10 Best GBA Emulator for PC


Emulators are the best technology we could ever ask for and in this section I am going to talk about the best GBA emulator for PC. Of course, there are a plenty of them but for a longer run, it is important to find out the best out of many.

10 Best GBA Emulator for PC

So, this section will help you to figure out about the best emulators through which you can easily play GBA games on PC. You don’t have to exactly buy the device and all thanks to technology that now on Windows, it is possible to play GBA games. Check out the list mentioned below and find out the best emulator according to your system.


Website: http://www.nogba.com/

NOGBAThe first one in this list of best GBA emulator for PC is NO$GBA known as No Cash GBA. It is a Nintendo DS/ DS Lite and GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows. This is not something ordinary type of emulator in this list but a really powerful tool which allows multiplayer GameBoy Advance gaming in your PC.

You can download it from its official site mentioned here and the process of installation is quite simple too. Most importantly it is a completely free to use emulator which makes it the most popular GBA emulator too.

It was developed by Martin Korth and released in 2002 and proved to be a very successful emulator to run commercially released games. This program works in a way that it makes your PC pretend to be a gaming console which further allows you to play DS games easily.

The last stable release of this program was in July, 2017 and the continuous development and updating process makes it a great desirable software for all the gamers around the world.

Compatible with: 

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2. Boycott Advance

Website: http://boycottadvance.emuunlim.org/

Boycott-AdvanceJust like the one I mentioned above, BoyCott Advance is also a completely free to use portable emulator for Nintendo GameBoy Advance handheld. It works perfectly fine as a GBA emulator for PC and works in such a way that it makes your PC behaves like a gaming console which further allows you to play your desired GBA games easily on your PC.

I personally think that Boycott Advance provides a great opportunity to play demos and wonderful games of GBA on your own computer without any additional hardware requirements.

I want to highlight some of the features of BoyCott Advance which makes it better than other best GBA emulator for PC listed out here. These features are minimum requirement of Pentium III 700 Mhz, full sound emulation, real BIOS support, built-in debugger, joystick support, fullscreen display, input recording and many more.

Download it today itself and start playing your favorite GBA games in your PC and that too for without even having to pay anything for it.

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3. RetroArch

Website: http://www.retroarch.com/

retroarchRetroArch is a very popular emulator which is being mentioned here in this list of best GBA emulator for PC. This is an open source, cross-platform software which provides you the opportunity to play all your favorite GameBoy Advance games on your PC.

In fact, RetroArch not only provides emulators but also game engines and media players too. The slick and smart interface of RetroArch makes it quite simple to perform your PC as a gaming console.

I found RetroArch smarter than other software available here. The basic features available through this software are shaders, rewinding, netplay, huge app library, polished interface with great game collection, cross-platform support, auto-configuration for Joypad, recording, and streaming of games and many more.

You would not even notice it but soon your PC will start behaving like a real GameBoy Advance console with all the features available and hence you would be able to play all the gamers here easily. Being an open source program makes it free to use too which is an additional advantage.

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4. Visual Boy Advance – M

Website: http://vba-m.com/

Visual Boy Advance is another great option that you can try out while finding best GBA emulator for PC. It was first released in the year 2004 and since then it has evolved a lot and there have been some huge changed made into it which makes it even better than before.

Apart from GameBoy Advance it supports many other consoles like Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy too.

Now, I want to highlight some of the features of Visual Boy Advance which is very important to be known in terms of compatibility and specifications. The features of VBA are JoyBus support, UPS patch support, multiple input options, KEGA fusion filter plugin support, ARM thumb optimization, OpenAL, XAudio support and many more.

In the recent update, they have completely transformed the software to make it better for the gamers and users around the world. You can play all the best Gameboy Advance games through this emulator even with multiplayer support too. However, the features may vary on the basis of system you are using.

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5. mGBA

Website: https://mgba.io/

The next very important and advanced option in this list of best GBA emulator for PC is mGBA. The software made its debut in 2013 and soon after it became an inseparable tool for the gamers around the world who wanted to use their PC for GameBoy Advance games.

What you are going to like about it that it runs on even lower-end hardware without even compromising with its performance and accuracy.

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Some of the features of mGBA that you should know are cheat code support, improved user interface, internal support available for various sensor games, link cable support, shaders and filters, key autofire, customizable paths, controller hotplugging, library view and many more.

The best part about this software which I personally liked a lot is that it is updated on a very regular basis. So, whenever you are thinking that you are facing some troubles with it then have some patience because they will soon fix it for you. And finally, the most important part is that it is absolutely free to use which means no exaggerating subscriptions and hassle.

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6. Higan GBA

Website: https://byuu.org/

I know being a gamer you would surely love to play best GBA games and your this dream can become true with the help of another GBA emulator which is Higan.

The primary goal of this emulator is accuracy and this is why it requires 16KiB BIOS ROM which is very important for low-level emulation. If your system doesn’t have it then Higan will not be able to work in it and would show a dialogue box where you need to download this first.

Higan utilizes game paks and through these it loads all the games of Gameboy Advance in it. In fact, Higan stands on the top when it comes to providing accuracy for the emulation. It not only works as GBA emulator but supports other platforms emulations too.

However, the only thing which might irk you a bit about Higan is that its interface is not that simple or straightforward whereas it is not the case with other best GBA emulator for PC mentioned here. Still, I think that it can be a nice choice as it is free and maintains the quality of gaming as your system too.

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7. Dream GBA

Website: www.emulator-zone.com/

Dream GBA emulator is the product by DreamGBC and it is basically a command line application which can only be kick-started with the help of a loader application. Well, to be true, Dream GBA is kind of a lightweight emulator only so do not expect any sort of highly advanced features in it.

One more thing which is kind of irritating about this software is that it only runs on original Gameboy Advance BIOS so this is kind of make it a bit complicated to run it without this BIOS.

The things is that if you are looking for a simple GBA to play some basic games of Gameboy Advance only then I would recommend you to opt for this emulator otherwise you have lots of other options available in this list too.

Well one thing which it shares in common with others is that it is also included in the list of best GBA emulator for PC which are totally free to access.

Compatible with: 

8. Bat GBA

Website: https://batgba.zophar.net/

Bat GBA made its debut in May, 2002 and the last update made into it was back in July, 2002 and from that it is running on the same technology. Well, maybe it is kind of boring but still very useful when it comes counting best GBA emulator for PC.

This is a free to use software but the thing which is going to bother you is that you need valid Bios file to run this in your system otherwise it won’t work.

You can consider this GBA emulator to be just like the earlier one I mentioned here which is Dream GBA and it is also a lightweight program. Thankfully, it allows you to play all commercial as well as non-commercial GBA ROMs through it on your PC.

What you are going to love about it is that it has clean interface, no too much drama and good accuracy which is all you need in the perfect GBA emulator.

Compatible with: 

9. BGB Emulator

Website: http://bgb.bircd.org

Well, many people leave it thinking that it only support Gameboy and not Gameboy Advance but let me tell you it support both along with Gameboy Color too. To be true, it is simple emulator plus debugger providing great accuracy in emulation.

The factor of accuracy made it included in this list of best GBA emulator for PC. I am sure it will give you the best gaming experience eve.

Some of the features of BGB that you should know are gamepad support, high graphics, great sound, smooth Vsync animation, low latency, multiplayer support, fast, runs on almost all ROMs, save state, load from Zip and GZip files and many more.

There are so many technical advancements which you get along with BGB which are usually missing from other emulators in this list which makes it a true winner of this list. And last but not the least, it is absolutely free to use.

Compatible with: 

10. TGB Dual

Website: https://digiex.net/

The last one in this list of best GBA emulator for PC is TGB Dual. It is called TGB Dual because it is not only a type of GBA emulator but also GB Color emulator too. It supports in loading two different ROMs at the same time and hence largely used by gamers.

The advantage of running two ROMs concurrently means that you can play two different games at the same time in this emulator.

Well, you rarely come across such facility and that too under a software which is completely free to use. Released in 2007, the software has improved a lot since then. In fact, it allows two PCs running TGB Dual to link with each other using further VPN service. I guess this is the coolest GBA emulator in this list.

Compatible with: 


There are a variety of GBA emulator software available right now and some of them are quite impressive too. This list of best GBA emulator for PC might help you in deciding that which one is highly compatible for your system and what functions and features does it offer.

If you are a hardcore love of gaming and was planning to play Nintendo GBA games on your PC then I am really sure that these options of emulator would totally help you out in it. Before downloading these emulators, don’t forget to check out the system requirements and features of them.

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