Top 10 Games like RimWorld


RimWorld comes in the category of top-down construction and management simulation games. If you want to discover more games like RimWorld then you have come to exactly right place. The game is still in its development mode but some of the parts are available to play.

Top 10 Games like RimWorld

Well, you don’t need to get disappointed here because there are so many other construction based games available which are equally entertaining. Here is a list of all such construction simulation games which will help you to move over RimWorld at least for now.

1. Factorio


FactorioThe first game in this series of games like RimWorld is Factorio. This is a real-time strategy oriented game and surely contains the elements like action, survival and role-playing just like RimWorld. The game is available for both single player and multiple player modes.

Factorio is developed and published by Wube Software and made its debut in 2012. However, the game is available as an early access game from 2014.

What makes it included in the category of RimWorld like games is that it follows the story and gameplay of a character who is supposed to survive in abrupt conditions. In the gameplay, a spaceman crashes on alien planet and now he needs to construct, gather resources and harvest in order to survive.

The prime importance is given to work of constructing buildings and rocket manufacturing which clearly matches the theme of RimWorld which is construction. As the player seems to be improving with development, the level of the gaming increases gradually. I am sure you would love the additional survival element in it too.

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2. Dawrf Fortress


Dawrf-FortressDawrf Fortress is a really popular construction and strategy based game which can also be put in the category of games like RimWorld. This is basically a management simulation indie kind of game which firstly made its debut in 2006.

Well, unfortunately the game is a bit different from RimWorld in the perspective that it is only a single player game.

So, Dwarf Fortress’s gameplay is divided into three modes which are Fortress Mode, Adventure Mode and Legends Mode. The common goal of the player is to lead a team of dwarves to do random construction and management task in a world which is created by player only.

There are no clear objectives in this game which makes it an open-ended and sandbox kind of game. There are threats where player needs to fight and when the entire colony is swept by these threats the game gets over otherwise there are no factors of win or lose. For better utilization and fun, keep on switching between the game play modes.

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3. Planetbase


PlanetbaseThe theme of Factorio and Planetbase is quite similar as both are space simulation games. But the thing that makes it identical to the rest of the games like RimWorld is that it is also based on construction and management work solely.

Planebase released in the year 2015 and comes in the category of strategy and simulation games. However, it is only available to play in single-player mode.

Planetbase is developed and published by Madruga Works and based in the intergalactic and space environment mostly. What you have to do in Planetbase is to lead a group of space settlers as an architect and manager. You are supposed to colonize an isolated planet through this team and build various buildings and houses on it.

Planebase makes an interesting entry in the list of RimWorld alternatives games and there are so many customization options which is going to keep you entertained throughout. There are different planets depicting different levels of the game and you can only move to another when you are done with colonizing one planet.

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4. Banished


BanishedYou must have already played this game earlier as Banished is one of the most played and most popular city-building strategy game. It is developed and published by Shining Rock Software in the year 2014. The common elements of construction, building, management and strategy makes it one of the games like RimWorld.

The only thing which might irk you is the limit on its compatibility. Well, however for now you would have to stay happy with it only.

Talking about the gameplay then Banished is based on the concept of careful resource management. The player is supposed to guide some citizens of outcasts to grow and develop. The player needs to manage its resources (citizens) and command them specifically to get certain jobs done.

In return of this service by citizens, player needs to make sure that food and home is available for all. The idea is realistic and when old people die the player needs to add new ones like nomads or birth of new children. As a whole, the player must keep the system running.

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5. SimCity BuildIt


SimCity-BuildItSimCity BuildIt is not some sort of conventional games like RimWorld and it is available on in form of mobile apps. This is a construction based simulation game which is developed by Electronic Arts which means our favorite EA.

It follows a top-down perspective and as a player you are supposed to play the character of the Mayor of a metropolis area which you need to develop through construction and management.

Starting from just scratch, you are supposed to build great things like skyscrapers, bridges, factories and guide your citizens for it. You also need to take care of things like trade, chat, happiness and food for citizens of your city.

This basically comes in the category of free games like RimWorld but there are some in-app purchases available too. The game is a multiplayer one so you can compete with various players in real time and in return of win you get rewards and interesting surprises. This game is total lit and there is no way you will feel bored even for a second.

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6. Stellaris


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StellarisAmongst all the games like RimWorld in this list, Stellaris is the grandest of them all. This is a 4X strategy video game which is developed and published by Paradox Studio in the year 2016. You can see the similarity of its gameplay with that of Planetbase and Factorio.

It is based on the space exploration and finding new ways to establish an empire of your own with the elements of real-time strategy making.

The plot is based in the beginning of year 2200 where the technology of traveling faster than light has been introduced. With this spacecraft with FTL technology, player needs to control some species and focus on science, exploration and of course construction.

At times there will be moments where player needs to make a choice which reflects further in the storyline of this game. Apart from construction other elements are combat and strategy making. The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

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7. Starbound


StarboundStarbound is the next one in the list of games like RimWorld which is a type of action adventure game. It is developed and published by Chucklefish in the year 2016. The game is slightly different from RimWorld as the major focus lays on exploration and weapon obtaining rather than construction.

The plot of this game is based in a two-dimensional universe which is set after the destruction of Earth. In the early scenes, the player is shown in a spacecraft.

The player’s spacecraft loses its direction and starts hurtling across the universe. The player now needs to explore the universe and focus on things like fighting enemies, completing missions and quests, interacting with other lifeforms, building, construction, charging rent and many more.

The major focus remains on exploration because it is the main foundation for the player to complete missions and lead to another quest.

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8. Civilization VI


Civilization-VICivilization VI is a turn-based strategy game which is developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2016. The game takes forward the series of Civilization game further and introduces new tactics with similar plot and proceeds in the forward path.

The game follows the same goal like the earlier installments which is to take forward the civilization and ultimately become a world power.

The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes but remains turn-based where you need to compete against the AI. What makes it similar to the rest of the games like RimWorld is that its major focus lay on development and construction work.

Player needs to find cities and then develop them in order to expand their empires. You can also build military units and forces to attack on other players or AI to abduct their kingdom. You are going to see great similarities between this version and earlier version of the series. However, the fun and strategy remains the same.

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9. Prison Architect


Prison-ArchitectWhat I really liked about Prison Architect is the fact that it is available for mostly all the common platforms which makes it included in the category of games like RimWorld for android. It is developed and published by Introversion Software along with Paradox Interactive in the year 2015.

The main theme of Prison Architect remains to be construction and management simulation and it can be played only in single player mode.

Just like most of the games like RimWorld here, it also follows the concept of top-down perspective. The player needs to take control of the work of construction and running a prison. The tasks include building cells, providing facilities, connecting utilities, hiring warden, workers and many more.

So, you see strategy also plays an important role here too. To unlock more aspects of the game, player can hire as much of staff as he wants. There are sandbox based themes and the players play the role of both architect as well as governor here.

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10. Towns


The last one on this list of games like RimWorld is Towns game. This is a simulation based game developed by three developers together called SMP. The game firstly released worldwide in 2012. You can see the influence of various games on it like Diablo, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress.

Towns is not free to use and you would have to buy it first from the official site or Steam. The perspective remains to be top-down and focus remains on city building element.

Because of the isometric view, the player can construct something high in the air or even deep in the land. The player can choose from various biomes at the start like Grass, Desert etc. The player needs to lead 11 villagers and gather resources to construct various rooms for different tasks like carpentering, smith work, masonry etc.

However, the game is under no new development these days but still worth giving a try as it is quite entertaining.

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The list goes on but I tried to pick only the best ones and most importantly free to play games for you. They are given with their compatibility so that you can make out which platforms to play these games on. However, some of the games mentioned here might be supported on Steam too so that you can play them directly on it.

These games like RimWorld are a complete package and you can play most of them without even having to download. If you are still facing the issues with playing them then you should better check out the specification of your system and then act accordingly.

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