10 Hardest Programming Language


If you are a former or present Computer Science student then this section of hardest programming language is going to evolve the computer freak out of you. Being a person who codes, the biggest nightmare is to see your code not being run. I mean this is like more than a break up to them.

To give more such nightmares to them, I have comprised a list of the hardest programming language to learn ever. This is going to be so much fun seeing the programming Nazis attempting to run their code successfully in these languages. You can take a look at this list right below.

10 Hardest Programming Language

Note: The list is arranged on the basis of level of difficulty from most difficult to the easier ones.

1). C++

Website: http://isocpp.org/

The first one and probably the hardest programming language is C++. This is even harder than it’s predecessor C language. Even I tried to learn it once under my college syllabus and failed miserably. Thanks to god that it was not my core or I would have been in college yet.

It first came into existence in 1983 and since then giving sleepless nights to the programming students. C++ is usually called as object oriented and imperative language.

This language was introduced from the point of view of causing less manipulations in the low-level memory. The biggest application that C++ found was in designing of e-commerce platforms, web searches, and SQL servers. Over the year the language witnessed various implementations and its last stable release was just 2 years ago.

There is no doubt in the fact that C++ is the hardest programming language ever. There are various files extensions of this language along with a strict layout of the language which must be followed in order to successfully run the codes. There are various aspects of this language which you will get to know once you will start using it.

2). Scala

Website: http://www.scala-lang.org/

First came into existence in 2004, Scala is a type of general purpose programming language. The language is most preferred for static type of systems for functional programming, Scala utilizes Java Bytecode along with it so that it can be run over Java virtual machine.

Being a mixture of own concepts along with Java, the complexity level is high, and hence it is remarked as the hardest programming language.

Scala has only two file extensions and can be called as object oriented language just like C++. In fact, the syntax of both the languages also quite resembling. The most prominent terms associated with Scala are type interference, lazy evaluation, pattern matching etc.

All these facts are enough to make Scala the hardest programming language ever. You can be related Scala with Java a lot except with the fact that there are some of the features like operator overloading, named parameters, raw strings are only present in Scala and not in Java.

Scala is depicted as Scalable Language and hence acquired such a name. The language is perfect for those users who demand it to grow with their need.

3). Swift

Website: https://swift.org/

Don’t take its name that seriously because it is no swift to learn it. Swift is a language which will remind you of various other programming languages together as it is an unofficial mixture of them or I would say inspired by them. Swift made its debut in 2014 only and the last stable release was just 4 months ago.

This is also an object oriented language like the other hardest programming language listed above. You would also get to see the hint of block structuring and multi-paradigm in it.

You can imagine the complexities involved in this language just by the idea that it is developed by our very own Apple. There is only one file extension and various features associated with this single language. As it is developed by Apple, then it is not hard to guess that it serves for the same systems.

You can call Swift to be an excellent alternative to basic C and C++ languages. It utilizes the concept of modern programming and makes the process more user-friendly as compared to the former languages.

4). Haskell

Website: https://www.haskell.org/

Haskell made its debut in the year 1990, and the last stable release came in 2010. Haskell is not a type of object oriented or some syntax abiding language. In fact, it is quite nonstrict and modular enough to be changed according to the need of the user.

Despite being a different entrant in this list, Haskell is still complex enough to be called hardest programming language. The fact that Haskell is a general purpose and less discipline language hears great to your ears. But still, it has strong and static typing.

Where most of the programming languages utilize the concept of syntax in their coding, Haskell utilizes type system and semantics to generate an executable code. The major applications of Haskell is seen in industry and academia and its biggest implementation is Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

So, now you know that when anyone asks you, what is the hardest programming language? You have these examples to show them. But there is more to this list which has been mentioned below.

5). JavaScript

Website: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript

JavaScript, often known as JS, is a type of object oriented, high-level programming language which was developed in 1995 with the combined approach of Netscape, Mozilla and Ecma organizations. JavaScript is surely one of the hardest programming languages which are inspired by the combination of various languages like Java, C, and Python, etc.

JavaScript is very popular and everyone knows that it serves as one of the core pillars of World Wide Web content production along with HTML and CSS.

The basic use of JavaScript is to make the web pages more interactive and easy to operate and the same applies to video games too. In today’s world almost all the websites and browsers utilize this programming language as the built-in tool.

JavaScript serves both from the client side as well as server side and establishes a firm network. You might find various similarities between Java and JavaScript yet their designs are totally different. Being one of the hardest programming language, you will find it really tough to learn it. However, its increasing usage is continuously giving a rise to its popularity.

6). C

Website: www.cprogramming.com/

C is a type of procedural language which was launched in 1972. The level of complexities is lesser in this language as compared to C++. But, there is no doubt in this fact that C is one of the most popularly used and one of the hardest programming language worldwide.

In the timely intervals, C has been standardized by the American National Standards Institute hence ANSI C and International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

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C was intended with the purpose of providing low-level access to memory through the straightforward compiler. This is also a programming language which enables cross platform programming. In various institutions, usually, the learning of languages starts from this very language only.

C is a structured programming language whose executable code is divided into some subroutines which are usually called functions. Despite being one of the most used languages worldwide, there is no doubt in the fact that C is the hardest programming language to learn. Thankfully, C is static yet weakly enforced as compared to the other languages.

7). PHP

Website: https://php.net/

Another object oriented yet reflective programming language in this list is PHP. It has been 22 years since its first launch but that did not stop this language from being continuously developed. In fact, the last update in this language was done just some days ago.

You can witness PHP being inspired from other hardest programming language like C++, Java, Perl etc. However, PHP still sticks to be a server side scripting language only.

PHP also falls in the category of general purpose programming language and originally stood of Personal Home Page but now just known as the simple acronym only. PHP is basically way more diverse than any other hardest programming language mentioned here and this made it quite popular too.

PHP has various versions of PHP 3, 4, 5, 7 and PHP 7. PHP can be combined with different web content management systems for implementing better applications of it. This dynamic language is more suitable for operating systems like windows and Unix-like and can be processed by PHP interpreter.

8). Python

Website: https://www.python.org/

Python is a popular object oriented and procedural programming language which was first launched in 1991. This is a widely used high-level programming language, whose main motive is to focus on the concept of readability.

The syntax of Python is quite different than other types of hardest programming languages. In this way, users need to useless codes for the exact same program to be executed.

There have been numerous hardest programming languages ever but the continuous evolution of them made the process simpler. Python is the example of one such language which has enabled users to write clearer and easy to understand programs.

There are some features of Python which are really good like dynamic type, memory management, and multiple programming paradigms. Python is quite versatile and its proof is the fact that it has a huge standard library for the users.

This language is managed by Python Software Foundation and it allows the Python code to be run on various operating systems.

9). Go

Website: https://golang.org/

Go is a type of concurrent and structured programming language which was first launched in 2009. The great part about Go is that it is quite versatile and compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Mac, windows, DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD, etc.

This is often referred as Golang and an open source programming language which is completely free to use. This is a type of hardest programming language which you will find simpler as compared to other languages listed here. The major application of Go is found in Google’s production systems and in other firms.

Go is a type of hardest programming language whose basic foundation remains C yet, there are various changes done in it to improvise it and making it simpler. With continuous upgrades in it, Go has made it more readable and comprise of less syntax and strict layouts.

It is easier to understand Go programming language which is quite complex in other types of languages listed here.

10). Forth

Website: https://www.forth.com/forth/

The last mention here in this list of hardest programming language is about Forth. Forth is considered to be one of the simplest kind of programming languages and hence in this list of complex and hard languages, I listed it out on the last position.

Forth was launched in 1970 and it is a type of procedural and stack oriented language. The basic features of this language are structured programming and reflection.

What attracted people towards it is the fact that you can compile various sequences of commands in it and then save them for later execution. This is like customizing a language according to the use of the users. Forth does not involve the concept of Type Checking yet it is capable enough to add more formal approach to a system.

So, by now you must have understood that what is the hardest programming language? There is no doubt in this fact that Forth is simpler than other languages when compared but it is surely going to take you enough time to learn it properly.

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Sky is the limit when it comes to creating something through programming. There are limitless opportunities like apps, websites etc. It just needs a skilled programmer for everything. And looking at such hardest programming language, it really takes a long time to be the one.

But, as they say, nothing is impossible when you want to learn it from the heart. There are other simple and typical languages too which I could not mention here but that does not mean they are not significant enough. You can learn more about it when you will try them on your own.

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