Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


61). Have you ever been caught in a rave party?

62). What is that one thing you want yourself to be remembered for?

63). Would you mind taking credit of someone else’s efforts if he dies without telling it to anyone?

64). If you could buy things from a single brand only then what it would be?

65). How many times you have manipulated some girls to get laid?

66). Have you ever spied someone’s drink to have sex?

Such interesting questions to ask a guy are something which can tell about his moral values). This is not a good thing to spy someone’s drink just for the sake of sex). He should be morally correct for you). You should check every detail about him before getting into a relationship.

67). Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a man or a woman?

68). If a girl is drunk and naked in front of you, would you take advantage of it?

69). Will you ever cross your limits and morals to earn money?

70). Would you mind doing something wrong to become successful if no one is going to get know about it?

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71). Have you ever been ditched by someone you thought you would end up getting married with?

72). Do you find it normal to have an extra marital affair?

73). How many times you asked for a fake sick live in your office?

74). Have you ever mimic an artist performing on guitar wildly?

75). Will you marry an ugly girl just because she is super rich and is the single child to her parents?

76). Have you ever tried handcuffs and other things with your partner?

This can be something kind of a dirty question). But such interesting questions to ask a guy keep him on his toes to answer you correctly). You can get to know that whether he is comfortable with someone he loves or not). This can also show his experiments in his making out sessions.

77). Have you ever faced a drastic outcome of one of your habit?

78). What are the three things you cannot live without ever?

79). Will you leave your phone, internet, family and friends for three months for a prize of 1 million dollar?

80). What is the worst thing you have ever done with someone?

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