Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


101). Will you be ready to leave your wife just because someone said something inappropriate about her character?

102). Can you love someone to this extent that you can even die for her?

103). Which skyscraper do you think is the best in the world?

104). Which is the most amazing one among the Seven Wonders of the World according to you?

105). Do you think you have achieved everything in your life yet?

106). Have you ever felt like getting sexually attracted to you female boss?

Such kind of interesting questions to ask a guy are really crazy). This can also be possible that he answer it in affirmative). You are going to get some hilarious replies over this crazy question.

107). Have you ever made out with someone in your office?

108). What do you think is that one annoying thing that you would like to change about your job?

109). Do you live with your parents or without them?

110). Have you ever felt like slapping someone hard and then never sees them again but you could not do?

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This can let you know that he has the capability of controlling his anger when it is required). Such interesting questions to ask a guy can help you to understand him in a better way.

111). Have you ever felt ashamed in public because of your sibling?

112). Are you satisfied with the life you are living right now?

113). What do you think is the coolest job in the world to do?

114). If you could teleport yourself once in your lifetime, where it would be?

115). Have you ever fancied about living the life of a NASA astronaut?

116). What is one that job you would never do even for million dollars?

This can let you know the thing he hates the most in this world). Such kind of interesting questions to ask a guy can contain some weird and absurd replies from the guy.

117). If you had a brand of your own then what would you name it?

118). Have you ever done so much of leg pulling off someone that they end up crying?

119). What was that very extraordinary moment in your life which made your parents go crazy for you?

120). Would you like to go to another planet with your favorite people and never come back again?

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