10 Best Games like Cookie Clicker


Cookie Clicker is a type of incremental game which has no particular object in it but surely lots of fun. If you are someone who is interested in playing such games like Cookie Clicker which increases their pace with the level increment and progress of the users then I can help you out in it.

10 Best Games like Cookie Clicker

Amongst the hustle bustle of action and adventure games there are only few ones who prefer such Cookie Clicker games alternatives. But if you are one of those few people then you would love to check out this list given below. Most of these are browser based games only so that all people can play them.

1. Bitcoin Billionaire

Website: www.noodlecake.com/

Bitcoin BillionaireAn idle clicking game is something you ever need to pass your free time and get rid of boredom. So, if you are someone looking for more games like Cookie Clicker based on the theme of incremental game and idle-clicking concept then Bitcoin Billionaire is a game you should look for.

In the recent times, Bitcoin is the hottest topic as everyone knows and this game is about the same where you can build a massive fortune through bitcoins.

As the game is incremental so as a player you are going to start with nothing in your hands like old office, withered desk etc. You need to keep on tapping on the screen in order to mine bitcoins which is going to result in increasing your wealth.

You can use various in-game features to upgrade your current condition like digital dough for furniture, entertainment centers, money investments etc. The game is quite addictive and as it is free to play people enjoy it too. There are some in-game purchases which can be used for upgrades.

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2. Clicker Heroes

Website: https://www.clickerheroes.com/

Clicker HeroesClicker Heroes is the next pick for the category of games like Cookie Clicker. This is a free to play idle game developed and published by Playsaurus and released in 2014. Interestingly, it is one of those few clicking games which are up on so many different platforms.

Clickers Heroes is a spin-off of the game called Cloudstone and this is based on a freemium model too. This derives that through the micro-transactions you can purchase the in-game currency which are later on used for upgrades.

Now, talking about the gameplay then the player is supposed to click on the enemies the moment they appear on the screen. They need to firstly damage them and eventually kill them. Each time you kill an enemy you need to collect the gold dropped by it which can be used for upgrades and purchase in the game.

There are various other alternative Cookie Clicker games which works on the same freemium model and it also adds versatility in the game too.

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3. Adventure Capitalist

Website: https://www.hyperhippo.ca/

Adventure CapitalistDo not consider the serious name of this game too much because this free to play game is quite fun instead. Adventure Capitalist is a type of incremental game developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and released in 2014.

As the name says a lot of things, player needs to play the role of a Capitalist who proceeds in the game making financial decisions which are no less than an adventure.

Of course, the idle-clicking elements is also incorporated here just like the rest of the games like Cookie Clicker. Starting with just a lemonade stand, player needs to keep on tapping in order to generate more and more revenue so that he can buy more things.

There are three areas which are Earth, Moon and Mars to keep the visuals interesting and the game also become versatile too. Once you reach a certain level of success in the game, you can hire managers and the game can be shifted to offline mode too.

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4. War Clicks

Website: https://warclicks.com/

War ClicksNow, finally there is an option in the list of games like Cookie Clicker which is amazing enough to have superb story line and well-directed aim. The game is based on the incremental concept which solely and fully relies on how fast and how effectively you can click.

The main objective of this game is to become the best soldiers amongst all and you have a great competition so this deal is going to be really a tough one.

As the game starts, the player starts from zero which means he has nothing and boot camps are shown. You need to head to the war zone where you need to kill the enemies by continuously clicking on them and the entire war is time-limited which adds further to the difficulty.

Although a free to play game, War Clicks still involve in-game purchase like the rest of the Cookie Clicker like games. You can join other players and form an entire team where you have several advantages. This fun game is surely worth a try.

Compatible with: Browser

5. The Monolith

Download App: Android 

The MonolithThe Monolith is a very popular android based game which is way better than thousands of other boring clicking games. Based on the theme of army and battles, The Monolith forms a story around the player which gives a much realistic feel than most of other games like Cookie Clicker enlisted here.

The aim of player in this game is to tap as much as he can in order to become the best and fiercest tap titans of the gaming world.

This free to play game has RPG elements which makes it more fun and interesting. You can build your own army and make strategies too in order to win over the enemies. There are in-game purchases which can be done by microtransactions.

These purchases are regarding buying weapons, forming an army and purchasing other upgrades in the game.

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6. Candy Clicker Pro

Website: http://candyclicker.com/

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Candy Clicker ProIn the quest of Cookie Clicker games alternatives, I have come across this amazing game called Candy Clicker Pro. Quite similar in the approach and concept, this one is also an incremental game based on the theme of idle-clicking.

As the game uses Unity Engine so you cannot play it Google Chrome browser and it works on the rest of the browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

You are supposed to play the role of a candy magnate and your only aim is to build an empire which is entirely made up of candies. There are no particular objectives and this open-ended concept is perfect when you are getting extremely bored.

To add some versatility, they people have put side-roles like workers, shippers etc. The game is free to play but there are some optional purchases required to make the game upgraded and smoother. However, unlike other games like Cookie Clicker, Candy Clicker Pro might cause your system to slow down after so many upgrades so you need to be a bit of considerate about it.

Compatible with: Browser

7. Candy Box

Website: https://candybox2.wordpress.com/

Candy Box was released in 2013 and it is a combination of various forms of gaming like text-based gaming, RPG and of course incremental and idle-clicking too. It is developed by Aniwey and can be played in single player mode only.

This is another pick for incremental browser based games like Cookie Clicker and as the name says, the story of this game revolves around candies and candies only.

The player starts with nothing and then by clicking, player starts receiving candies one per second. The player can use these candies to purchase things in the game. There are other quests and monster killing elements too in the game.

The game is fun but as it is a text based game, it surely lacks that visual graphics which makes a game more interesting and fun to be played. However, the game is still one of the most popular incremental games of all time and also has a sequel too.

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8. CivCrafter

Website: https://naquatic.com/

CivCrafterIf you have played games like Civilization which involves setting up an entire gaming world on your own choices then you can related to CivCrafter easily. I really loved the concept of this game the most amongst all the other alternative Cookie Clicker games.

You need to craft an entire world and civilization just by using a single finger. This means you need to continuously click and tap in order to proceed in the game.

You need to kill the enemies too in order to save your world from them. You can do this by continuously tapping on them. Other important aspects of this game are gathering resources and building an entire army which can fight on your behalf.

The game is fun and most importantly it is free to play too. It follows the concept of freemium just the way other games like Cookie Clicker too but the in-game purchases are totally optional. I would strongly recommend this game to the people who want a better visual effect in such incremental games because CivCraft seems to make perfect example of such games.

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9. Cow Clicker

Website: https://cowclicker.com/

CivCrafterIf you are someone who loves to play Facebook games then you must have been acknowledged with Cow Clicker game for sure. This is an idle-clicking social networking game available on Facebook and it was released in 2010.

The game has single player and multiplayers modes. Let me already tell you that you would have to keep your patience high while playing this game.

You need to earn clicks by clicking on a sprite of cows in every six hours. You can also include your friend’s cows in your flock too which earns you more and more clicks. The online concept allows you to play with thousands of players in the real time process. I think they have done a great job by mixing gaming with social networking.

Being a unique pick under the category of games like Cookie Clicker, Cow Clicker also allows the use of in-game currency called “mooney” for some purchases and upgrades in the game. There are not much variations but the game is surely good enough to kill your boredom.

Compatible with: Facebook

10. Flappy Bird

Website: http://flappybird.io/

Flappy BirdFlappy Bird is more sort of an arcade type game running in side-scrolling perspective. This clicking game needs kind of a control on your actions as well as patience to apply strategy. It is developed and published by DotGears and released in 2013.

In the list of Cookie Clicker like games, this one is the final choice that I made. The player controls a bird protagonist and by continuously clicking, player needs to control this bird in order to save it from the pillars coming.

The player needs to make sure that the bird does not get collided with any of the pillars otherwise the game is going to end right there only. Apart from being playable on its official website, you can also play it for free on the iOS and Android apps too.

A perfect game with not so much variation which makes great option under the list of games like Cookie Clicker. The 2D retro style graphics is going to remind you of games like Mario and I am sure you would love operating this bird called Faby.

Compatible with:   Browser

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Amongst all these games like Cookie Clicker which I have mentioned here some of them are available in form of apps only. Apart from all these options which I have mentioned here there are like thousands of other games available based on the similar concept of clicking and multiplying assets that you have.

At a times when these games turn boring, they come up with inside quests and side missions to keep up with the pace. Make sure that you entirely go through the complete analysis and process of the game so that you can enjoy it completely.

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