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All those, who are in extreme love with the MMORPGs, this is the time to check out this section of games like Tera. These are the games power packed with superb action and versatile role-playing elements along with high-end visuals and superb use of technology in them.

This is the things about action games mixed with the online multiplayer gaming mode, they are not only amazing in terms of gameplay but also in terms of their larger than life set up. In the current scenario, multiplayer gaming has overpowered other types of games and if you are such gamer then this section is must for you.

Top 10 Games like Tera

After doing much of research and relatable work for finding the best games like Tera, I came across some of the greatest gems of multiplayer gaming. And with comparative analysis, I picked out the top 10 of them. You can check them out right below along with compatibility and gameplay information.

1. Aion: The Tower of Eternity

Website: http://na.aiononline.com/

Aion: The Tower of EternityI am starting this list of game similar to Tera with a Korean MMORPG named Aion. The game features a fantasy environment where the player can either play in Player vs Player or in Player vs Environment gaming modes. The game was released in 2008 and also has various expansion packs too.

The game starts with the player choosing his character from the given six primary classes. When the player reaches level 10 he further needs to choose one from the given two subclasses of each class.

When you are playing in multiplayer mode, you can form a group of 6 players to assist one another in battle. There are other aspects too where groups can combine together to form alliance and alliances can further combine to form leagues which allow total 192 players to play together.

I found the gameplay very strong and versatile too which gives a very collaborative approach towards the process. Aion is quite organized as compared to other games like Tera and there are regions decided to carry out a type of gameplay.

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2. Revelation Online

Website: https://ro.my.com/

Revelation OnlineNext one to join this list of games like Tera is Revelation Online which is a free to play type of MMORPG. Just like the earlier option, this game also features a fantasy gaming environment but it belongs to Chinese mythology which are inspired by the books of Chinese writer Jiang Nan.

Revelation Online combines the concept of PvP and PvE modes together which forms the trending gaming mode called PvPvE.

The gaming world is quite large as compared to other types of MMORPGs and gives a seamless open world approach to the players. The fights are unrestricted and exploration remains an important part of this gaming throughout. In fact, the player is given the option to use wings, teleportation or even mounts to freely roam around.

Talking about the two gaming modes, in PvE, player has 79 levels to explore and 6 world bosses. The player can also form groups to go through dungeons and to carry out raids. But in PvE open world fantasy mode is featured where most of the control lies in player’s hands.

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3. Black Desert Online

Website: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/

Black Desert OnlineBlack Desert Online is also a type of MMORPG but it features a sandbox styled system. This is one of the most technically advanced game in this list of games like Tera as it utilizes its own engine which provides fast rendering in the seamless world.

Black Desert Online uses free to play model in Korea, Russia, and Japan but in rest of the countries, it uses buy to play gaming model.

So, the main element of this game is combat which is completely action based which is quite similar to third-person shooting games. You can use combos of attacks for fighting with the enemies. The other activities of the game involve trading, farming, fishing, and housing.

However, the game mainly uses player vs player mode only which runs on the basis of dynamic system. The game uses a high fantasy setting which gives extra brownie points to its visuals and graphics. I found the game more inclined towards simulation which involves various day to day activities too.

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4. Perfect World

Website: http://www.arcgames.com/

Perfect WorldSo, this time I am listing such option in the list of Tera like games which is fully featured with 3D graphics. This is another MMORPG in this list but this time it is combined with the elements of adventure and fantasy and the plot is set in traditional Chinese settings.

Before the game starts, the player is provided with the option of choosing between various roles which are created by the combination of choosing class and then the race within it.

The game moves forward in the quest like structure where the timely process brings experience and skills to the player’s character. Apart from physical powers, magical weapons are also incorporated which makes this game different from other games like Tera.

The player can either explore alone or become a part of a guild which is a group of 200 players. There is also a territory war mode which features fight between the groups of 80 players on each sides. Apart from combat, strategy and cooperation remain important throughout.

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5. Rift

Website: http://www.riftgame.com/

RiftNext pick for the list of games like Tera is Rift which is a free to play MMORPG mixed with the element of fantasy. The plot of this game takes place in the fantasy world of Telara where two factions are competing with each other. These factions belongs to different classes who are battling each other and other enemies.

So, before the game starts you need to choose a faction between Guardians and Defiant which is then followed by choosing a class amongst this faction.

After building up your character, the main objective of the game is to defeat the enemies emerging from the rift and to close it forever. You need to stop these monsters from acquiring any part of the map otherwise it will lead them to acquire more part of the kingdom resulting in your defeat.

The game ends when you seal the rift and then each player is rewarded on the basis of their performance, battles, dealing damage and on more aspects.

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6. Guild Wars 2

Website: http://www.guildwars2.com/

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Guild-Wars-2Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is a game which holds a genre which is quite unique as compared to other games like Tera. Of course, it obeys the concept of MMORPGs but as the game proceeds further, the storyline becomes responsive to the actions of the players.

Guild Wars 2 is a free to play game which uses the same engine as the earlier installment of this series uses.

However, there are some modifications done like the environment, graphics are now in 3D and the animation is also quite improved. The game starts from the player creating a character by choosing a combination from five races and eight professions.

This combination determines the skills and abilities of the player which helps in the combat system. The player can select only 10 skills at a time to fight and strategy also plays an important role in this process. There are total 80 levels in the game where each one has different objective.

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7. Blade & Soul

Website: http://us.bladeandsoul.com

Blade & SoulMoving on with the Tera alternatives, the next one here is Blade & Soul which is a type of MMORPG mixed with the elements of martial-arts and Korean fantasy. So, of course while focusing on the combat mode, the game also utilizes a number of martial-arts moves in it.

The approach of the gameplay is open world where the player can use a combination of various skills and martial-arts moves.

The player can also create playable characters on his own to explore around the world. Throughout the game, NPCs assign various quests to the player which must be completed. Plot of Blade & Soul uses a third person camera view which runs in real time.

Like most of the games like Tera, Blade & Soul also uses both PvP and PvE combat modes but with some modifications. Character customization is an important part of the game as it yields various set of skills and abilities for the player.

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8. Swordsman Online

Website: http://www.arcgames.com/

Swordsman OnlineNext in the row for the category of games like Tera is Swordsman Online. This is a free to play MMORPG and based upon the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Louis Cha. I loved the fact that Swordsman Online does not pay much attention on the stats of the player but more on the skills aggregated and used.

In this way, the game proceeds with focusing on the action-oriented combat where player can excel it using various aspects like speed, mobility, aerial combat, dodging etc.

Much like Blade & Soul, Swordsman Online also utilizes martial-arts moves too. The story of the game is pretty much affected by the actions taken by player and player’s guilds. This provides the ultimate control the player for deciding the game’s environment.

Before the game starts, player chooses from 11 different schools of combat where each school represents different skill sets and also use different weapons too.

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9. Vindictus

Website: http://vindictus.nexon.net/

VindictusVindictus is a type of free to play online action RPG which serves as the prequel to the game Mabinogi. Two of these games are quite similar as they utilize the same settings only the period it takes place is thousand years prior to the game Mabinogi.

Although it charges no fee as subscription or downloading but you can use the in-game virtual item shop which uses virtual currency for upgrades.

There are total 12 character options available for the player to choose each of them having different skills and abilities and the appearance is alterable. The main element of this game is combat which is pretty much similar in other games like Tera too.

Vindictus uses fast paced combat mode where the player can use combination of various skills to defeat the enemies. Also, this combat is very rewarding too. The game also uses dyeing system which can be used to modify clothing and weapons.

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10. RaiderZ

Website: https://www.mmorpg.com/

RaiderZThe last one for the list of Tera type games is RaiderZ. This is a free to play MMORPG and developed by the same developers as of Perfect World. However, despite being free to play the catch here is that you can make real money transactions in the game for the upgrades through cash shop feature.

So, the plot of this game is set in the prosperous kingdom of Rendel which is now attacked by monsters. And of course, you as a player are supposed to fight with them.

RaiderZ follows typical MMORPG features and elements like dungeons, guilds, PvP battles, quests and many more. In fact, you can find it to be one of the most similar games like Tera in terms of its combat mode where player can individually attack enemies and break off special body parts.

To participate in combat, players can get involved in action games which are shot from third person perspective. Other elements of the game are boss fights and crafting too.

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This compilation not only focuses on typical MMORPG games like Tera but brings down the fusion of 2-3 gaming genres together. It not only keeps the player hooked to their gaming spree but also gives a versatile action and gaming experience too.

Elements like freemium model, online multiplayer gaming, and strong real-time combat and of course high-end action is something which you find common in most of the games. However, they may differ in terms of their core quality which may vary from RPG to tactical strategy making. But I am sure you will enjoy playing all of them.

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