Top 10 Sites like Pinterest


Want to put your creative self forward or need ideas on something? Well, sites like Pinterest have always been there for you.

Seriously, I too am relying on Pinterest from a long time to browse some great ideas on different topics and occasions and I could not be more satisfied.

Top 10 Sites like Pinterest

To help you over the same, I have listed some great websites like Pinterest for you in this section. They are free, they are great and most importantly, they are exactly what you want as a helping hand for yourself.

I think you can actually do something really exceptional with the ordinary stuff through the ideas of these sites.

1. We Heart It


WeHeartItWe are starting this list from one of the very popular Sites like Pinterest named We Heart It. The name of the website showcases its process in which you just need to heart mark the things you like on it. A big thumbs up from my side for joining this website for some really trending and creative ideas over everything.

This image based social network was started in 2008 and it is the best “go to” destination for all those people looking for some fresh and vibrant ideas.

Just like Pinterest you are going to find the image-wise solutions for all your queries. In fact, there are some different types of categories to help you out for even the smallest details. You just need to simply join this site to browse it more efficiently.

There is a search bar just like the rest of the sites like Pinterest to provide you the fresh content on the relevant topics. The site keeps on updating so you can heart mark whatever you like to browse it later on. Now, get your quirky self, grow with this site.

2. HomeTalk


HometalkThis is the time to talk about the largest platform for some really outstanding ideas. If you wish to try out some DIY ideas then HomeTalk is just the perfect site for it. Basically, all the ideas belongs to Home Décor or other décor items and that’s why the name HomeTalk.

Apart from the images here, you are going to witness a lot of short DIY videos here. These quick videos give you some outstanding ideas to create amazing out of nothing.

Be it life hacks or some other stuff, HomeTalk has got your back on it. HomeTalk is one of the most useful sites like Pinterest which is also trending a lot. According to the site, they are the world’s largest DIY community right now.

HomeTalk was launched in 2011 and right now emerging as one of the finest websites like Pinterest in this list. They have a super large community of about 12 million members and still growing endlessly.

You need to do nothing but sign up on this site to browse all the amazing videos about life hacks out here.

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3. Food Gawker


FoodgawkerFood Gawker is a part of huge Gawkerverse that I am listing here. The other subsidiaries that you can find in this context are craft gawker, style gawker, wedding gawker etc. This means the platform is way beyond then your imagination.

Food Gawker is amongst one of the most interesting kinds of sites like Pinterest which helps those people who have a special love for food items.

This is the time to move over other sites which offer great food ideas because Food Gawker is an amalgam of all great sites altogether. There are so many categories of food available on this site so that you can finally decide what you actually want to see.

The prime categories are salads, starters, vegetables, pork, fruit, bread, eggs etc. Which means you are now dealing with a site which is very organized and sorted out as compared to the other sites like Pinterest.

You can find out the best posts on the basis of the comments and likes on them. This will help you in saving time and finding out the best for you.

4. Dribbble


Dribbble is a site which is completely dedicated for the people who has a love for designing different items. This site is not only about exploring and finding stuff but also about telling and sharing your own story and designs to the rest of the world too.

If you are someone who wants best of the designs and guidance just by sitting at home then Dribbble is a place which can totally help you for this.

You can connect to the top designers through this site and consult them in various areas. Like other Pinterest alternatives, it has various options and mediums to interact with the best of the stuff available on the site like blogs, designers, meetups etc.

You can find various designers here like graphics designers, web designers, artists, illustrators, logo designers, icon artists etc. This makes the site as versatile and vivid as other sites like Pinterest are.

In fact, since its debut in 2009, Dribbble is running a small platform called Tiny along with it. This platform provides support to small artists to project their skills. I think Dribbble makes a perfect option for the people looking for fantastic ideas and designs.

5. Piccsy


Next one in the list is Piccsy. This site is another example of something really extraordinary as well as eye-catching too. You will find this site very much like Pinterest, in fact, calling them clones would not be wrong at all. This makes it fall into the category of sites like Pinterest perfectly.

There is no specific theme of motto of this site and it works perfectly for all kind of categories. In fact, it features about hundreds of categories on its site.

Some of the categories on this site are art, sculpture, food, music, quotes, fashion, photography, entertainment, weddings etc. You will find the content as rich as Pinterest itself. When it comes to layouts, they are really adorable and attractive as everything has a wide gallery here.

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There are also some of the filters you are getting here which is rare in other sites like Pinterest. You can sort out the posts on the basis of time and tags too. So, that means, finally all your ideas inspiration is going to be really sorted and organized now.

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6. Trippy


After seeing an amalgam and mixture of various categories altogether in Piccsy, this is the time to move towards something specific. One such example of sites like Pinterest is Trippy. Unlike other sites it focuses on a rare category which is travelling.

This website is just perfect for all the travelling lovers out there. Many a times we have so many questions to ask about a place or a trip but getting an accurate guidance over it is something rare.

But, Trippy is one of those Pinterest alternatives, which is totally different from others. If you have any queries about any place in any country, just choose your location and pop up whatever questions you want.

To find the accurate answers, go for the highly like answers as they are the most reliable ones. Finally, now you have a platform which can give you endless ideas on your next road trip, vacations, short trip, journey and holidays.

The best part about the site is its reliability and authenticity. Any person giving false information or ridiculous behavior is immediately blocked on this site.

7. Houzz


Another interesting and somewhat different from the rest of the sites like Pinterest is Houzz. Where some sites are a mixture of different ideas and some works in a specific area, Houzz is a site which gives you amazing ideas on architecture and home décor.

In fact, this is a place on which you can completely rely while you are going for a complete home renovation or improvement. And why only home, the site is perfect for whatever place you want to renovate.

Houzz is a USA based website started in 2009 and operates in various countries too. This wonderful site also allows you to shop from it. This means along with getting some great ideas for home refurbishing, now you are allowed to buy those ideas too.

This site is like a dream come true for many people and probably the best option in the list of sites like Pinterest. There are various categories on this site like kitchen and dining, furniture, décor, bath, outdoor, bedroom etc. I am sure you would love the commendable support and user interface of the site for sure.

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8. Indulgy


Indulgy is a lesser known yet one of the greatest options that you are gonna find in this list of sites like Pinterest. Apart from browsing the famous posts on this site, you can also shop from this site as well. This means it is a two way fun for you.

You can create an account here and start posting pictures. Each of them will be automatically categorize in their specific categories.

In this way, you are now left with hundreds of different criteria to browse from. There is a search bar which allows you to directly search for whichever stuff you want. This simple site creates no mess for the users on it and runs smoothly and in a really simple way too.

There are various categories and tags on this site like wedding, illustrations, art, favorites, cooking etc. You are gonna find some wonderful posts and endless pictures in each of the categories. You just need to simply click on them and browse them.

9. Gentlemint


Now, finally, there is a site which specifically works for man only. When you will browse Pinterest, you will find most of the ideas and picture more favorable for the girls. But now, there is finally an option for all the guys out there.

Gentlemint is one unique addition in the list of the sites like Pinterest. Where every site has their special working criteria, Gentlemint’s specialization is man only.

And the best part is that despite for being for the only man, the site is really versatile and full in content. You can categorize the post in the categories like popular, newest, reserve, parlor etc. You can join the site for better features and complete information.

There are various features of such sites like Pinterest like food, cars, fitness, architecture, culture etc. The site first launched in 2011 and in so less time it has reached the top of popularity and that too specifically for men. If you are a guy searching for some good stuff then Gentlemint’s “Manly” editorial would be loved by you.

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10. Fancy


The last one in this section of sites like Pinterest is Fancy. Fancy is indeed luxurious and extravagant in every term. The ideas, designs and everything else on the site is really unique and really extra ordinary. This site is perfect for those people who want to try out something really innovative and different.

Fancy is for everyone, from kids to men and women, you are going to find various stuff and ideas for each and every one on this site.

There are various categories on this site like gadget, men, women, kids, art, pets etc. Whatever will be trending on this site will appear to you in its trending section. This lets you know that what is worth browsing and saves a lot of your time too.

Fancy is a huge global community to browse various ideas and products on a single platform.

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I am really sure that be it a special occasion, birthday, science project, designing or anything else, you are surely gonna rely on these Pinterest alternatives from now on. And there is no reason that you can say ‘No’ to them.

These Pinterest like Sites are the perfect virtual guide for any information that you want on whichever topic you want. I am like one hundred perfect sure that now you will even move over Pinterest and prefer these sites rather.

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