10+ Best Games like Slither.io


Games like Slither.io: In this totally unpredictable world, there is no limit to the entertainment section. And following the same path .io games evolved to us with lots of fun and interesting games to play. They are super fun and super entertaining games which started to acquire popularity even by their first game namely agar.io.

Another famous game in this category is slither.io. This is a multiplayer super amazing game that has acquired so much of popularity worldwide. This is basically the same concept of the famous arcade game “Snake”. There are other slither.io alternative too.

10+ Best Games like Slither.io

These games are developed by Steve Howse and supports the browser of iOS as well as Android too. If you think your entertainment has stopped to the spot of slither.io only then you are totally wrong. There are various other fun slither.io alternative too. In this section, we are going to list some amazing games like slither.io. I hope you are going to enjoy every game like the slither.io.

1. Agar.io

Download Link:  Android, iPhone

Agar.io is one of the most played and one of the most successful games like slither.io. It was developed by Matheus Valadares. This is basically an action game which is hugely played in multiplayer mode.

The goal of the game is to eat smaller cells and gain as much mass as possible without being eaten by cells bigger than you. It is inspired by the name of the substance agar. You can also download this game on Android and iOS devices too.

Its idea is quite like slither.io except that here we use cells instead of snake or worm.

2. Pikan.io

Website: http://iogames.space/

Another one to be included in our list of slitherio alternative is pikan.io. This is one interesting game that you can play to pass your time. This is a game that you can play with the help of mouse and it is actually quite different from the games like agar.io.

All you have to do here is just grow your territory as much as possible. You just have to eat the dots and add it to your territory to grow it more and more. In this process, you would have to make sure that you do not get hit by some other player because that will be the end for you.

3. Supersnake.io

Download Link: Android, iPhone

If you want to have fun with your friends then this is one of the games like slither.io that can help you a lot in it. This is a multiplayer game so that you can play it with your friends and have maximum fun.

The beauty of .io games is that they are easy to play yet very entertaining too. You can play them online or download them as well.

In this game, you just have to eat as many dots as possible without touching the walls or tails of your own. If you would touch anything then your game would get over.

4. Mitos.is

Download Link: Android, iPhone

If you know what mitosis is then this game’s concept is clear for you. In mitos.is a cell divides into many identical cells and the same applies to this game too.

This is one of those slither.io like games which is really entertaining as well as multiplayer too. We already warn you that it is quite addictive so beware of the consequences.

In this game, you need to eat cells to increase your size. But when you eat a virus you split into many small cells so you would have to take care of that. So, download the game and enjoy playing it.

5. Tank.io

Download Link: Android, iPhone

Another one to be get included in our list of games like slither.io is tank.io. This is one fantastic game which can be played between two or more players which adds extra fun to the game.

All you have to do is to defeat the enemy tank. This is basically a battleground game in which you have to defeat your opponent tank.

As soon as you start winning the same you unlock new features and upgrade your tank to a higher level. There are 52 tanks so far and you can unlock them all by winning.

6. Ovar.io

Website: https://www.miniclip.com/

This is one of the weirdest kind of games like slither.io. You must have got to know about the game through its name that it is related to something about fertilization and stuff.

Well, there are basically a lot of sperms and you would have to fight with them to fertilize as many ovaries as you can. This sounds weird but it is what the game is all about.

You get different power ups and other features to increase your strength and energy timely. You have to keep your tail safe and reach the goal before other sperms. This might interest you if you would start playing it.

7. Battl.io

Website: http://battl.io/

If you are looking for some real battle type fighting game then your search might get over on battl.io. Its name says it all about it that it is a proper battle game with guns and other weapons.

Your energy is shown by a circle and as you start losing energy, the circle starts getting shorter and shorter. You can increase your powers by shooting your enemies.

This is a wonderful and one of the most entertaining multiplayer slither.io alternatives where you have to shoot other people to rise your immunity. You can pick whatever weapon you want and start playing any time.

8. Gungame.io

Website: http://gungame.io/

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This game resembles a lot to the battl.io game but there are some of the changes that you would surely like in it. The visuals and the graphics are wonderful and transport you to a world of asteroids and enemy players.

Like most of the games listed here, this is also one of the multiplayer games like slither.io. This is entertaining and quite cool too.

You start with limited weapons but as soon as you progress and kill your enemies, you arsenal keeps on increasing rapidly. This is a fun game and you can use different strategies to defeat your friends in it.

9. Spread.io

Website: http://iogames.space/

Another one to be included in the category of games like slither.io is spread.io. The process and concept of the game is just like its name and this is a lot fun too. This is a bit different game but still resemble to some of the games like slither.io.

All you have to do is click on your spot to charge your powers and then click again to release them. You have to send out waves to kill you enemies. By doing so your powers get to increase.

This is a fun game but it is only a single player game and cannot be played with your friends.

10. Blobble.io

Website: http://iogames.space/

People are going gaga over this game and playing this over and over again. Well, if you don’t believe it then try playing it and am sure you will get addicted to it then.

All you have to do in this game is, protect your base from the enemy. In order to protect your base, you would have to kill your enemies too and conquer their base as well.

This will increase your powers and would keep you going in the game for long. This is one hilariously amazing games like slither.io that you are surely going to like a lot.

11. Elude.io

Website: http://www.elude.io/

This is a fun speed game which is the choice of many people. This is a great time to kill some time and kick out the boredom from your life.

There is no rocket science applied to such slither.io alternatives and that is the best part about them as well. All you have to do in this game is, collect as many stars as possible for you.

As you collect the stars, you speed keeps on increasing. You would also have to stay away from the skull enemies because you are going to die as soon as you will touch them.

12. Bumpballs.io

Download Link: Android, iPhone

You have already known about various multiplayer alternative games slither.io but it is the time that you get to know about a game where you can play with millions of people around the world.

You need to follow a map in order to reach to the goal. But in this process you would have to push and eject other enemies out of the map. By doing so, you get to up your level and that is the motto of the game.

As you eject all the players then you become the king of the game. This is really interesting game and you would love to play it too.

13. Rects.io

Website: http://rects.io/

There should better be a warning issued over this game that you better not play it too much otherwise you will get addicted to it. This is surely one of its kind but amazing games like slither.io.

This is a simple game but it is going to make you go crazy about it. This game runs in the real-time and you would have to compete with various people online to win this game. You need to make the largest territory ever to be the winner.

All you have to do is, use the arrow keys and draw a minimal design and claim your territory. But in this mean time you would have to protect your territory from other people as well.

14. Hexagor.io

Website: http://hexagor.io/

Hexagor.io is one of those games like slither.io where you need some solid strategy to protect your territory and especially your base.

All you have to do is, once you have some of your land base then you would have to start protecting it from the enemies. In order to protect it, you would have to build up some towers and other things. The main part is to provide some solid protection to the base.

This is a great game where you can get yourself involved for a really long time. Once the enemies acquire your area then all your territories will be deleted.

15. Limax.io

Download Link: Android, iPhone

This is one of those games like slither.io which has uncanny resemblance in terms of concept with this game of slither.io. However, some of the changes are done in order to make them game more interesting.

In the limax.io we use worm instead of a snake. The concept of eating the dots is similar to the slither.io. But in this game, the worm eats the dots in a trail and through the body.

You can kill other players when your boost trail connect to their head so it means it is a fun multiplayer game.

16. Wings.io

Download Link: Android, iPhone

The last one to join the bandwagon of the category of games like slither.io is wings.io.

This is basically a 2d shooter game which can make you go crazy and addictive about it. The journey starts with you being a fighter pilot who has control over a small plan. This is a multiplayer game and you can play with different people altogether.

So, you need to acquire the 1 spot and for this you kill your enemies through different weapons given to you. This is really interesting that how far you manage to go in this game.

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I hope you must have liked the collection of our amazing games like slither.io. This is just some bunch of examples of the games which are quite like the slither.io. But there are hundreds of .io games which are entertaining as hell.

Some of the games are multiplayer and some are single player but you are going to enjoy each of the game for sure.

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