25 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online Free

The first thing that comes to our mind whenever we recall our childhood is undoubted ‘Cartoons’. They procure a very important place in our heart. Whether it be Tom & Jerry, Pokemon or Spongebob Squarepants you can always entertain yourself just by viewing some of the flicks of your favorite cartoons. So today we are counting down our picks for the best websites to watch cartoons online free.

No matter what age group you belong to, you can always visit these sites and treat yourself with never ending entertainment at no cost at all. Also in this fast-pace lifestyle, these websites can be quite handy and useful by providing you the proper content right at your doorstep.

25 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online Free

The list is prepared by our researchers after going through a lot of exploration. It is prepared on the basis of availability, interface, languages, and ease with which you can search for your favorite cartoon character. Hope you will enjoy 25 best sites to watch cartoons online free list.

Note: If anyone cartoons site are not enable available in your country and getting

1. Cartoons On

Website: http://www.cartoonson.com/

The first in the list and my favorite too is the CartoonsOn website. It has the widest collections of cartoons that’s make CartoonsOn is very popular all over the globe to watch cartoons online.

The website smartly sorts out videos into different categories like Studio, Characters, Shows and Series. A short description provided about the video can prove to be useful many a times. So it really becomes a piece of cake to find out your comical character.

That site has the user-friendly library, here user can filter movies, videos according to the production house, cartoon characters, Shows or series. All Contents are free but when you will play any cartoon videos then you need to phase ads (Windows ads, Pop Ads, Display ads) but I think this is not a problem, because users can enjoy all things without spending the single penny. If you want to block those ads then you can use Adblock plus.

All of this is provided advertisement free too so that there is no one to muddle you in between. Go on and check it out right now. One thing, I also want to tell you, When you will try to watch any videos or cartoon shows then here you can get more than one video stream server links, you can select anyone what you like.

2. Toonjet

Website: http://www.toonjet.com/

Toonjet is yet another free online cartoon streaming website that contains almost every cartoon one can wish for. The sites interface will surely make you feel like you have turned 10 again. It is exclusively popular for classic cartoons.

So from now whenever you feel like missing Popeye or Superman, you know where to go. New shows are added day by day to keep you entertain all along.

Another cool feature that it offers is that it can be accessed across different devices like Mac, Windows, Tablet or even Phones to watch cartoons online free.

3. YouTube

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

When it comes to streaming videos online how can we forget the beast i.e. YouTube. Yes, you heard it right. YouTube contains thousands of videos of popular cartoon series from all around the world. And if you are lucky enough, you may catch those episodes dubbed in your own native language.

You can add them to your wishlist and watch them later when you want a short nap from daily routine life. Share those videos easily with your friends and let them too live it up to the full.

The android app of YouTube even lets you save videos offline. So next time you wanna see some cartoons in the most convenient way, instantly head up to YouTube to watch cartoons online free.

4. Watch Cartoons Online

Website: http://watchcartoonsonline.eu/

As the name of the website itself suggests, it offers one of the easiest way to watch cartoons online free. It’s simple and user friendly interface let you search and stream your favorites hassle free.

Categorization into different genres make it quite handy to pick the right cartoon you want to watch depending on your mood. Related videos are also made available at the corner so that there is no halt in your entertainment express.

Not only this, it also offers its users to request for any specific cartoon and it is made available in the ‘requested list’ section.

Comment and share the videos that you like easily. Go on and enjoy some advertisement-free cartoons.

5. Nick

Website: http://www.nick.com/

Are you also a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants, Ninja Turtles or any other nickelodeon cartoon, then this is just the right place to view all your awesome flicks right at the end of one click. Get all the exclusive episodes of Nickelodeon like Avatar, Alvin & the Chipmunks or Power Rangers.

The site is so creative it feels like you, yourself has entered the world full of nick-toons. You can also take part in Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and vote for your favorite ones too.

Apart from these rejoice yourself by playing different online games and listening to online radio too. So indulge yourself in all this fun by clicking on the link given below.

6. Anime Toon

Website: http://www.animetoon.org/cartoon

It is popular worldwide for its different offerings, which include watch cartoons online free of different countries like Korea and Japan. They are dubbed well to fulfill the requirements of users all around the globe. You can catch all the anime action like DragonBall Z or Naruto without even paying a penny.

The site is updated constantly so that its users are never deprived of their favorite anime characters. Users can also rate any video and share their thoughts about the video in the comment section. The best part is that this all is advertisement free so no irritating pop-up will keep bothering you.

An Android client of the website is also available so to take all the action right into your pocket.

7. Disney Junior

Website: https://www.disneyjunior.ca/

Who doesn’t like to watch Disney? With its shows like Mickey Mouse, Tarzan and Aladdin, Disney Junior takes us to an unforeseen journey through the mystical lands.

Disney is associated to be the most successful animated cartoons creator and this website just passes that legacy to us at no cost. It is very popular and beloved by children as well as adults.

Full-length videos are easily streamed in high-end video quality. It also provides us links to listen to free Disney music or play games too. So next time you want to give children a good time, you know which link to open to watch cartoons online free.

8. Anime Flavor

Website: http://animeflavor.site/

A one-stop destination for all the anime action. It is meant for anime action only so no cartoons are present in this one.

At the homepage, you’ll find all the requisite tools to help you relocate the correct videos. The site has the best of taste in anime animation and always keep its users delighted by the ad-free experience.

The site is visited by millions of anime action lovers in search of vast collection of raw anime stock. Proper subtitles are embedded in each video to ease the entertainment of English users. Visit this cool website and watch all the episodes of animes like Gintama and Naruto Shippuden for free.

9. Super Cartoons

Website: http://www.supercartoons.net/

Super cartoons is another great website for cartoon lovers only. You can’t watch animes here. The classical cartoons like bugs bunny, Popeye and all-time favorite The Pink Panther’s all episodes can be searched here.

For each cartoon character, a different category is provided. So you can search according to your favorite cartoon character. This feature is quite handy and as simple as ABC. The navigation of the website is easy. It can be easily streamed from any mobile device to watch cartoons online free.

Check it out yourself and get yourself indulge in the magical cartoon world.

10. Anime Center

Website: http://www.animecenter.tv/

Anime Center is totally dedicated to anime only just like Super Cartoons is meant for cartoons only. Videos are well-categorized into subbed and dubbed animes.

In the homepage, you will find recently added and trending videos. Also a search bar provided at the top can be used to locate anime movies for you.

Chat in the comment box with people having same interest as that of you. With more than 40 available genres, this website is quite popular among those who want to see mind-blowing action without paying a penny for it.

11. Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime

Website: http://kisscartoon.se/

Are you getting bored or something? Try streaming your favorite toons in Kiss Cartoon and say bye to boredom. It provides cartoons as well as animes fulfilling wishes of all types of audience. It’s a trusted website to watch cartoons online free.

Videos are available in ranges of quality. For example, if you are having trouble with internet speed, then switch to 240p and carry on the fun ride. The interactive site also provides link to read manga magazines and movies.

Try all this by clicking on link given below.

12. Vimeo

Website: https://vimeo.com/

Vimeo has a huge collection of videos of all categories. It is the choice of millions of its users to watch cartoons online free. The interface is simple and cool giving a glimpse of ultimate fun that you are going to have. You can create a free account or upgrade to premium to get access to all features of Vimeo.

Vimeo lets its users upload their own cartoons. Thus its database is always increasing. Thanks to numerous active users. You can share your views with other friends as well as find people of same interest as that of you.

So from now, you will be delighted to have such an amazing website right next to you. It is supported by all devices. Cheers!

13. Go Go Anime

Website: http://ww1.gogoanime.io/

Another great site to watch anime videos conveniently for free. One feature that separates it out from other is that it lets the user download the video they like. Yes, I tried it, and it offers one of the simplest way to download the vids.

A search bar provided is very effective and shows very accurate results when it comes to locating videos. The design is smooth. The homepage brings you recent release animes that are trending. You can also select your favorite from the ongoing list arranged in alphabetical order giving user ease.

Go crazy with Go Go Anime by checking it out from link given below.

14. Hulu

Website: https://www.hulu.com/

Hulu will take you on an adventure in which you can stream cartoons from an enormous amount of collection. It is one of the finest and clean websites you will come across and become addicted to. The main reason for its popularity is the ease it provides to the users. For example, you can refine search results to suit you the most.

The website provides a free trial of all its features to all its users. And later if you find it legitimate you can upgrade your account in no time. Other features include watching TV as well movies also.

So using Hulu, now you can get all the action in high quality in no time.

15. New Grounds

Website: http://www.newgrounds.com/

It is another great alternative to killing some time by watching cartoons online free. The websites first look will leave you only with one word.. Woww ! The whole site is smartly divided into various sections. Each somehow is meant to fulfill your cartoons fantasies.

Try streaming episodes, full-length movies as well listening to soundtracks. The website is really a piece of art itself and is truly a paradise for cartoons lovers.

The websites slogan, “Everything, by Everyone!”. So from now never feel bore and check out the site from link provided beneath.

16. Toon Get

Website: http://www.toonget.net/cartoon

Toon Get is a Europe-based site whose main focus is only one thing, cartoon cartoon and cartoon. You can find all sort of characters be it comical or series. The enormous collection it holds can be directly seen from the homepage itself.

All videos are arranged alphabetically for the comfort of millions of its trusted users. Dubbed videos and animes are no less than a treat for the eyes.

A special feature of the Toon Get is that it offers a special tab called ‘Surprise’. This tab randomly plays any cartoon or anime. So next time when you have some time to kill and don’t really know what to see, try this feature by clicking on the ‘Surprise’ tab.

Also try the android based app available to watch cartoons online free in smartphones too.

17. Cartoonito

Website: http://www.cartoonito.co.uk/

Cartoonito is a UK-based website and is owned by the Turner group. The website spotlights a very attractive interface for children. It will provide the best entertainment for your beloved kids. Old classic cartoons like Looney Toons and Bob the Builder will definitely make sure of giving you a pleasant time.

Do explore other offerings that cartoonito provides. Educational videos focused for kids up to 6 years are of great help for their overall development. Other than this, games, songs and activities can also be tried to idle away the free time.

Your child will definitely like it. The link is provided beneath.

18. Disney Video

Website: http://video.disney.co.uk/

Disney lovers this website is made for you. It’s an official website of Disney and Pixar entertainment. The site is full of videos that over the time made Disney what it is today.

On the homepage, you can find all the news update related to the vast world of Disney. For example, catch the trailers of upcoming movies, listen to soundtracks and what not.

The website houses movies and cartoons like Cars, the Lion King and Star Wars. It will never fail to keep you amuse every time you open the website to watch cartoons online free.

This website has all the potential and amazing vids you can crave for. Check it out.

19. Cartoon Network

Website: http://www.cartoonnetworkindia.com/

You simply can’t find anyone who doesn’t like Cartoon Network. And it is not less than a paradise for those die-hard fans that CN hosts its own official website. The design of the site is laid out in the manner to attract more and more cartoons lovers to watch cartoons online free.

Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Krishna and Oggy, these are just a few hilarious hits that site provides us at no cost at all. The videos are of high quality and you will not find any problem while streaming cartoons.

Apps for IOS as well as Android are available and they are as addicted as the cartoons themselves.

Bring on the fun by playing exclusive games too. Just tap the link given below.

20. Kiss Panda

Website: http://www.kisspanda.net/

Kiss Panda is right site for cartoon web series lovers. Episodes of series like The Simpsons, American Dad, and many others are uploaded here almost instantaneously. The layout is simple. I tried it on mobile and the site worked like a charm.

Get all the seasons in high picture quality. You don’t need to sign up or something. Also to double the fun, all these are available absolutely ad-free.

Next time you feel like boring, open Kiss Panda and enjoy some relaxing time.

21. Boomerang

Website: http://www.boomerangtv.co.uk/videos

Boomerang houses some of the finest cartoons from all over the web. You can catch old animated cartoons like Scooby Doo, Mr. Bean, and Tom & Jerry.

The website makes you addicted to itself. The vids are categorized beautifully in some very creative leagues. It is the UK based so you will not face any hardships to use this website to watch cartoons online free.

And if you want to try something else, the site also brings real-time gaming. Choose your favorite boomerang character and let the fun begin.

22. Cartoon Park

Website: http://cartoonpark.tv/

Cartoon Park is a website which provides free cartoons to all. English subtitles are available with all the videos. So you need not worry about the language constraint. You can refine your search and can view videos according to genre, name or status.

The best part is that it not only let you stream cartoons in high-quality, but you can also download them almost effortlessly.

Now rush to the website. Use the search bar to find the right carton or simply select the one provided in the homepage. Try it on smartphones too. !

23. 9Cartoon

Website: http://9cartoon.me/

9Cartoon is a fantastic site to watch cartoons online free. The site design is simple and easy. This has resulted in numerous fan following that this website possess. Stream all your favorite cartoon series in high quality.

The site is regularly updated for newer cartoons and animes. It contains videos from every possible genre like horror, action and drama etc.

Once you will open this website, don’t forget to bookmark it. You will never like to miss the fun and frolic that this website can tender to you.

24. Side Reel

Website: http://www.sidereel.com/

Here you can find the most trending shows like South Park, Family Guy and everyone’s favorite The Simpsons and many more. It also displays the Cartoon Premiers and the release date of upcoming vids. In this way you not only enjoy them for free, but also see them first before any kind of spoilers reaches to you.

Sign up with side reel and get advantage like tracking your favorite series and adding them to your wishlist. See the ratings provided by different users present all across the globe. Comment and share your own views with friends.

Keep exploring newer series and never face boredom again.

25. Watch Anime Dub

Website: https://www.watchcartoononline.io/

Watch Anime Dub is just the right platform for animes lovers. You can find all anime action in subbed and dubbed categories. Also a separate list of cartoons is also available. It’s a great way to watch cartoons online free.

The search bar provided can be used to find anime or episode and it is very helpful. A short description of the video is also provided.

The site is the choice of millions for streaming high-quality videos. Go on and try it out for yourself.


So these were some of the most popular websites to watch cartoons online free all over the web. Based on your interest choose anyone out of them. Streaming your favorite cartoon series using these websites will be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

All these sites are free to watch but sometimes their policy changes. So if they start asking for payment, kindly ignore it and move to another site provided in the list. And you don’t need to worry if some sites are blocked in your country, you can always use any VPN service to make it available to you in no time. Now just grab your bag of popcorn and unleash yourself to world full of animes and cartoons.

Go on and enjoy!