AnyVid Review: Best HD Video Downloader & Converter


Youtube is the largest video streaming platform on the web, Instagram is another video-popular site, but they don’t allow downloads, do they? What if you could?
That too from over 1000 such sites. Well that’s what this AnyVid review is about.

It’s a problem all of us face, popular video upload or streaming sites do not allow downloads, neither paid nor free there just isn’t an option and it can be really frustrating at times.

Saving a video offline will not only save your replay data, but will also let you upload the videos from your end on various other platforms which you can’t do without downloading them first.

I tried quite a few platforms as a solution to the problem, some worked; others didn’t. And then I found AnyVid, so how good or not so good the platform is? That’s what’s I’ll be showing you first-hand in this AnyVid review.

AnyVid Review: What is AnyVid?

AnyVid Downloader is a software from Amoyshare which lets you download videos from almost any and every website/platform which has videos on it.

Now that is the primary feature about it which made me scribble this AnyVid review down; but in addition to all that they also have a bucket load of other superpowers such as:

  • Video downloading ability from 1000+ sites.
  • Video searching capabilities from within the software.
  • Stream and Play before downloading.
  • Choose from over 10 video types and qualities.
  • Supports Batch Downloads.
  • In built Video Convertor.
  • No Ads.
  • 3 Different languages supported.

Talking from a first-look perspective, it does look promising. Let’s dive deeper into it.

User Interface

I start almost all of my reviews with the user-interface, that’s so because if the interface isn’t simple or easy to understand, no matter how feature-rich the platform is, it’ll be worthless won’t it?

So the initial startup does take some time, couple minutes to be precise even though I’m on a fast-enough computer and 4G internet network.

Apart from that the interface is pretty-sleek and modern. There’s a top-bar with four basic options:

HD Video Downloader

  • Search
  • Discover
  • Convert
  • Library
  • Login

The center-space has a search box where you can directly copy-paste your URLs or search for media. And then finally the bottom-bar has the play-pause-resume buttons for you to play your videos before actually downloading them.

So in a nutshell, even if it’s your first day with AnyVid you wouldn’t be hunting or fishing for ways to use it, it’s pretty simple.

Easy Download Process

This being a AnyVid review let’s start with the core-functionality that the tool provides, downloading videos from sites.

So the download process I’d say is pretty simple and easy, I copy-pasted a video-URL from Youtube first to the search/URL box and here’s what happens next.

Downloading Process

As you can see, it pulls the relevant info for the video from the site such as views, duration etc.

Now I’ve got two options, Play and Download. We will get to the play section review later, let’s download it for now. I simply clicked on the “download” button and it lets me choose the video quality, format or size I’d like to download.

video quality

What I loved most was the fact that it also lets me download the “audio only” should I want it, it’s extremely useful when you wish to download songs off Youtube or any other platform but not the whole video.

Anyway once I clicked on the quality I wanted, it instantly got added to my Anyvid Library and that’s where you can monitor the download progress from.

So, it even has an inbuilt downloader and you don’t need any external tools for that. It took me like 3 seconds to download the approx. 10mb video which is at par with my normal download speed so yes it’s pretty fast as well.

Just to keep things transparent, I also tried the same with Instagram videos and yes it works perfectly well.

Although I couldn’t find the “play” button this time, so probably you can’t play a Instagram video before downloading. (Which doesn’t really make much of a difference as long as it lets me download it).

Video Searching

So another one of the features I’d like to dissect to the core in this AnyVid review is its video-searching capabilities.

The same search-box where I pasted the video URL also doubles as a search box. So let me just show you how it works, I’m searching for “Justin Bieber” as an example.

Video Searching

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Wow, it’s pretty cool actually. Much like Youtube a list pops up with videos, their duration and other details.

I also tried with other random, non-descriptive search terms such as “Rock music”, “White Noise” etc and everytime I got a plethora of options.

So yes, the in-built video search functionality is dope! Once you get a video, you  can just follow the above procedure to download the video in the quality you need.

Play before Downloading

Just in case you need to verify that it’s the right video, or simply stream the video as well; AnyVid lets you “play” it before you actually download it.

The process remains the same, copy-paste the URL or search for a video, once the details show up click on “Play” instead of download.

Download from 1000+ Sites

One of the prime features which separates AnyVid from its competitors and rivals is that it’s not site-specific, meaning it’s not limited to just Youtube or Instagram.

Rather, it supports over 1000+ sites which have video-content, which encompasses nearly all the major sites. They’re all categorized neatly on their site based on different categories such as Music, Porn, Games etc.

1000+ Supported sites

What happened with some of the earlier tools I used was that they either allowed me to download from Youtube, or Netflix or just some specific sites, I honestly hadn’t seen a list as long as this one, ever.

Discover Videos

You may not always know the name or type of video you’d like at the moment, sometimes you just need to “browse”. Well one of the features that AnyVid provides is “discovering” those videos.

It has this “Discover” section on the top bar, which lists the 1000+ sites we just talked about, simply going to the list and clicking on any of the sites gets us a long list of songs and videos we may be interested in.

discover videos

Those songs and videos can obviously be played, or even downloaded. So what makes this AnyVid review even more special is the fact that it’s not just a video downloader, but also essentially like a “media browser”, a one-stop-shop for all media needs.

Video Convertor

AnyVid seems like the god who keeps giving. Apart from letting us stream, download or discover videos, it also lets us convert videos from one format to another.

There’s this “Convert” option on the top-bar which brings us to the following screenshot:

video converter

It can be used to convert our local files, files which we have on our hard-disks to be converted to different formats; so you don’t need an additional or extra video convertor either.

Now here’s my verdict, not that a video convertor is “awesome”, or an unique feature, but we must give them the credit of thinking of everything that we may ever need when it comes to videos!

Batch Downloads

Batch downloads is another one of the features that deserves a mention in this AnyVid review.

It  lets you download videos in “batches”, like a queue which downloads all the videos in the batch at once and you don’t have to manually add new videos or keep an eye on what’s happening.

It saves a lot of time, reduces manual work and is overall a great feature, not something that I found with almost any other video downloader I’ve used so far.

Other Notable Features

Apart from letting you download, stream and convert videos it has some other notable features as well.

First of all, it’s completely and 100% ad-free! So there are no annoying ads urging you to buy products you aren’t interested in.

Secondly, it’s available not only in English, but in German and Japanese as well! Yeah language won’t be a barrier.


So yes; it’s a great tool, but does it fit your pockets? Any tool which has all those weapons in its arsenal is bound to be expensive, right? Wrong!

First of all, AnyVid provides a completely free 14-day trial plan. No subscription, no E-mail ID required, simply download and you’re all set.

Anyvid pricing

And after that it has three plans you can choose from:

  • 1 Year – $26.88 (Effectively approx $2.5/month!)
  • Lifetime- $37.95!
  • For 4-9 PCs- $47.99

The plans are literally cheaper than what most of us spend on coffee each month! And comparing that to the features being provided, in my personal opinion I’d say it’s a steal deal.

Final Words on AnyVid Review

So let’s wrap this AnyVid review up folks. I’ve showed you the tool, how it works and its potential first-hand, in real-time.

Now in my personal opinion, as I’m someone with a lot of social presence I do need to download a lot of videos off many different platforms so for me it’s a great deal. The features are great, the pricing is acceptable.

But that’s just my personal opinion, so I’d urge you to go download the tool for yourselves and then leave your verdict on this AnyVid review (as in about the article) and about the tool as well in the comments.

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