10 Best Games like Fallout 4


If you combine the elements of RPG and open world approach, what you get next is an ultimate popular game of the current time. If you love this combination then I am sure you are going to love games like Fallout 4 too. With outstanding visuals and unbelievable involvement of RPG, they looks quite realistic.

10 Best Games like Fallout 4

However, there are more such games available which are based on various interesting themes and uses exquisite larger than life gaming world and graphics to keep the gamers hooked to the games throughout. If you want to know more about such games then take a look at the following list compiled below.

1. Borderlands

Website: http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/

BorderlandsUndisputedly, one of the coolest game available right now, Borderlands is amongst the most loved open world action-adventure game. Topping the list of games like Fallout 4, Borderlands incorporate RPG element to a great extent resulting in a very personalized and connecting approach by the gamer.

It is a first-person shooter game released in 2009 and just like Fallout 4, it also uses Unreal Engine. It is the first game of Borderlands series and the most popular one too.

Player has full control over character customization and development which later leaves a major impact on the game playing too. The game starts with player choosing one of four characters of the protagonist having different skills and abilities.

The game does not have a set goal and hence player proceeds forward by completing various challenges and killing foes which earns him experience points too. The game also follows the typical feature of skill tree from which player can buy skills through the points earned over the time.

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2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Website: http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThis game is not just a simple RPG but something way more than that. It is more sort of a religion to follow for the gamers whose graphics and visuals are highly adored. In fact, the critical acclaim which it has earned over the time has put every other game of this series and genre to shame.

Being one of the most popular choice for the list of games like Fallout 4, it has set the bar so high with its action RPG and open world approach.

The game revolves around a player character whose task is to defeat a dragon who is destined to destroy the world. It can be controlled with either first person or third person perspective and apart from high level of combat, continuous exploration and discovery remain a topmost feature of Skyrim.

With the main quest going on, player can choose to take part in side quests too. Interacting with non-playable characters also remains to be an important part of this game.

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3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Website: http://thewitcher.com/en/witcher3

The Witcher 3The main reason that fallout 4 type of games gain the most popularity is because RPG is the most trending gaming genre right now. The next game to join this genre is third instalment of The Witcher series called Wild Hunt.

This action RPG is a single player game which is played in an open world from third person perspective. The player is supposed to control the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia.

Geralt is a monster hunter and called witcher and he is on a mission to find his missing adopted daughter. With using various tactics like running, dodging, rolling etc. and using various weapons like bombs, crossbow, swords, Geralt needs to fight and escape from enemies and lead on to his goal.

The player can take up side quests to earn experience points which is a prime feature of almost all the games like Fallout 4 enlisted here. As player gains points, he also earns better abilities and skills too which is very important to stay active in the game.

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4. Far Cry 4

Website: http://far-cry.ubi.com/en-US/

Far Cry 4The fourth main instalment of Far Cry series, this one is an action adventure game controlled from first-person perspective. The game uses the similar open world concept. However, role-playing is used but not in an elaborated manner which is more defined in other games like Fallout 4.

This game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and uses first-person shooting as its prime element throughout.

The plot of this game is based in a fictional Himalayan country and follows the story of Ajay Ghale as protagonist. He is a Kyrati-American man whose mission is to spread his mother’s ashes in fictional country of Kyrat. Throughout the game, Ajay goes through a lot of struggles and hence combat turns out to be the key to survive.

Player can use a lot of detailed elements of combat like cover-up, kick objects, hiding corpses etc. adding better details to the game.

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5. Wasteland

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/game/wasteland

Way different from other games like Fallout 4, the theme of Wasteland is science fiction but it surely utilizes the concept of open world and role-playing in it. The game is also the oldest one to be listed down as it was released way back in 1988.

Despite that, it has everything which can compete with modern day gaming. The plot of Wasteland is set in a post-apocalyptic world which shows America has been destroyed many generations ago in a nuclear holocaust.

The player leads a whole party having four characters but there are no set goals in the game. Player can interact with non-playable characters but it is not necessary that they will support him. Wasteland is known for its difficulty and complexity levels the most.

Player needs to take care of various stats like luck, agility, speed, intelligence etc. throughout the game and points are achieved by battling and killing enemies. Player can use various skills and weapons in order to survive in the game.

Compatible with:   Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Apple II

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6. Dark Souls III

Website: http://www.darksouls3.com/

Dark SoulsFourth instalment of Dark Souls series, this game also makes a perfect example of Fallout 4 similar games. It is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and released in 2016. The game is quite important in the series as it concluded the Dark Souls series and left a mark which also earned praised from critics too.

Dark Souls III can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and controlled from third person perspective.

The game’s plot is set in the kingdom of Lothric and the player is set out in the gaming world without specific goals. He just needs to keep on moving and needs to fight with the enemies which are being encountered throughout.

Player can use a variety of weapons like swords, crossbows, throwable projectiles etc. to fight and shields can be used for cover-up. Magic element is also introduced in this game and bonfires are allocated after every checkpoint serving as a sign of level completion.

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7. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Website: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/

Tom Clancy’s The DivisionDeveloped by Massive Entertainment, Tom Clancy’s The Division or simply The Division was released in 2016 and this survival game can only be played in multiplayer mode.

In fact, it is the only one in the list of games like Fallout 4 which is a type of MMORPG in this list. The plot of this game is set in the futuristic New York City and shows the situation after a smallpox pandemic. In this world, player takes up the role of a special agent whose task it to fight against the criminals in this situation and control the whole chaos.

Being an online multiplayer game make it even more interesting as you can compete with other players too. The open world approach makes it even more fun and unpredictable and makes exploration and important element of The Division.

Like a typical ARPG, experience points are needed to be collected to gain skills and weapons too. Still, RPG is not that much defined in it.

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8. Mass Effect

Website: http://masseffect.bioware.com/me1

Mass EffectBeing one of the most popular fallout 4 alternatives, Mass Effect is based on a space combat theme which is way different than other ones listed here. It is also a type of action RPG but because of following the plot of intergalactic wars, it loses the ability of open world approach.

Developed by BioWare, the game was released in 2007 and the plot of the game takes place in Milky Way galaxy in 2183 where a machine race is about to attack on the civilization.

The game exhibits RPG element as the player takes up the role of Commander Shepard, a rogue agent who must have to stop this machine race from attacking on humans. The game moves forward in quests like manner and also includes space exploration as one of the prime elements of it.

However, when compared to other games like Fallout 4, it resembles to Mad Max a lot as it also focuses on vehicular combat rather than character combat. The game can be controlled in third person perspective.

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9. Horizon Zero Dawn

Website: https://www.guerrilla-games.com/play/horizon

Horizon Zero DawnAlthough compatible to only PlayStation 4, Horizon Zero Dawn of HZD is a very popular option in the list of games like Fallout 4. Following the similar features like action RPG and open world approach, the game is developed by Guerrilla Games and released in 2017.

Main reason of the game gaining attention was that where other games were focused on male protagonist, HZD has a female protagonist Aloy who is an outcast in a world run by machines.

Aloy is allotted various weapons to fight with machines and to use their remains as resources to craft other weapons and stuff. Just like various games in this list, skill tree is also here which can be used for buying skills from the points earned throughout.

Horizon Zero Dawn also uses open world and exploring as much as you can always help the players a lot. The game is controlled from third person perspective and the visuals and post-apocalyptic plot of the are going to attract your eyeballs the most.

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10. Mad Max

Website: http://www.madmaxgame.com/

Mad MaxBased on the Mad Max franchise, the game is based on the similar post-apocalyptic open world theme which was shown in the movie too. When compared to the other games similar to Fallout 4, Mad Max loses the detailed RPG feature and character customization too but other approach remains the same.

Despite being slightly different, I decided to list it anyway because of the popularity and similar action-adventure genre of the game.

The plot shows deserts, wastelands where player controls the character of Max Rockatansky. He is on a mission to take revenge from Scabrous Scrotus who robbed him. The game mainly focuses on vehicular combat which is done by Max’s ultimate car, The Magnum Opus.

Although the game lacks skills based choice in the form of character classes, but the combat emphasis makes it perfect to be in the category of games like Fallout 4. Rather than protagonist, you can do a bit of car customization for sure. The weapons provided in the game are also utilized through the car because of mounting and hence driving remains an important aspect of Mad Max.

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Apart from the bunch of games I listed down in category of games like Fallout 4, you can consider playing other games of the Fallout series too. Fallout 2 and 3 also makes perfect option which suits this category having the elements of RPG and open world too.

What catches gamer’s attention the most in these games is their vast gaming world which has so much to explore and discover that you will never get tired of playing them. Some games may not use RPG element that effectively but they surely make it up with their action-adventure approach for this.

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