10 Best Sites like Udemy


The world and education system has progressed a lot in the past recent years. Ditching the conventional, sites like Udemy are proving to be a great source of taking up online learning courses which are quite beneficial for multiple streams.

10 Best Sites like Udemy

From technical to academic, you can take up any kind of online courses available on this site and offer your courses to the people too. In fact, a certification after completion is also issues. Here are some amazing learning sites like Udemy which might differ over method but they all provides great scope of learning to people.

1. Lynda

Website: https://www.lynda.com/

LyndaAn American Online educational company, Lynda.com is one of the most preferred Udemy alternatives in the world. They set up this platform in 1995 and today with continuous and smart approach towards education they have established themselves as the topmost online education library.

This site is owned and run by Microsoft so you can imagine the authenticity and reliability of the courses offered by them.

There are two versions of the site free and premium. There are two paid services, Basic for $19.99 and Premium services for $29.99 with extended features and services. Lynda.com provides more than 6,000 courses in various streams like software development, designing, photography, business, web development etc.

From mainstream to intellectual they have all sorts of courses offered on their platform with amazing learning techniques and affordable prices too. Apart from PC you can use this service on the go too. This is the most versatile option in the list of sites like Udemy and it is also the largest competitor of Udemy too.

2. Coursera

Website: https://www.coursera.org/

CourseraCoursera comes under the topmost educational websites which provide a platform to pursue various courses just by sitting at your home. The open environment of such sites like Udemy can be considered a short-term crash course which are available for various streams.

Coursera was launched in 2012 and within 5 years it included itself under the top 1000 sites browsed around the world.

You can find number of courses on Coursera related to fields like Engineering, business, biology, technology, humanity, digital marketing, science etc. The courses are enlisted along with their price, details and duration and if you are interested then you can purchase them online.

At the end of the course completion, they provide you certificates too which can be a great future reference for jobs and professional places. Coursera offers more than 2,000 courses in various streams and it is attended by more than 28 million users till date.

The approximate duration of courses are usually four to ten weeks which are provided through video classes each day. With continuous approach like quizzes, exercise the experience is just like attending college classes on much lower cost.

3. Udacity

Website: https://udacity.com/

UdacityThere are very few people who knows that these sites like Udemy are also called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and the next one to join this category is Udacity. They people started this platform more as a university styled but now they provide better and more intellectual courses to students out here.

Launched in 2011, this site has more than 1 million users in the current scenario where they can get access to numerous courses related to streams like android, AI, machine learning, virtual reality etc.

The platform mainly focuses only technology related courses only and therefore people interested in such courses should check out this site for sure. All the courses are divided into three levels called beginner, intermediate and advanced to make sure things go smoothly.

In fact, there are some free courses available on this site as well. Earlier they used to provide certifications too but now students need to give one final exam in order to get the certificate which is for additional $89. Tech Savy people should definitely check out this site ASAP.

4. Bloc

Website: https://www.bloc.io/

With various similar sites like Udemy being available around the corner, it is so important that you pick the right one to pursue the desired and right course for you. Talking about Bloc, then it is a super interactive and smart online educational platform which was launched in 2012.

As Udacity was mainly focused on tech-related stuff, Bloc offers it courses in coding department only like web development, designing and mobile development.

This site is also called the code school because be it a beginner level or an advanced one, they provide wonderful courses and classes for coding geeks. Bloc might be available on smaller scale than most of the sites like Udemy enlisted here but the support provided by its experts through Skype is something which is rarely seen in other online educational platforms.

There are total 5 types of coding courses which are divided into 2 phases and all the courses costs you $5000. Bloc also connects their experts and students on a final project towards the ending of the course which makes the learning process even more realistic and fun too.

5. Alison

Website: https://alison.com

Advanced Learning Interactive System Online or ALISON is another type of Massive Online Open Courses enlisted here in the category of sites like Udemy. It was launched in 2007 and it works more sort of an e-learning provider and online academy for various students around the globe.

This platform provides such course which can help people improve their workplace skills. With the interactive model and smart courses, the site instantly gained great popularity.

There are number of categories available on Alison like math, marketing, health, science, business, humanity etc. You can explore their categories and sub-categories and you need to set up a free account before you proceed further on it. The site offers more than 1,000 courses and interestingly they all are free to access.

You need to take a final test for each course where you need to score more than 80% to get passed after which an online certificate is issued to you. With this simple approach they have improved millions of people’s skills.

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6. Skillshare

Website: https://www.skillshare.com/

With continuous growing graph of learning sites like Udemy, there have been various other similar projects launched too and one of them is Skillshare. Apart from the free plan, you can get access to the premium plan too for around $6 per month which is going to provide access to 18,000 classes.

This online learning platform is quite different as it works on subscription basis and it is not only for the people who wants to learn but also for the people who wants to teach.

With the increasing interest towards sites like Udemy, Skillshare has distinguished itself because of more interaction and creative process of learning. There are number of course offered on this platform like art, design, technology, lifestyle, creativity and many more.

I found the platform more suitable for creative people rather than techies and geeks. These courses are the professional ones which can help you in finding jobs too. With the trust of more than 3 million people in it, Skillshare is launching great courses everyday which are quite interesting and fun to take.

7. Khan Academy

Website: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization which was launched in 2006. This e-learning service is more like a learning tool for the people to brush up their skills in a better way which also reflects positively on their professional growth too.

Being a type of MOOCs, Khan Academy makes an excellent option for the category of educational sites like Udemy and interestingly it is a completely free platform too.

In fact, the site is quite simple and great for people. You can join it as a learner and as a teacher too which means it is beneficial for both the parties. The learning process is carried out in the form of online lectures and exercises and learning material is also provided.

Although less creative and intellectual in their approach, Khan Academy is still quite popular because of the variety of courses they offer like math, computing, science, economics, business etc. along with their sub-categories too. You can also access this platform in the form of mobile applications too which is considerably great especially when you are on the go.

8. Tutsplus

Website: https://tutsplus.com/

Tutsplus is a very smart and different kind of Udemy alternative in this list whose approach is more simplified and they also understands the need of a learner too. With their varied learning system, they are the most amazing MOOCs I have come across.

Launched in 2007, this digital education platform is owned by Envato Company. Apart from offering direct courses, they also offer How To Tutorials to people too which are quite easy to understand.

The site offers a number of tutorials and courses over different subjects like coding, web designing, designs and illustrations, music, business, 3D and motion graphics and many more. There are over 25,000 tutorials available on this website and you need to opt for monthly subscription of $29/ month to access them.

Unfortunately, there are no free plans so you would have to go for the subscription plan only. You can access over 1000 courses through subscription and tutorial videos are available for free. The mixed plans are beneficial and offer great choice to people which are not to be seen in other sites like Udemy.

9. EdX

Website: https://www.edx.org/

edX is the next mention in the list of sites like Udemy which was launched in 2012. The site also gets featured under the top most online learning and educational platforms and with more than 10 million users in their kitty, they are gaining more popularity with passing time.

This is a type of non-profit and open source organization which means you have the opportunity to avail all sorts of programs and courses on edX for absolutely free.

This is a collaboration approach of MIT and Harvard University together which is another reason that you should definitely try it out. The popular courses available on edX are engineering, humanity, language, biology, computer science and many more.

The programs are run on weekly basis which are comprised of online lectures which also includes interactive exercises too. edX uses a smart and innovative formula of including open discussions and online textbook elements in their learning approach which makes the students more comfortable with their process.

I personally think that the site has great potential to change the current norms of education system.

10. Pluralsight

Website: https://www.pluralsight.com/

With multiple similar sites like Udemy available out there, the final one to join this list is Plural Sight. This site is especially designed to provide all sorts of IT related smart course and with this approach they have put there best feet forward towards the ongoing demand of the IT world.

The site was launched in 2004 and currently running on the subscription based model. After 10 day of free trial you would have to opt for the $29 per month fee or $299 per year subscription plan.

As I earlier said, the site focuses on IT related courses only and some of the examples are web development, Python, Java, mobile development, data and creative professionals, business etc. For more detailed categorization you would have to visit the site first.

Courses are available on hourly basis and varies from few hours to 40 hours which are divided in weekly plans. Once a course is completed you get digital certification too. These courses are accompanied with smart practice sessions and exercise which makes Plural sight a smart move and obviously one of the best sites like Udemy in the category of MOOCs.

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With the ever-growing education system, I think this digital change is making the foundation even stronger. Of course, there are not core courses which are offered by them but the ones which are offered are something which can help people in brush up their skills.

These sites like Udemy comes under the category of massively open online courses which are not less than a rage in today’s world. If you are someone looking for an opportunity just by sitting at home then these sites can surely help you out in it.

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