Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)


21). If your girlfriend asks you to stop going to gym then would you do it?

22). Which is the most suitable cartoon character for your personality according to you?

23). Do you believe in the numerology? If yes then where do you follow it in your life?

24). Do you find it important to have shower on a daily basis?

25). If having babies were not the concern then would you marry?

This is such interesting questions to ask a guy which is very much important to ask). It is just the perfect one to know his beliefs and disbeliefs about marriage and children). If he respects the bond of love and love to seal it with the marriage then he is just the perfect guy.

26). Do you like to get along with people soon or you are more of a let me be alone type of person?

27). What are your usual weekend plans?

28). Do you believe in magic? Has any magical thing ever happened to you?

29). Do you find logics in each and everything?

30). Are you more of a reader or a movie watcher?

31). Name the movie which can describe your life perfectly?

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32). If your life story would be depicted as a movie then what would you name it?

By such interesting questions to ask a guy you can get to know about his present state of life). You can get to know that whether his life is on right track or not). This is so important to date a guy who is stable in his life emotionally and financially.

33). Would you help the person you hate the most if are the only one around him?

34). Do you like mountains or beaches?

35). Are you a naughty outside and shy inside person or vice versa?

36). If someone knows mind reading then would you allow him to read your mind?

37). If you have to drink alcohol for the rest of your life then which one it would be?

38). Do you repent on your prom date?

39). Are you more of a practical person or a day dreamer?

He should definitely be a practical person because day dreaming leads you nowhere). Such interesting questions to ask a guy are really important to know about his mindset for his life). He should be the one who believes in working hard to achieve his goals.

40). Did you ever succeed in dating a girl way out of your league?

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