Top 10 Games like Zelda


The Legend of Zelda or simply Zelda is a high fantasy action and adventure game which is super popular amongst the gamers. If you want to play other games like Zelda then you can check out various option given right below here. They are fun, adventurous and quite relatable to Zelda in theme.

Top 10 Games like Zelda

This list is comprised of various types of games and game series which are just like Zelda on the basis of theme. Trust me, these games are the real fun and I am sure you would not even realize playing them for like hours. Check out these cool games here and start playing them right away.

1. Legacy of Kain: Defiance


Legacy of Kain DefianceThe first game which I picked for the category of games like Zelda is Legacy of Kain: Defiance. This is an action-adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics and released in 2003. This is the fifth games of the LoK series and also the most popular one too.

The game sets in the continuation with the earlier installments and you are going to see the similar gameplay here too.

It continues the journey of Vampire lord Kain and his wraith Raziel. The bonus you get here is that it is the only game of the series where Kain and Raziel both are playable. There is only one weapon with Kain which is soul Reaver but it is upgradable with different elements.

The prime focus remains on combat mode and there are no techniques introduced here too like mid-air slashes, upper-cuts, firing orbs etc. The only thing which will disturb you is odd camera controls a bit repetitive gameplay. However, the new techniques compensate for it all.

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2. Hyper Light Drifter


Hyper Light DrifterHyper Light Drifter is a 2D action-based role-playing game which is developed by Heart Machine and published by Playism in 2016. The game as considered by its developer is a combination of The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past and Diablo together making it very similar to other Zelda like games.

The game is presented in the form of pixelated style and apart from adventure, the elements of science-fiction and technology has been used fully in this game.

The game makes a perfect option for games like Zelda. As a player you are supposed to control the character of Drifter who possesses some great technology which has been forgotten by his world’s people. As weapon, Drifter uses an energy sword and there are other weapons available too.

The timely introduction of difficulties in the form of monsters keeps the game going. Through various tactics and strategy making, the player needs to keep going in this game. It is available in both single-player and multiplayer gaming modes.

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3. Alundra


AlundraSo, the third one amongst other games like Zelda is Alundra. Well the name is quite weird but not the game though. The Adventures of Alundra or simply Alundra is developed by Matrix Software and got released in 1997. Well, so old but still so amazing!

So, Alundra is basically an action-adventure role-playing video game which can be played in single-player mode only. The game got great commercial success as well as critical acclaim too.

Now, talking about the gameplay then the protagonist of this game is Alundra who has the power to enter people’s dreams. He gets stranded on an island and cures people suffering from sudden deaths by nightmares. Well, there are some serious elements of death and depression.

The player needs to explore the island and dungeons which leads him to puzzle solving, action combat gaming and of course an adventurous journey too. The game has its sequel too although the themes are completely different. Interesting and mature, the game keeps going with level increasing and getting more intense.

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4. The Binding of Isaac


The Binding of IsaacThe Binding of Isaac is slightly different from the rest of the conventional games like Zelda in this list. This is rather a rogue like video game developed by Edmund McMillen. The game is based on Adobe Flash Engine and released in the year 2011.

The main elements of this game are action and adventure, shooting, dungeon crawl and of course lots of surprise outcomes. It is only a single player game.

The game is based on the story of Binding of Isaac in which Isaac’s mother receives a message that god wants her son’s life in return of proof for her faith. Isaac then moves to their monster field basement where he needs to constantly fight if he wants to survive.

The games move in a manner than you can literally relate it to the Legend of Zelda PC game. In the real-time combat mode for monsters, Isaac needs to defeat bosses and ultimately his mother. Player can either choose the character of Isaac or available six others in this list.

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5. Darksiders


DarksidersAction and adventure is the most explored genre of video games and the next one in this genre is Darksiders which is a game developed by Vigil Games. It was released in 2010 and even has an expanded version called Warmastered Edition.

The game is loosely inspired from Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and the player needs to take the character of horseman War in it.

Being extremely adventurous, the game surely deserved to be in this list of games like Zelda. The game is set from third person perspective and the game starts from the center of the Earth in the game which is The Scalding Gallow. As the game proceeds, War needs to find new objectives which later on unlocks new areas of game world.

As the player starts to conquer and proceed in the world, he starts to unlock new weapons and better skills in it which in return make them game even more complicated and difficult.

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6. Ys: Memories of Celceta


Ys-Memories-of-CelcetaAs the Zelda games list proceeds, we discover some more amazing games in it and the next one amongs it is Ys: Memories of Celceta. This is also an action-adventure game with the element of role-playing in it. The game is developed by Nihon Falcom and released in the year 2012.

The game is the third installment of the Ys VI game series and introduces many new features and elements which were not revealed earlier and hence supersedes the other versions.

The main protagonist of this game is Adol Christin who is introduced in the starting of this game as an amnesiac and later on explores the forest of Celceta. There are other members too and most importantly Duren who always stay together with Adol.

There are so many members of the party but only three of them can be used at a time and each one possess different skills. There are so many variations and additional skills in this game, which makes it the most interesting amongst all the other games like Zelda in this list.

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7. Dark Souls


Dark SoulsDark Souls is a game by FromSoftware which was released in 2011. This is an action based role playing game which is also the second installment of the Souls game series.

The game’s theme is set in the fictional world of Lordran. The player is supposed to take the role of a unique cursed creature who can’t die. Throughout the game, the player is supposed to explore around to find out the fate of the people like him.

The entire game is set from the third person perspective and the thing which makes it different from other games like Zelda is that its main element is exploration and not combat.

However, the game got critical acclaim and even remarked as one of the best games ever made till now. It takes place in an open world and hence provides in-depth scenario. The game works in levels and to reach another level, the player must collect the bonfires scattered around the game world.

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8. Okami HD


Okami HDOkami HD or Okami is an action adventure game developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom in the year 2006. I found the game quite different from the rest of the games like Zelda in this list. It is because it is set on the theme of classical Japanese history whereas, other games are mostly based on dark and edgy background.

The main theme is comprised of Japanese myths, legends and folklores. It tells the story of Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu who takes the character of white wolf to save the world from darkness.

The extra things which you get to see in this game are gesture system to perform miracles, and a cel-shaded visual style too. As a player you need to control Amaterasu and go through various action and adventure based gaming which also includes puzzle gaming genres too.

In all the Zelda game alternatives gamers find Okami to be one of the most resembling to the game The Legend of Zelda. I am sure being a huge Zelda fan, you would love to play this game.

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9. 3D Dot Game Heroes


3D Dot Game Heroes3D Dot Game Heroes is an action role-playing video game and this theme makes it perfect for the list of games like Zelda. It is developed by Silicon Studio and released in 2009. Unfortunately, it is only compatible for PS 3 so other users would have to get a bit disappointed here.

What makes this game unique is that 2D retro-style graphics are used in it and that too in 3D environment.

You are going to see the gameplay being inspired by games like Final Fantasy Adventure and Zelda and a tad bit to Dragon Warrior too. Players have the liberty to form their own characters and the prime weapon remains sword. The player needs to follow a quest to get rid of the dark forces in Dotnia Kingdom.

The game settings are eerie and spooky which is actually kind of fun for exploration and fooling around.

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10. Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas


Oceanhorn-Monsters-of-Uncharted-SeasWell, the list comprising of best Zelda games comes to an end with the last game Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas. This is also an action and adventure game developed by Cornfox & Bros and released in 2013.

The game highly resembles to two parts of Zelda which are A Link to the Past and The Wind Waker and hence I listed it here in the category of games like Zelda.

You as a player are supposed to play the protagonist and you are set on a quest to find out your lost father. The basic aim that you have is to defeat the sea monster named Oceanhorn. The basic elements of this game are exploring dungeons, fighting monsters and using various weapons.

The game is versatile and mainly focus on exploration and the combat element is added in the finale where the protagonist has to fight with the monster.

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If you are not able to play some of the games because of the compatibility issues then I would recommend you to try out the other ones listed here. You can also check out more games like Zelda through other sources available.

There are thousands of other high fantasy games available which perfectly matched the criteria of The Legend of Zelda. It will surely take you a while to understand the gameplay and controls of these games but once you figure it all out then it will get quite simple for you to explore these games more and more.

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