Top 10 Games like Dwarf Fortress


If you have a thing for construction and management simulation games then I am sure you would love this section of games like Dwarf Fortress. Being an indie and also amazingly entertaining game made it so popular amongst the gamers and people literally went Gaga over it.

Top 10 Games like Dwarf Fortress

But, now it is the time to check out more options with similar genre but different themes and gameplay. I am sure you would love to discover more such construction based simulation games in this section. Here is a list which is comprised of the similar games like DF along with their description regarding gameplay.

1. Banished


BanishedYou have not only heard about this game but played it too. Banished is the first pick under the category of games like Dwarf Fortress as it also belongs to the genre of city building and strategy making. Released in 2014 by Shining Rock Software, Banished comes under the most popular construction based games.

The plot of Banished is set in an outcast village where nothing is grown and developed. As a player you are supposed to start from here.

So, you are supposed to take up the role of leader or guide who is going to guide these citizens to make development through command economy. The main element is resource management under which the citizens are counted as resources and you need to utilize them fully.

Banished is only a single player game and there are various instances of this game which can be made relative to real life too. There are various difficulties too in the game in form of depression, starving, ageing population etc. The player needs to manage it all through his strategy making.

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2. RimWorld


Although, still in its development mode, RimWorld is still worthy enough to be in the category of games like Dwarf Fortress. It first released in 2013 and currently being developed by Ludeon Studios. RimWorld is set in a top down perspective and based on the theme of construction and management just like the rest of the games here.

Made for only single player mode, the plot of this game is based on the futuristic theme. The story continues with a planet in the space known as RimWorld.

What makes RimWorld an example of Dwarf Fortress game alternatives is the similarity of combat and psychology. The game revolves around three characters who got stranded on a planet. Now, the goal remains to develop the planet and colonize it.

There are more options in this game like escaping the planet, residing on new planets, joining of new residents etc. All of these aspects eventually reflects the growth of a player only. In different time intervals, the storytelling of the game play is done by the AI.

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3. Dungeon Keeper 1


Dungeon Keeper is quite dark and edgy as compared to the rest of the games like Dwarf Fortress listed here. Developed by Bullfrog Productions, it was released in 1997 and also followed by a sequel in the year 1999. The game utilizes Magic Carpet engine and involves elements like real time strategy, dungeon management as the prime features.

The game is designed in both single player as well as multiplayer modes and trust me it is going to change the way you have ever played construction based games ever.

Dungeon Keeper 1 is a strategy game where player needs to build and then manage a dungeon. You are actually kind of playing the evil one here. You are going to protect the dungeon from “hero” characters and fight with rival dungeon realms to ultimately rule the world.

The final hero appears to be Avatar, and interestingly you can play this game with up to four player simultaneously on local area connection. There is even a direct 3D version available of this game too.

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4. Prison Architect


Prison-ArchitectPrison Architect is also set from the top down perspective just like RimWorld. As the name says it all, you are supposed to focus on prison construction and management work here which makes it a typical entry into the list of games like Dwarf Fortress.

The game is developed and published by Introversion Software and got released in 2015. It is only available for single player mode only. However, it is still kind of engaging and interesting though.

The game starts with building a prison and then later on managing it too. The game is not limited to only construction which makes it more interesting than others. It involves other tasks too like managing and building utilities, staff recruitment like jailor, workers and stuff.

As soon as you proceed in this game, you tend to unlock new levels and new aspects of this game. Prison Architect not only comes under the list of best games like Dwarf Fortress but also won critical acclaim too. It sold millions of copies and also won awards for this too.

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5. Stronghold 2


Stronghold 2 is second installment of Stronghold series which got released in 2005. Developed by Firefly Studios and published by 2K games, the game is based on a historic settlement kind of theme. The game belongs to the genre of real time strategy and of course construction and management.

You can play Stronghold 2 in both single player and multiplayer modes and trust me you are gonna love the middle-ages theme and medieval graphics of this game.

Stronghold 2 makes an excellent option in the list of games like Dwarf Fortress and even provide 3D graphics too. You are going to play the role of a ruler here who is the emperor of a medieval castle. You are supposed to settle various buildings, industries, factories in your kingdom.

The element of resource management is low as it is automatic and main focus remains on construction only. Over the time, there have been some great amendments made in the game including some new characters, buying/selling of estate and many more which reflects on the gameplay too.

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6. Minecraft


Despite being a sandbox game, I decided to include Minecraft in this list of games like Dwarf Fortress because let’s accept it all, no game can ever compete Minecraft in terms of construction genre. The game is developed and published by Mojang and Other Ocean Interactive and released in 2011.

Minecraft is set in a 3D procedurally generated world where the player needs to keep on constructing and building through various shaped cubes.

All those who have already played this game earlier would be acknowledged to the fact that there are no set goals in Minecraft for the player. The game can be played from first or third person perspective and everything in the game is depicted in form of differently shaped cubes.

You are supposed to mine from one place and start constructing something from this. The entertainment is just limitless. There are various modes of this game too like survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode etc. The game is fun and being open ended makes it even more interesting.

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7. Evil Genius


The next one in the list of games like Dwarf Fortress is Evil Genius which is a real time strategy and simulation game. Evil Genius is developed by Elixir Studios and got released in 2004. Evil Genius is basically a type of god game where player has the ultimate power over everything.

It is a single player game only and involved the element of dungeon management too. You are going to see the game being inspired by James Bond series as the theme is spy thriller.

The plot is set in 60s and 70s era and you as a player will play a villain who is trying to acquire the ultimate power to rule the world. You are supposed to manage a lot of things and also fight with the heroic elements too.

Visuals of the game involves cartoonish characters and a lot of humorous elements which keeps the game really interesting and lively. The game got above average reviews but trust me it is quite refreshing and new as compared to the themes of the other games listed here.

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8. Spacebase DF-9


As the name says it all, Spacebase DF-9 is a type of space simulation game which was released in 2014. The game is developed and published by Double Fine Productions and can be played in single player mode only. The game later on made open source development project.

So, as the theme says, Spacebase DF-9 is obviously set in space and include all the features which are similar to the rest of the games like Dwarf Fortress.

The player needs to maintain a space station of his own. In this process, he needs to design, build and construct a lot of structures in it. You as a player is supposed to keep all the other people living on this station happy and protected by fighting with the aliens trying to invade it.

Well, despite getting average reviews, Spacebase DF-9 turn out to be an entertaining game and of course well-deserved option as Dwarf Fortress alternatives. Although, not as popular as other games in this list, Spacebase DF-9 still must be played at least once.

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9. Populous: The Beginning


Populous: The Beginning is the third installment of the famous Populous game series. It is developed by Bullfrog Productions and got released in 1998. This is a real time strategy game and available to be played in single player as well as multiplayer modes.

This installment is quite different from the earlier two games of this series mainly because they removes the god-game element and made it more realistic.

The player will be playing the role of Shaman in this game, who leads her tribe instead of controlling them. There are total 25 missions in this game and the story follows around the entire solar system. Every time with winning, the player taps on new source of magic which ultimately leads Shaman to attain godhood.

Unlike most of the games like Dwarf Fortress, Populous: The Beginning is mostly based on strategy making and combat rather than construction and building.

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10. Startopia


And the last game in this list of games like Dwarf Fortress is Startopia. It is developed by Mucky Foot Productions and published by Eidos Interactive in the year 2001. This is more of a business simulation kind of game and available in both single player and multiplayer modes.

Well, you need not to think much because Startopia does involve elements of building and construction in it.

The player needs to take care of various space stations in this game. Set in space theme, the game follows the plot after an apocalyptic galactic war. Player needs to take care of the wishes of various employers and then work accordingly.

Player do tasks like constructing rooms, hiring aliens, staffing, providing facilities, attracting visitors etc. in the game. I found Startopia to be a good alternative games like Dwarf Fortress where there is even a sandbox mode is available too. Being so versatile makes it even more fun and entertaining to be played.

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Dwarf Fortress became an overnight sensation just after its release and witness great fame too. I think this is thing about simulation games that they you never get tired of playing them. These games like Dwarf Fortress which I have mentioned here are given with their compatible consoles.

Make sure that you see the required systems before trying to play them. For particularly Windows, if you are not able to play certain games then you can check out them on Steam too. I am sure you are going to get addicted to them pretty soon.

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