Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


41). What is one that fear, you think you have overcome now?

42). If you could read faces then whose face would you like to read first?

43). Tell me the nick name your friends call you by?

44). Have you ever proposed someone for marriage?

Now this is such interesting questions to ask a guy about his life). You can come to know that whether he respects relation and believes in the commitments or not). This is important for you to know that he had someone in his life before or not.

45). Who was your crush in school?

46). If you had pets then what animal would it be?

47). What do you think is the best advantage of having pets?

48). If you could time travel then would you go to the past first or to the future?

49). Have you ever felt like nose comes in between while kissing?

50). Who is the designer whose clothes you would surely wear once in your lifetime?

51). What would you choose the world without songs or the world without music?

52). If you get the chance to sing a song professionally then what it would be?

53). If you grab the opportunity to live like a star then who it would be?

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54). If you have to spend 1 million dollars in one day then what are things you will going to buy?

This can be fun to ask to a guy). You can be amazed with the replies that you are going to listen to after asking such interesting questions to ask a guy). You can get to know about his hidden desires and longings for the weird things).

55). If you could exchange your life with someone then who it would be?

56). What if you find out that you are adopted? Whom would you tell it first?

57). Will you love your parents the same after finding out that they are not your real parents.

58). With whom would you like to live with if your parents are getting divorced?

59). If you could only choose one thing then what would you choose from love and money?

This is one of the most important interesting questions to ask a guy). You can get to know that what matters the most in his life). Whether it is money for him to choose or love). If it is love then you are making the right choice). And if it is love then you are with someone who is totally money minded.

60). Have you ever dreamt of falling from a cliff and you fell from your bed in reality?

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