Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


81). Have you ever thought of joining an escort service in your tough times?

82). Will you end up settling down with someone you love and faced acid attack?

Now this is the kind of interesting questions to ask a guy which can let you know his commitments). If he has some space for the real commitments in his life then he sticks by it or not? And this is not only about commitments but also about true love).

83). If you had to keep only one friend then who it would be?

84). Have you ever read an erotic novel to get turned on?

85). about what you think that it should not have been invented?

86). Have you ever witness something creepy around you?

87). Have you ever lied about your relationship status to get laid?

88). Whom would you choose among Zombies and vampires?

89). Will you dance like a clown in public to complete a dare?

90). Have you ever met someone online and fell for her instantly?

He should not be someone kind of this). This is so probable that he can leave you for any random girl). Such interesting questions to ask a guy can really help you to know him inside out). He should be someone falling for the right one only.

91). What song would you choose as your background music while walking?

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92). If you have to make a grand entry what kind of it would be?

93). Which animal would you like to ride on at least once in your lifetime?

94). Who is that one female friend for whom you can even leave your girlfriend?

If you are going to be his girlfriend then these types of interesting questions to ask a guy are the most for you). You should know that whether there is someone for whom he can leave you at any time). This can be out of friendship only but still it holds a lot of importance to you.

95). Have you ever been bullied so badly by someone in childhood?

96). Can you summarize your life in just one sentence?

97). Have you ever fake the story of having a brutal disease just to get laid?

98). Have you ever tried telling someone your crazy feelings but stopped cause you thought they would laugh?

These type of interesting questions to ask a guy can really help you to know his internal desires). You can get to know about his dreams that he has not shared with anyone). This is the kind of stuff which can only be revealed by asking such questions.

99). What do you think is the ideal wonderland for you?

100). What is the dish you would like to cook for your future wife?

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