Best Funny Wifi Names for Your Routers


Funny Wifi Names: In this fast pace world, where all of us are connected to each other via the internet, Wifi plays a paramount role in our day to day life. Wifi routers are so common these days, which you can be found in public places, local transport, and houses. Just like each of has our own name, these Wifi networks also have their own name, known as SSID (Set Service Identifier). Now we are all aware, how some people show their creativity level by using different funny Wifi names.

It’s really fun to name your Wifi in a clever yet hilarious way. These funny router names not only keep your Wifi stand apart from others but also sends a strong message to your neighbors and intruders who wish to access it.

Changing your SSID or Wifi name is also very essential for securing your router from cyber-attacks. We will also be helping the beginners on how to change the WiFi network name by using simple steps.

Funny Wifi Names for Routers

So, now let’s move on to our list for the most popular and funny Wifi names you can choose for your router. These best Wifi names will surely give you and your neighbors a laugh. We have divided the names into different categories so that finding the right one among these funny Wifi router names is a piece of cake for you. Let’s get started.

Clever and Good Funny Wifi Names

  • Searching…
  • Use at your own risk
  • Connection lost
  • Get your own Wifi
  • This Wifi is infected
  • I love my Wifi
  • Get your own Internet
  • Get Free Virus here
  • TellMyWifILoveHer
  • Intruders are prohibited
  • Martin Router King
  • Don’t even think
  • Not your Wifi
  • VirusInside
  • I pronounce you internet and Wifi
  • Error 404: No Internet found
  • TryAndHackMe
  • The Wifi next door
  • No Wifi for you
  • Virus Infected Wifi
  • Password is Password
  • You Pay Now
  • You Lost Your Connection
  • Dark Knight guards it
  • Quit Using My WiFi
  • Network Not Found
  • This is Not Free Either!

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Intelligent and Funny WiFi Names

  • BatLAN and Robin
  • Top Secret Network
  • Unsecured Wifi
  • Wi-Fi so serious?
  • Revenge of the WiFi
  • Enter wire-less
  • Prohibited Connection
  • IP all over your house
  • Winternet is coming
  • WhyFi
  • Click here for free viruses
  • Look Ma! No Wires
  • Enter the Dragon’s LAN
  • Connect and Die
  • Very Slow Internet
  • Wireless GangBang
  • Look Somewhere Else
  • All your Bandwidths belong to us
  • Help! I am trapped in a router
  • I don’t cheat on my WiFi
  • Keep Calm and Keep Searching
  • A Lannister always Surfs his Net
  • NoFreeSoGetStuffed
  • NO!!!!!

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Coolest Funny WiFi Names Ever

  • Pay $1 per hour
  • Optimus Prime
  • It is not paid by your DAD
  • WiFu Panda
  • Will you WiFi me?
  • Password is shhhhhhhhhhhh
  • What is WiFi?
  • It’s the Promised LAN
  • Learn French First
  • Keep Moving Forward
  • Drop it like a Hotspot
  • Your PC might just crack
  • Warning! Do not Enter
  • This LAN is complicated
  • Connect and Die
  • This WiFi is committed to me only
  • This LAN is Taken
  • Happily networking
  • Click this one
  • My Own Damn Internet
  • Shut Up and get your own WiFi
  • Internet Costs $
  • Free Internet is a Myth
  • IWatchYouSleep
  • The LAN of the North
  • FBI Surveillance Squad#25
  • AbrahamLinksys
  • Guardians of the WiFi
  • LAN war
  • MOM use this One!
  • Access Denied
  • Game of LAN
  • Luke WiFi Skywalker
  • Jarvis, don’t let anyone get in
  • Worst Name Ever
  • I will find you, and I will hack you
  • The password is too complicated

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Out of the Box WiFi names

  • It’s ill-Eagle
  • Still loading..
  • Say the magical word
  • The Amazing SpiderLAN
  • Ex-WiFi
  • Temporary out of Order
  • Click to Load Ads
  • You again?
  • WiFi: Connecting hackers
  • Keep Trying
  • Your Grammer is more Annoying
  • Joey doesn’t share his LAN either
  • Silence of the LAN
  • One does not simply Log into LAN
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • exe

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Tips for Choosing a WiFi Network Name

Before you go picking a WiFi name from the funny WiFi names list we provided, we want you to take care of the following things. So, here are some tips or rather guidelines that you should consider before choosing funny WiFi names for your router:

  • The first and the most important rule is that never choose your password related to the SSID. Cause if you do, your network will be very prone to cyber hackers who, by the way, are very smart.
  • Although having a WiFi network name that is different from the others, seems very cool, but make sure that it does not make itself a prime target for the hackers.

For example, ‘TryAndHackMe’ and ‘Don’t even think’ might just do the job. So be careful before selecting them.

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  • Also try to be as smart and creative in choosing your networks name form the list of funny WiFi names that we have provided, but do make sure that it is easily memorable to yourself.
  • Also try not to add any personal information like name, phone number, birthdate, apartment number, etc.

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How to Change Your WiFi Network Name

Now after choosing a SSID from the list of clever WiFi names that we mentioned above, next comes how to apply it to your settings and make it happen in real life. You may think of it as an easy process but it is not.

So, in this section, we are going to teach you to how to apply these funny WiFi names in your settings in a simple yet straightforward way:

Step 1. Log into your WiFi router as an Admin

Note: Every router manufacturing company provides its very own software for making changes or for controlling the working of router. Sometimes the software’s version and interface can vary from model to model too. But the overall process of changing the network SSID to one of the funny WiFi names is quite the same. We are going to tell you the whole procedure (using screenshots) by using TP-link router and Windows 10.

Open Command Prompt (by easily searching it in the search menu of start button). Once it is opened, type the following command –


And press Enter.

In the results, look for ‘Wireless LAN adapter WiFi’. Under it, there you will find the default gateway of your network. This is the IP address of your modem/router. Copy and paste it in the web browser (preferably Google chrome).

This will open the router’s admin login page. It will be somewhat like this.

Note: In most cases, or will work. But for routers they won’t work. If you face this issue, then I advise you to go through ‘instructions manual’ provided with your router to see if there are any special steps to open router’s admin login page. For example, sometimes the URL that you need to insert is

Next step would be filling up the credentials in the login page. Look in the manual for the login ID as well as the password. Most manufacturers use the combo of admin/admin, admin/password or admin/1234. You can also check them out from for your specific model of router.

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Step 2. Edit the Device’s name

Once you are logged in, look for the navigation bar. As you can see in the screenshot provided below, for me all the options are along the left in a sidebar.

Once you locate the options, look for the section called Wireless, Wireless Networks, WiFi or WiFi Settings. By clicking them, you will be taken to a page where you can edit the router’s SSID to any of the funny WiFi names that we have listed before.

Type the new name and click Save.

Note: After clicking Save, all the connected devices will disconnect for a while. You will have to reconnect them to the newly-named network.

Step 3. Tweaking other network settings (Optional)

Now since you have already logged into your router’s software, there is nothing harm in tweaking with some of your WiFi network’s settings. These changes can be made to optimize your network’s performance or to increase the security level of your connections.

You can also change both the admin login password and public-facing password if you want.

Note: Even though it’s fun to play around with network’s settings, but make sure not to interfere with any of the crucial network settings.

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Internet has procured a very important position in our daily life. And with internet, comes the most familiar name associated with it, i.e. WiFi. We saw that having a creative WiFi name makes your network easily distinguishable from others.

We provided a list of amazing funny Wifi names that you can adopt to make your neighbors smile and surprise at the same time. These funny WiFi names are both clever as well as good and are most trending in all the internet.

Apart from these funny WiFi names, we also discussed about the need of changing the WiFi name as well as the password from time to time. This helps us keep the hackers at bay. The whole procedure to change the SSID to one of these funny WiFi names was also explained beautifully.

We hope that you people liked this list of funny Wifi names. You can also tell us your creative network name in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends. Have a good day.

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