seen someone naked?

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31). What is your wildest fantasy?

Now this is one of the personal questions to ask a guy which can tell you about the inner him). This will tell you that what he thinks in his lonely and leisure time.

32). Have you ever been turned on by someone in public?

33). What is your biggest weakness?

34). What is that one thing that can instantly piss you off?

35). Are you afraid of sleeping alone in home?

36). Do you have a fear of darkness?

37). Can you kneel down in front of someone you hate in your bad times?

38). What is your deepest and darkest secret that you have never told to anyone?

This is the kind of personal questions to ask a guy on which you can try out your luck). If he has never told a secret to anyone then why would he share this with you? But you can be lucky enough to know his secret any way.

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