10 Best Games like Life is Strange


Do you like playing life is strange games and today you want to enjoy something unique but that will be similar games like life is strange.

Life is Strange is a graphic expedition kind of video game which was developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It was released in 2015 and is compatible with different gaming platforms like PS3, PS4, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and others.

10 Games like Life is Strange

But gamers are gamers, they want more games like life is strange and hence I am trying to put together everything for them. Here we are listing different types of games similar to life is strange so there is no stoppage to the entertainment of people.

1. Mass Effect

Website: http://www.masseffect.com/

Mass EffectOur first choice in the category of games like life is strange is Mass Effect. It is a RPG which is developed by BioWare and was released in 2007. This is an epic sci-fi story game which has three seasons and this one is first among them all. This game is compatible with Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The storyline of this game is set up in year 2183 in the Milky Way galaxy. The player is supposed to play the character of Commander Shepard. To play this game, firstly you need to find a map then conquer over some quests. The motive in this game is to stop other agents from opening up a portal.

The major focus of this game is combating and fighting modes. Whereas, the secondary missions can be considered to be crafting and resource collecting.

You can adjust the character’s gender, first name, class, background, appearance and other features on your own. You get to choose from 6 different character classes for example soldier, Sentinel etc. This is one of the games like life is strange which is played on the basis of experience points.

2. Heavy Rain

Website: http://heavyrainps3.com/

Heavy RainAnother one in this list of games like life is strange is Heavy Rain which was released in February 2010. The game is developed by Quantic Dream and publishing rights are with Sony Computer Entertainment. This is an action game which is made especially for PS3 and PS4.

The entire plot of this game is based upon finding out the identity of a serial killer called The Origami Killer. You need to move your character and for the progress interaction with non-player characters is very important.

There are total four characters in this game which are playable. These characters strikes in different scenes which together form the entire game. The ending of the game depends upon the player’s performance and hence can be different each time.

The best part of this game is its flexibility. Once the game is finished, you can return to whatever scenes you want to replay them. This is what differs it from other games like life is strange. You get the full control to the character’s situation, thoughts, and conditions by different controlling aspects.

3. The Walking Dead

Download App: Android, iOS

The Walking DeadRemember the zombie infuriated movie season, The Walking Dead video game is just the same one which is based upon the movie of the same name. It is an action adventure game which is based on episodic drama. It was released in 2012 and consist of five episodes.

This game is developed and published by Telltale Games and compatible with different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, PS3, and PS4 etc. This is one of the most famous games like life is strange which is critically acclaimed.

The game is set in the lands of Georgia after the Zombie Apocalypse. This game is mostly focused upon the graphical adventures and story development rather than quests and missions. You need to play as the protagonist Lee Everett and you need to survive in the world after Zombie Apocalypse.

The player must interact with other non-player characters and gather resources to make something useful. The major part is Role Playing which can affect the storyline of this game. You would surely not feel bored at all through such games like life is strange.

4. Fallout 4

Website: https://www.fallout4.com/

Fallout 4If you people do not like Fallout 4 then I don’t know what else games like life is strange is going to attract you. The highly engrossing and supremely interesting masterpiece of adventure, this game does not cease to amaze you even for a second.

The major theme of this game is Role-Playing. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2015. It is compatible with platforms like Windows, Xbox One and PS4. This is the 5th installment of the series.

The plot of the game is continued further from Fallout 3. The highlight of this game is its two-way camera which can switch from the first person to third person perspective easily. The protagonist of this game is called Sole Survivor who wakes up from a long-term cryogenic condition.

The motive in this game is to find out the missing child of the Sole Survivor. In this quest combating and crafting plays the major roles. You can roam through anywhere on the map which is a major plus point of the game. Other highlights are base place, layered armors, and variant dialogue delivery scheme.

5. inFAMOUS: Second Son

Website: https://www.playstation.com/

inFAMOUS Second SonThis game is the second installment of the infamous series. It is developed by Sucker Punch Productions and publishing rights are held by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in 2014 and made especially for PS4. This is a single player game which falls into the category of games like life is strange.

The protagonist of the game is named Delsin Rowe who has tremendous superpowers. It is an open world fantasy series mixed with adventure and action thrills.

This is one of those games like life is strange which is played from the perspective of third person. The plot of the game is based in Seattle. The attractive feature in the game is capability of the player to climb vertical surfaces like a pro.

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Delsin can either kill the enemies or just harm them. The more powers are used the more power meter goes down. However, it can be replenished by absorbing powers from smoke, concrete, neon and other materials.

There is this unique feature in the game through which you can decide the character to be good or evil by the types of actions.

6. Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)

Download App: Android, iOS

FahrenheitThis is one of the most interactive thriller video game in the category of games like life is strange. It was released in 2005. The game is developed under the joint venture of Quantic Dreams and Aspyr. The publishing rights are with Atari Inc. along with the former two companies.

This game is compatible with different consoles like windows, Xbox, PS2, PS4, Android, iOS etc. This is a single player adventure game.

The theme of this game revolves around the mysterious conditions arising in New York City. People are getting possessed and killing strangers. You as a protagonist needs to uncover the hidden truth behind it.

What catches your attention in such games like life is strange, is their different perspective theories. It means when you control from different options, the protagonist does different tasks. Which means every time you will play this game, you will find something new in it.

The protagonist of this game is Lucas, who has a mental health meter. Killing innocents will decrease points from this meter, whereas doing everyday course normally will add points. You must maintain this meter at high to play the game.

7. Until Dawn

Website: https://www.playstation.com/

Until DawnNext pick in the category of games like life is strange is Until Dawn. This is a horror and survival genre game which was developed by Supermassive Games and Publishing rights are with Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released worldwide in 2015.

It supports only PlayStation 4 console. This is a single player game which involved so much of suspense and action based adventure quests.

The plot of this game is based in Western Canada. The game is played between eight characters. The storyline starts with their expedition in Blackwood Mountain. They decide to spend a night there. But shortly, they get attacked by a strange psycho killer.

Throughout the game, the protagonist keeps on changing between the eight characters. On the basis of the different decisions taken, end of the game differs. There are various theories in this game and each time you will discover something new and totally different about it.

This game is kind of unique from other games like life is strange as it has this Butterfly Effect. Here, you may even sacrifice one character to save another. It shows that every action is important and this reflects later on in this game.

8. Spec Ops: The Line

Website: http://specopstheline.com/

Spec Ops The LineSpec Ops: The Line is amongst third-person perspective games like life is strange which is all about shooting and combat. It was released in 2012 and developed by German Studio Yager Development. This game is published by 2K Games.

The game has compatibility with Windows, Xbox 360, Linux, PS3, and OS X. The protagonist of this game is Captain Martin Walker.

This game is set in post-catastrophic Dubai. The hero of the game is sent to the Delta Force on a mission. The game progresses with Walker’s deteriorating mental condition. He begins to hallucinate and gets afraid of the war.

Although the game is single player but with the online connectivity, you can convert it into a multiplayer game. You need to hide from the enemies and kill them at right time. You can use the sand effectively to manipulate the enemies.

There are total 4 difficulty levels which are Suicide mission, beach, combat Op and FUBAR. As you progress in the game, you gets acknowledged with new weapons and equipment.

9. Alpha Protocol

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/34010/

Alpha ProtocolAlpha Protocol is a famous Role-Playing game which was released in 2010. It is an action game which is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Sega. It has compatibility with consoles like windows, Xbox 360 and PS3. This is a single player game.

The entire game is set on the perspective of third person. The hero is an American field agent named Michael Thorton. If you are a lover of combating then you get different types of firearms, high tech gadgets and hand to hand fight modes in it.

In the examples of games like life is strange, Alpha Protocol is a great recommendation from my side. There are total 10 skills in the game. Whatever experience points are earned, it depends upon the player that in which skill he wishes to invest these points.

Some of the examples of skills are Chain shot, Mark and Execute etc. However, the major highlight of this game still remains the boss fights. This sequence goes really long and the entire struggle is worth having.

10. Game of Thrones

Download App: Android, iOS

Game of ThronesLast but surely not the least we have the most anticipated games like life is strange that is, Game of Thrones. You must have been a fan of this episodic series of HBO but its game is even more interesting. It was released in 2014 and compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc.

The game is developed by Telltale Games. It follows the episodic scheme like many other games. There are total 6 episodes in this series.

The story of the game is set out on five playable characters which are set in Northern House Forrester and rulers of Ironrath. The players need to save themselves and their family from the kings.

Just like most of the role-playing games, here too the players need to interact with non-player characters. You can move the characters in some scenes and every choice made reflects upon the end.


There is no doubt to it that how successful was the release of life is strange. Hence, people became more inclined towards games similar to life is strange. So, grab your screens and start playing these games like life is strange and forget everything else.

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