Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


121). If you had the chance to live on another planet like an alien then which one it would be?

122). If you had to kiss one animal then which one it would be?

If he would be wise enough then he can answer it smartly). You can check his level of wittiness through such interesting questions to ask a guy.

123). If you have to eat a single dish for the whole day then which one would you choose?

124). If you could hire a WWE wrestler then whom would you like to beat up?

125). Can you give your phone to someone without a lock code on it?

126). When did you buy your first smartphone?

127). Have you accidently opened a porn website in front of your parents?

128). What is that one word which can describe me completely according to you?

You should be ready to listen to some amazing replies on such interesting questions to ask a guy). It is also possible that you can get to know about his feelings for you through such questions.

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129). If you had to break something in your home then which thing it would be?

130). Will you leave the thing you love a lot for someone who needs it a lot?

131). Can you degrade yourself in front of someone for their betterment and never tell them the truth?

132). Have you ever caught red handed while stealing something?

133). Have you ever been proposed by a girl and you said no to her?

134). Did you ever face death so close to you?

135). Have you ever lied to your parents for a night out with friends?


These hilarious interesting questions to ask a guy are something which will create a feeling of excitement between you two. You guys would engross in discussing them from now onwards. These are just the perfect things you can ask to a guy. You should surely give it a go if you haven’t yet.

These questions are so interesting that the guy would think twice while answering them to you. And this question answer round would surely bring you guys a lot closer than before.

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