10 Best Games like Factorio


You would have to admit that no matter how many action games get launched in future, construction and sandbox games like Factorio are always going to be the most preferred one. Especially when it comes to having some chill time with your gaming squad I think everyone should try out such games.

10 Best Games like Factorio

So, this time I am bringing a collection of amazing alternative games Factorio for you. With some twists and turns and of course different gameplay these games make perfect options in the same genre but of course different plots. You can check out the games with the official websites listed along with them.

1. RimWorld

Website: http://rimworldgame.com/

RimWorldThe first one in the list of games like Factorio is obviously RimWorld. This is the most relatable game and have quite similar characteristics to Factorio too. This is a top down perspective game which is based on the theme of construction and management.

RimWorld is developed and published by Ludeon Studios and it released in 2013. The game utilized popular Unity engine in the gameplay and you can play it in single player mode only.

RimWorld follows a futuristic plot which revolves around three characters. The theme is space related and exploration between different planets and galaxies. The main objective of the game demands the player to expand the settlement of people on different planets.

There are various events involved in the game too and once you are done on one planet and goes out of resources then you can proceed on other planet too. There are various modes of this game like combat, exploration etc. The majority decisions lies in player’s hand that what he wants to choose.

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2. Starbound

Website: http://playstarbound.com/

StarboundStarbound is another one in the list of Factorio alternative games and just like RimWorld it is also set on the theme of space exploration. The game is developed and published by Chucklefish and it was released in 2016.

The game world is two dimensional which shows the player hovering and exploring around in his/her spacecraft in search of resources, armor and other items.

The game shows that Earth has been destructed and now the player is roaming around in his spacecraft and gets lost into sea of stars. The entire game is quite adventurous which is divided into some missions and quests. The player needs to find habitable planets and starts looking for resources to settle down there.

The game is largely based on theme of simulation and exploration just like most of the games like Factorio which I enlisted here. The content is quite varied which features enemies, struggles, armors and weapons timely. Player can also choose from various classes available which changes his appearance and skills too.

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3. SpaceChem

Website: http://www.spacechemthegame.com/

SpaceChemSpaceChem is a type of indie puzzle game which is developed and published by Zachtronics Industries. The game is based on the theme of chemical bonding of elements of automation and it got released in 2011.

Of course, the game involves the elements of simulation and construction-management like the rest of the games like Factorio but this time in quite different way. As a player you are going to take up the role of a SpaceChem Reactor Engineer whose main aim is to create such a circuit through which atoms and molecules can flow.

The game is not boring at all as it sounds. In fact, the new theme is going to provide you a completely different environment then most of such games. There are various levels in the game where you need to produce particular batches of chemicals through Waldos.

SpaceChem is a big breakthrough for the education system as it can be used to teach chemistry and programming to the students and the interactive approach is quite interesting too.

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4. Prison Architect

Website: http://www.introversion.co.uk/

Prison-ArchitectPrison Architect is not just another but one of the best games like Factorio which you are going to find ever. It is developed and published by Introversion Software and it got released in 2015. Prison Architect became so popular that it later on released for various other platforms too and sold more than 1 million copies too.

Prison Architect is set in the two dimensional environment and features top down perspective. The main element of this game remains to be strategy, construction and management like most of the games like Factorio.

As a player, you are going to take up the role of a prison in charge who is responsible for running and managing the prison. Player is going to various tasks like constructing new cells, providing facilities and utilities, staff hiring and task assigning etc. To unlock other aspects of the game you need to hire more staff who can take care of it.

The game also incorporates the elements of sandbox and it can be played in single player mode only.

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5. Banished

Website: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/

BanishedBanished is entirely focused on the elements of strategy and city building. It is developed and published by Shining Rock Software and can be played in single player mode only. Banished was released in 2014 and it is very important to focus on resource management to progress further in the game.

So, what makes the game to be included in the list of games like Factorio? Well, it is its features which included construction, management, and strategy elements.

As a player, you are not going to do everything on your own but you are supposed to guide a bunch of citizens for the same. The main focus of this game is the player’s town and the citizens act as its resources. Player has various tasks to do like assigning work of construction, fishing, fulfilling citizens needs etc.

The game is quite realistic as the flow of life goes on with old citizen dying and kids being born which keeps the flow of your resource stable. The player must keep on developing its town which is going to help him to progress in the game.

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6. PlanetBase

Website: http://planetbase.madrugaworks.com/

PlanetbaseIn the list of alternative games like Factorio PlanetBase is the next one to be mentioned. This is a space simulation and strategy based video game. PlanetBase is developed and published by Madruga Works and it released in 2016 for various platforms.

The plot of this game is based on a space journey and simulation where player is supposed to lead a group of space settlers.

The main objective of the game is to establish a colony on a planet other than Earth to start the life form on it. You are supposed to take up the role of architect as well as manager too just like the one in Prison Architect. Now being both you are supposed to take care of a lot of things.

You must make sure that everyone gets a supply of food and basic resources to keep the work running. The entire process of the game reflects on its name where you need to form a base on an isolated planet. PlanetBase is one of the most interesting games like Factorio.

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7. Dwarf Fortress

Website: http://www.bay12games.com/

Dwarf FortressI am sure every reader going through this list must have already played this game before and the reason is that Dwarf Fortress is one of the most popular games like Factorio. Dwarf Fortress is developed by Tarn Adams and published by Bay 12 Games.

Dwarf Fortress is based on the theme of construction and simulation and of course management too. It was released in 2006.

So, this roguelike game is open ended which means there is no specific objective of it. The game starts with player choosing between one of the three modes of it which are Fortress mode, Adventure mode and Legend mode. Each mode has different objective and gameplay.

People usually prefer Fortress mode as it is the most popular one having the elements of construction and management. Before the game starts, the player is needed to create a world of his choice with continents, countries and other elements. You can also try the other two modes too.

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8. Terraria

Website: http://www.terraria.org/

TerrariaIn the series of Factorio alternative games, the next one to join is Terraria. This is a 2D action adventure sandbox game which is developed and published by Re-Logic. Terraria includes the elements of construction, exploration, crafting, combat and many more others.

It was released in 2011 and utilizes XNA engine in the gameplay. People usually compare it with Minecraft more but it is also perfect for this category too.

The gameplay of Terraria mainly revolves around exploration and building. Combat being the other element of this game, players usually involve in the former ones. The player kick starts the game with three tools with him which are pickaxe for mining, shortsword for combat and axe for cutting woods.

Terraria is considered as one of the classic number in the list of games like Factorio. The game is largely played because of the exploration and adventure modes. However, unlike most of the games mentioned here, it also incorporates the feature of crafting the tools too which makes it different and more interesting.

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9. Evil Genius

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/

Evil GeniusA single player god like game which includes the features of real time strategy and simulation in it, Evil Genius is the next one in the list of games like Factorio. The game is developed by Elixir Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment and Rebellion Developments.

Of course, the game is a bit different from the rest of the games I listed here mainly because it is a god game where player has the ultimate power.

The player is going to play the role of a villainous force who wants to achieve the goal to rule the whole world. You are going to see the plot belonging to the style of 60s and 70s although it is not specified. However, the player is supposed to control other people in order to fend off justice from world.

The game contains cartoon like visuals and it also features great humor in between which keeps the game entertaining and fun throughout.

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10. Tropico 4

Website: http://home.worldoftropico.com/

Tropico 4

Tropico 4 might be the last choice in this list but it is surely one of the best games like Factorio. This is a simulator game which is developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. Tropico 4 is the fourth installment of Tropico game series and repeats the characters of first and fourth installment.

It was released in 2011 and focuses on the main character of El Presidente who is the dictator of island Banana Republic.

This the last pick in the category of games like Factorio and it features great exploration with 10 maps in the game. Player can either start from the given island or make one of their own too. Now, player creates his own avatar and start developing this island.

Tropico 4 works in such a way that you are supposed to complete several missions in it which results in increasing your level with each success. The game is fun and quite relatable to the games having god feature.

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Some of the games like Factorio in this list are very popular ones like RimWorld and Banished. There may be some of the games which could not get that much of recognition but trust me they are worth playing for sure. I tried my best to keep up with the level and fame that Factorio gained and hence mentioned the games accordingly.

Of course, you can find more such construction and strategy based games on the internet. In fact, you can check out great options on Steam itself. I hope you people have a great time playing these games and getting over with Factorio.

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