Top 10 Games like Terraria


Games like Terraria: For all those who have a special place for sandbox games, I hope Terraria would always been there with you in it. This 2D action game was released initially in 2011 and then kept on modifying for different consoles. It is developed by Re-Logic and published by 505 Games and Re-Logic together.

Top 10 Games like Terraria

I know you have had enough of Terraria as it is kind of very addictive game. But if you are looking for other games like Terraria then you need not to look anywhere else now. To celebrate your infinite love for sandbox games, we have comprised this amazing list of Terraria like games.

1. Craft the World


Our first pick for the list of games like Terraria is craft the world. Just like Terraria, it is also a 2D game which comes with the feature of role-playing. This game is inspired by various other games and you can see that while you will start playing it.

The game is set on the theme of dwarfs’ world. You need to reach up to the end game portal and open it. The entire journey of this game goes through different ups and downs in form of different challenges. In your journey, you are required to find out the hidden pieces of the end portal.

This game is not an easy deal as you will find different enemies protecting each piece of the portal. The game is majorly focused on the resource collection and strategy management.

This has striking resemblance to Terraria and hence it is enlisted here in games like Terraria. The attraction of this game is Technology Tree. As soon as you progress in this tree, you get to know about the different powers it can offer. It also as player vs player and cooperative modes.

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2. Starbound


You must have heard the name of this game earlier too. This is an action adventure-themed game which is developed and published by Chucklefish Games. It was released in 2016 and it has both single player and multiplayer modes.

The game is compatible with different consoles like Windows, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita. The entire setup of the game is set in 2D hence making it in the games like Terraria.

Starbound is set on a theme where Earth has been fully destructed. The player is seen in a spacecraft which belongs to an intergalactic peacekeeping organization. The spacecraft is going in an unknown direction and finally orbits around a planet.

The game continues with different quests and missions further. The sandbox universe in this game is extremely vast and the player gets this cool space shuttle as the vehicle. The major key things in the game is exploration and quests completion.

There are various classes that a player can choose and his/her attires indicate that class. It’s a great alternative to the game Terraria.

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3. SteamWorld Dig


SteamWorld Dig is an amazing platform which gives you the perfect adventurous exploration of an action game. It is developed and released by Swedish company Image & Form. The game was first released in 2013 and supports consoles like Windows, PS4, Linux etc.

SteamWorld Dig is amongst the few single player games like Terraria whose theme revolves around the 2D environment of mines. In fact, the main objective of the game is resource gathering in this mine through digging.

The game starts with the player controlling a robot named Rusty. The plot of this game is set up in a mine of Western Town Tumbleton. The objective of this game is to find out the secrets hidden in this mine.

In all the games like Terraria listed here, it is something you can look up to if you are interested in resource collection. The things that can help you for special abilities are coal and water. As soon as you progress in this game, the robot start getting access to different tools.

As you will start playing this game, you will get addicted to the different things being uncovered here.

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4. King Arthur’s Gold


Another one to expand the list of games like Terraria is King Arthur’s Gold. The game is as interesting as its name. It is basically an online game that supports consoles like Windows, Macs, and Linux. It was first released in 2011 by Transhuman Design.

The major variation that you will get to see in the game is its different modes. You can play in player vs player mode, single player, multiplayer, and sidescrolling and indie genre.

Just like the SteamWorld Dig, the major focus of this game remains on mining and gathering different resources. It is a type of 2D side-scrolling game whose other focuses are killing the enemies and building castles. The major attraction of the game still remains the amazing combat in player vs player mode.

There are three classes from which the player can choose his character which are a builder, Knight, and Archer. Each class plays a different role in the game and hence the motive of the game changes for the player. The game is designed by taking inspiration from different other games like Ace of Spades, Minecraft etc.

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5. The Blockheads

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Unlike other games like Terraria listed here, The Blockheads is more of a survival game rather than strategic planning game. The game is created and developed by Majic Jungle Software and composed by Kevin MacLeod.

Its iOS version was released in 2013 and later on in 2014, its Android version was also released. This game has both single-player as well as multiplayer modes.

The 2D survival sandbox game of The Blockheads is a love of many gamers. The reason is its gaming technique. The player is allowed to freely explore its surroundings and the flexibility of navigating throughout the map is unique too.

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The major task to be done in such games like Terraria is to form buildings, harvest materials and craft different things to survive here. By connecting the game to the internet, you can browse the player vs player mode where you get to attack other players.

You get the full liberty to customize your character’s gender, hairs, looks, styles etc. You need to focus on the different statistics like energy, hunger, environment, health, happiness throughout the game.

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6. Spelunky


Spelunky is not just another games like Terraria but something more than that. It was released in 2008 for especially windows console but later on its other consoles were also released. It is made by Mossmouth, LLC. It is compatible with Windows, Xbox, PS3, PS4 Chrome OS etc.

It is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Spelunky is basically an Indie platform video game.

The objective in this game is to control an adventurer called Spelunker. The entire game is based upon exploration. There are various hidden tunnels and vast land ready to uncover so many of its secrets. You need to discover and collect as much as treasure possible in the entire process of the game.

The bright side ends here because there are various enemies and unnoticed traps in the game which can cost your life. There is also a limited supply of ropes and bombs given to the player to pass through the entire course of the game.

The various enemies in the game include various snakes, spiders, bats and other animals of large size. You will also have to fight from man-eating plants, Yeti, and other monsters.

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7. Dwarf Fortress


There may have been many gamers who have not even heard the name of this game and that is what compelled me to include it in the list of games like Terraria. It would be really wrong to underestimate this adventure based game without even trying it out.

Just like the name of this game, it is all about the dwarves. Being a player, you need to control an entire group of dwarves. This group is then required to build a really large fortress in which they all can live.

Once the fortress is ready then starts the real deal of the game. There are various creepy creatures and other enemies who are waiting to get into the fortress. You need to save everyone because if all the dwarves would be killed then the enemies will win over and you would have to start again from the beginning.

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8. Minecraft


How could I forget to include Minecraft in the list of games like Terraria? With no doubts, Minecraft is one of the most popular game in the genre of sandbox games. It has every elements that should be there in an interesting exploration game.

Games Like Minecraft

What makes Minecraft even more special is its 3D technology rather than 2D. Hands down, Minecraft is one of the most innovative and creative game of this genre. At some point of time you will even realize that it is a bit easier to control things in Minecraft.

You can play this game online and that too free of cost. The major task in this game is about creativity. You need to make different buildings and other things with the help of cubic shaped boxes.

The game also comes with a survival mode. In this mode, the player found himself in a randomly created world where he/she has to fight off the enemies to stay in the game.

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9. Epic Inventor


If you are looking for some hi-tech games like Terraria then Epic Inventor can be the perfect option for you. Although the game is not in recent development but it has an open source fantasy world to offer the gamers across the world.

This is basically an online game which later on progressed to be downloadable. Just like Terraria, it is also a 2D game.

The basic game mechanics revolve around the process of gathering different resources in the game. What matters the most is that for how long you manage to survive in this game. Another major step in such games like Terraria is to build an entire city.

This makes the process of crafting a lot easier for you because you tend to get more resources than ever. Now, you need to protect your city from different enemies. Epic Inventor has a wide range of protective items which can be used together to protect your territory.

At some point of time, you can find an uncanny resemblance between the games epic inventor and craft the world. But I must say that both the games are equally enjoyable.

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10. Deepworld


For the last entry in the list of games like Terraria, we were saving something good. It is the Deepworld which is a multiplayer game solely based upon different adventures and crafting experience. The game is compatible with Windows, iOS and Macs.

Deepworld used to be paid game earlier but now you can access it with very minor charges which is almost like free of cost.

Deepworld is just like its name. The exclusively vast world in this game is comprised of different caves and mountains. All these areas are made in such a way that there is lots of rewards in them so that players can explore and loot them.

As soon as your progress further in this game, you get acknowledged with different weapons and armors. You need to rely upon these weapons to be safe from the different threats throughout the game.

You can also make real money transactions to boost your powers and weapons in the game. Deepworld comes with lots of quests so that you can play it without getting bored.

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There is no way of stopping once you get engrossed in such games. Mostly all of these games like Terraria on steam are attracting millions of users worldwide every day. And why won’t they, as they are one of the most entertaining games that we have in sandbox console.

I hope, you would enjoy a lot while playing these games like Terraria as some of them are even better. You can also download their apps and try them out on different consoles too.

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