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Want to play games like Club Penguin? Then you have come to right place. Today I am going to share top 10 best online Club Penguin like games.

Club Penguin is one classy Massively Multiplayer Online game which has been the favorite of various users at a time. This Disney game is all about various mini-games included in it. Everything about this game is uber-cute, from a player being a penguin to the small tasks that you need to do.

Games like Club Penguin are perfect for the kids to learn various things. They contain no such topics or visuals which should not be seen by kids. And hence I guess you should let your kids play more club penguin like games. And you can do that by the list that I have mentioned below.

10 Best Games like Club Penguin

Here is a list of top 10 best game like club penguin. Go through the list, I am sure you are gonna to love all these games.

1. OurWorld


The first one in the list of games like club penguin is OurWorld. This is not just a single game but rather a complete assembly of different mini games inside it. It was released in 2008 and developed by FlowPlay. You can play this game online only.


OurWorld is a type of massively multiplayer online role-playing game which means you are going to have so much of fun playing this. The game majorly aims at teenaged users.

OurWorld is a type of online virtual world and hence resembles to be games like club penguin. Each player plays as his avatar in this game which means a virtual replica of himself. The main objective of this game is to earn the in-game currency which is Flow.

You need to interact with other players and perform activities like eating, drinking, dancing, and game playing. You can change this currency in terms of experience points too. As you progress in this game, your experience increases and your level keeps on increasing in the game.

This game can also be considered as a business simulation game as you can get access to vehicles, new areas in exchange for money.

2. WolfQuest


No, we are not talking about any dangerous mission here. In fact, WolfQuest is the perfect game to fall in the category of games like club penguin. This is a 3D simulation game which is based on the wildlife theme as the name of the game suggests.


WolfQuest was released in 2007 as the demo version. The game has total 2 episodes and their deluxe versions too. This is developed by Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb and published by Eduweb. This is available in both single player and multiplayer modes and you can play it on windows and macs.

The player is supposed to play the role of a gray wolf in this game. The main objective of this game to make people aware that how wolves play an important role in the ecosystem. This is the reason that player is virtually created as a wolf in this game.

The plot of this game is set up in Yellowstone National Park and it teaches people and challenges them about learning the life of wolves in ecology. This family-friendly game is just perfect for the people of all ages.

3. Horse Isle


Horse Isle is the next game in the series of games like club penguin. This is a type of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and it was first released in 2007. This game is published and created by Joe and Miranda Durbin.

Horse Isle is a type of single player game which is browser-based and that means you can only play it online. This game also has a second version as well namely Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs.

Horse Isle

The name of this game is enough to learn about its theme which is completely based upon horses. The player is supposed to capture and care horses individually. This video game is also comprised of some mini-games, competitions, and knowledge of some amazing breeds of horses.

What makes horse Isle count as one of the best games like club penguin is that it can be played and enjoyed by the users of any age. It also has a wide and large player base of about 10,000 players. The game showcases some 2D style graphics but it is actually quite impressive.

4. Herotopia


If you want your kids to play this game then it will take no time for them to like it as its name is so impressive and so is the game. Herotopia comes in those types of games like club penguin which are MMORPG and also flash based.

Herotopia is developed by Herotainment and published by Jagex in the year 2010. This multiplayer game is actually very interesting and engaging and you would love to play it.


What people like the most about such games like club penguin is that they allow you to create avatars of yours. It means twice the fun than you thought. This game is about some superheroes who have to deal with a gang called The Bully Bunch.

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This gang is planning to play some pranks like defacing the Statue of Liberty and you need to stop them. Players can choose what superpower they are going to use throughout the game which cannot be changed further.

You will see a variety of visual scenes as the game goes through a lot of places in this game.

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5. JumpStart


JumpStart is an entire series to be featured in this list of games like club penguin. This is basically an educational franchise for children which was launched to make children learn with fun. It was released in 1994 and published by Knowledge Adventure.


This game is available to play on platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Color, PlayStation, Wii, Game Boy, and iPad. This game comes under the genre of edutainment which education with entertainment.

This game proved to be the perfect companion for kids to learn some specific skills. The game is a perfect match to the school curriculum and avoids any boredom for the kids. The mini games in it are features in such a way that each of them helps in learning a thing or two to the kids with so much of fun.

In this game, the player is supposed to help the cartoon character to solve his problems. They can even learn artwork without even any paperwork. Such games like club penguin are like an inspiration to the modern day education system that they must promote such learning skills in kids.

6. Panfu


Pandas are and will always remain the cutest creature on this planet. And a game based on them is the cutest thing in the whole wide world. With some loveliness and amazingness, Panfu is one of the cutest games like club penguin.

Panfu was released in 2007 and it is a type of MMORPG. This multiplayer game is published by Goodbeans GmbH and can be played online.


This game is specially designed for kids of age 6 to 13. Players need to create their own panda in this game and once created they can even chat with each other. Isn’t it just awesome to see two pandas chatting with each other?

Your kids are going to love this game a lot and they also have the opportunity to play different quests and learn in a playful manner. The plot of the game is based on an island named Island of Panfu where all the pandas live.

Although the game was shut down in 2016 you can play the fan made versions of this game easily.

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7. Neopets


Kids love pets and those who are not able to buy them, Neopets give them the opportunity to have a virtual pet. This is like the most adorable kind of games like club penguin. It’s developing and publishing rights are currently with Knowledge Adventure and it was released in 1999.


Players need to take care of their virtual pets in this game and also buy some virtual items for them using the in-game currency. This is a type of fantasy based game which can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Apart from taking care of the Neopets, you need to explore the virtual world Neopia too. To make the game more kids friendly, there are no set objectives kept in this game. Although, it is necessary to keep the pets with care and love.

Players have the advantage to customize their Neopets on the basis of color, species, and breeds. You must make sure that their health does not deteriorate otherwise it will affect the gameplay. You can even choose clothing items for your Neopets too. This is a lot like taking care of your own real pet.

8. Toontown Online


Another MMORPG in this list of games like club penguin is Toontown Online. This is developed by Disney Interactive and published by Walt Disney Company. It was released in 2003 and you can play it on Moby Games.

The company shut down its main server to focus upon other games, but there are other platforms where this game can be played.

Toontown Online

In this game, the main orientation is towards the kids just like the other games like club penguin. Players have to create their characters called “Toons” in this game. Players get the full liberty to customize their toons in whichever way they want.

There are various options of customization like color, shapes, clothes, sizes, species etc. You get to select from species like cats, dogs, bears, mice, rabbits, pigs, horses, monkeys and ducks.

All the towns need to fight against the villain Cogs. These are the type of robots who want to destroy Toontown to initiate business culture out there. These cogs also come in different types according to the type of level you are playing on.


I hope you must have liked these online games like club penguin. Some of them are even for other consoles too apart from the windows. These games like club penguin not only entertain kids thoroughly but also teaches them a thing or two through modern learning strategies.

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