10 Best Games like StarCraft for Android


Games like StarCraft: When you talk about StarCraft, the game is really a masterpiece and you know it very well that it’s one of the most addictive games in the gaming world.

You all get attracted to just any game because of their amazing display with sharp characters and wonderful Sci-Fi background with HD sounds.

Top 10 Games like StarCraft

So here, I’m with some top StarCraft alternatives that are just like the StarCraft that you can install on your Android phones and play all the time.

1. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Download App: Android

The game as its name implies is the best one in the category of alternative games StarCraft. It’s about the battle in the kingdom and it is really good for those who have spent all their time with games like Clash of Clans and games like StarCraft and in search of real powerful and unique game.

Any player who is new to this game will surely find its battle equipment and the whole kingdom a new experience. Total war has the power to make you addictive to the game.

As the game is for Android phones so don’t think about comparing it with any massive HD screen PC games, but still, it gives a unique feel as being a small-scale battle fight.

This still entertains you and provides great playing Tactics to all the gamers. There several beetle grounds in the game totally separated and this all war is about the two opponents who make their own army, train them and prepare them for war.

They both train the army by using different fighting techniques and abilities that are totally unique in order to win the war and gain the victory.

So in the same way you need to train your own army in the best way possible to achieve the victory and use all those war Tactics to win battles.

It’s all about to manage your kingdom in the game and the elements in the base continuously force you to lose the effort, but if you know the rules you will surely win battles. You will need to understand the game’s concepts, weather and terrain types then you can go forward easily.

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2. Tropical Stormfront

Download App: Android

The game is just right for those who are to the games like StarCraft, and a military-themed RTS title. This game Tropical Stormfront is available on your Android device with all three modes, the land, air, and sea battles.

This is about the fight between you and the aliens who have landed on the islands of the Pacific. You will perform as a good team in the game against those aliens by using all your power and forces to defeat them because all they alien want is to rule the world and all you try is to not let them do it.

There are just uncountable missions in the Tropical Stormfront with magnificent kind of battles and maps.

Just like the missions, there are several mission objectives which you have to complete to win the battle as starting from the base defense to put a fight in the enemy’s territory.

Also, you will be provided with all type of your army from land soldiers to air and sea fighters with uncountable tanks that work really good in the game for damaging a large unit of aliens.

It will really be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

So, in my opinion, this game really deserves a place among StarCraft alternatives, the game also allows you to add up your friends in the multiplayer mode.

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3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Download App: Android

Xcom is an outstanding real-time strategy game which falls with the games like StarCraft. The game has a military system with several Tactics, Strategies and the top most game in the series of Alien Invasion games.

The creator of this great game is Firaxis Games; this mainly allows you to defend the earth against aliens with your unit of soldiers. Your main responsibility is to train your troop, lead them for a better fight and capture the aliens to know their technologies and then build your new one more effective than before.

You continue to develop technologies, expand your organization and respond more and more to the alien activities.

XCOM really have several strategies and this is the reason why it falls under the top Alien games. A lot of campaigns, action Graphics and great animations with a lot of fun make it an amazing standalone game.

So if you are addicted to weapons, fights, new missions, and more then you should really need to upgrade your gaming habit to play the XCOM just like you did for alternative StarCraft games.

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4. Dominations

Download App: Android
Even more fantastic and the game Dominations really feel a great play among games like StarCraft. The game Dominations combines a small part from Clash of Clans for the fast-precedents used for bottles and with several ages as from stone to the space age.

So basically, it’s a combination of atomic elements and these breakages, so the player can choose any of the ages and develop theory new technologies researching through every age, invent weapons to battle the opponent nation.

The player will really be astounded by its splendid visuals, base designs that are somewhat same as the CoC’s isometric bases but there is a lot to discover and learn so you won’t get bored at any cost while looking through the different troops and technologies and this all make it fall for the games like StarCraft.

There are total 8 nations and gamers have all the freedom to choose among any nations. Each nation will enable you to train your army and build it by its special abilities and different technology from other nations.

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5. Machines at War 3

Download App: Android

The best extraordinary game, Machines at War 3 is full of unlimited maps and war units and in now available on Android phones, so anyone can take the pleasure of the better random map battles, unlimited technologies, and units.

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The game has 7 big units to fight with more than 20 missions that seem almost impossible to win, the big advantage is that the game gives an online multiplayer battle option so you can have more than 3 friends and defeat the opponent by using your super advanced unit just as you do in the games like StarCraft.

The story is very well managed and narrated, it provides an internet connection in every mission, and all are very well connected.

Your main focus is to search the scientists and rescue them in the best possible way, also you have to search all the research reports and save them from the cruel hand of enemies.

The visuals are a great advantage while playing this game, the better viewing on the maps gives you an efficient way to manage your units better and command them.  So you will surely love this game if you prefer Command and Conquer type of games.

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6. Rusted Warfare

Download App: Android
If you are totally into games like StarCraft, this will really be a lifesaver. If you love games with complete destructions and deeper fights then this is the best choice and Rusted Warfare has fascinating visuals with RTS gaming that is Real Time Strategy for your mobile devices.

You will be given with larger maps to take a better view in the battle and it also includes several fun skirmishes in that it would give you the opportunity to take control of land, air, and sea units.

Some features are just like that classic Rise of Nations because it gives you the ability to protect your unit from the tactical attacks and provides you defense patterns to the victory, you just need to learn them wisely.

It also features the zoom option, so you can easily view the larger map with a bird’s’ eye view. So use this feature, observes the situation and order your unit to fight it better.

It also has a multiplayer mode so connect with your internet connection and ask your friends to join and enjoy these games like StarCraft.

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7. Shadowrun Returns

Download App: Android

The reason behind the Shadowrun is among the games like StarCraft because of its Tactical RPG and Sci-Fi atmosphere in the game.

You have the option to choose among any five avatars from such as trolls, orcs, elves, dwarves and even humans with six classes so you can choose any of them from Street Samurai, Decker, Rigger, Mage, Shaman or Physical Adept.

If you don’t want to choose any you can play without any class. The game can be explored while visiting the gaming world though several strategic combats.

You can also customize your avatar by upgrading it in any stage of the game and also the weapons. You will get the option to use your items or you can sell them so all in all it’s a really interesting game.

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8. Auralux

Download App: Android
The visual for the Auralux are all original, the game seems simple but it’s challenging enough to make you occupied. The game is based on capturing the opponent’s starts and at the same time, you have to look after your own start that they are not captured by any enemy.

Auralux is really a good one among games like StarCraft, it’s all free for the Android devices but you can also go for the paid version that lists you special features such as more speed mode for a fast-paced exercise.

If you go for the paid version, you will have the ability to unlock all the achievements and there is also a tablet-version to use with the Tegra-powered tablets.

These unique visuals are really captivating that you would be stunned by the looks of the game, these are all brightly-lit objects with a good combination of colors and shades and a gentle type of music effect, so go for the Auralux if you are looking for alternative games like StarCraft.

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9. Tropical Wars

Download App: Android

It’s one the best pirate-themed video game that is now available for all Android phones; it is an RTS game that lets you have various large ships full of guns and your team to operate the ships.

When playing on your mobile screen, dragging is the easy way to locate your ships from one location to another and in the same way using the dragging option you can attack the enemy ships or the pirates’ ships, so this also lies among the very much enjoying and adventures games like StarCraft.

The Tropical Wars is a game about building your ships and collecting more ships on the

Pirate Island, as going forward in the game you can unlock more and more abilities and technologies to collect more resources.

Those who are already the lovers of Sid Meier’s Pirates will surely love the pirate environment game that also has a PvP mode so that you can fight with the same level of players and can focus on real-time ship battles.

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10. Enemy Lines: RTS

Website: http://play.mob.org/

Another strong game in the category of games like StarCraft and it’s also like the clash of clans. Basically, it is a military-themed game where the players in the lead’s role construct the strong buildings, gather all the resources and then choose their units to fight against the invasion.

As you make progress you discover and unlock several features and cool weapons to make your troop stronger for any random opponent on the battlefield.  These all weapons are now a part of the Android phones with the high quality of animations.

The game is available for both free and premium users; in the premium version, of course, you will get extra features that are not enlisted in the free one.  By purchasing, you get the ability to upgrades your construction and troops with infinite enjoyment.

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So here I have introduced you to games like StarCraft and I really hope that you will enjoy playing these really addictive and exciting games like StarCraft. These all games include unlimited strategies, Sci-Fi themes and a collection of breathtaking sounds just to make that virtual environment standout.

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