100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


61). Have you ever created fake social media accounts to talk to someone?

62). When did you have your first kiss?

63). What kind of outfit does you like the most on girls?

64). Have you ever taken a full body massage from a girl?

65). What was the worst thing you have ever done after getting heavily drunk?

This would let you know his alcohol tolerance). Such kind of personal questions to ask a guy would let you know the worst he can do after getting drunk). This will also reveal that whether he can take care of you after a party or not?

66). Do you like to check out girls when they walk away?

67). What is the sexiest outfit a girl can wear according to you?

68). Have you ever involved in phone sex with someone you never met?

69). What is your idea of a perfect romantic date?

70). Who is your favorite porn star?

71). What is the idea of being sexy according to you?

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This would tell you that what he thinks about the appearance for women). Such kind of personal questions to ask a guy are something which can tell his internal desires about a woman).

72). Have you ever tried role play for having sex?

73). What was the boldest text you have ever sent to someone?

74). Do you think that having sex is something different from making love?

75). Have you ever had sex forcefully?

76). Have you ever caught by your girlfriend while you were cheating on her with someone else?

77). What is your favorite position of sex?

78). Do you like going on shopping with your girlfriend?

79). Who is the most special woman in your life except your mom?

This is where you come to the right point). This is really important for you to know that whether there is some other woman in his life or not). These types of personal questions to ask a guy would reveal a lot about his life and women in it.

80). Have you ever thought of a bank robbery with your friends?

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