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Instagram is like the rage these days. But did it ever click to you that how to save Instagram videos? Well, to be true I have thought about it all the time until I came to know that it is really possible. In fact, downloading videos from Instagram is as simple as downloading mp3 files from any other sites.

But the question is how on earth that is even possible? So, guys, I am going to tell you about the same in this section. This is a detailed study about how to save Instagram videos easily with the help of some software and some easy tricks.

How to Save Instagram Videos

Here, is a complete guide mentioned which is going to tell you to save Instagram videos in the simplest way ever.

Method 1: Save Videos by iSkysoft iMusic Software

iMusic is an amazing software by iSkysoft and I guess this is exactly the software you need to download all types of media files. This software is capable enough not only for downloading videos but audios too. You just need to know the link no matter which sites or social media platforms it belongs to.

This software is my first pick in order to let my readers know that how to save Instagram videos. I am mentioning the step by step tutorial for the same right below so that there is no scope for confusion left here.

1).  To use the software, firstly you would have to download it. You can go to the official website of this software from Here. Follow the required steps and then download the iSkysoft iMusic software from there.

2).  Now, the next step is about learning to operate the iMusic software. I think it will not take you more than 5 minutes to download the video once you got to learn that how to operate this software.

So, open the software and on the top of its platform page you will see four options. To learn how to save Instagram videos, go to the section named “Get Music”.

3). Now, talking about the most crucial part of the entire downloading process for the query of how to save Instagram videos. Once you will get on the option of “Get Music” then you will witness three options out there which are Discover, Download, and Records. To download any video, you would have to get on the option of Download there.

4).  Now, when you will click on the download option you are going to witness a bar where you need to put the URL of the concerned file. But before you rush to work on how to save Instagram videos, just wait for a while. Change the Mp3 option given below the bar to Mp4 option. Now, you can move on to the next step given below.

5). Now, go to the Instagram account of yours and then go to the video which you want to download.

Now, simply copy the URL of this video and paste it in the URL bar of the iMusic software. You are going to see the option of download just beside the bar and you just need to press it to initiate the downloading process of the video.

6). It depends upon the internet connection how fast the video will be download. If you want to check it out then there is a way. To witness the complete process of how to save Instagram videos, you need to click on the arrow option pointing downward which is given on the right side of the software platform. Click on this option to see your video being downloaded.

7). There are two methods to then play the video. You can either directly play it from the downloading list by tapping on it. Or to see its location, go to the section of Music Library and then to the option given in left side named “Movies” and you will find it there. You can further delete it on your choice.

8). The last step is about exporting the video to your system. Of course, you may not be using the software forever or because of some reasons, it may break down. So, to keep the downloads secure you can export them. Just select the desired videos and click on the export option given on the right side and simply export it to your system.

This was the entire method for how to save Instagram video through iSkysoft iMusic software. Now we will move ahead with the next method.

Method 2: Save Videos by YouTubeByClick Software

This is another software which I would like to recommend if you are still wondering how to save Instagram videos. In fact, on some point I found it even simpler than iMusic especially in the operation. Well, apart from it, both of them are equally functional and they proved to be a great aid for the downloading.

Here is a step by Step guide prepared to understand how to save Instagram videos with the help of YouTubeByClick Video downloader Software.

1). What I like the most about YouTubeByClick is that as a user you are not supposed to do anything in this software. Rather than being manual, the software is more automatic. Once you have chosen the settings then it is going to do everything on its own. So, to download the software, go to the concerned link from Here. Get yourself registered on this software to use it.

2). Now, the process of how to save Instagram videos through YouTubeByClick is really simple. In this step, you are supposed to open up the software. Now go to the Instagram video that you wish to download and copy the URL of this video from Instagram handle.

3). Now, as I said that YouTube ByClick is quite automatic, it is indeed true. Either it will automatically fetch the URL or you can go to the option of Paste URL and the URL will be automatically posted there.

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4). Now, before you start downloading, you are supposed to do some settings here. The first one, in this case, is to select the location where all the videos are supposed to be saved. You are going to see the option for this on the top side of the software mentioned as “Choose Folder”.

5). Now, another important thing which is to be taken care of before downloading is choosing the right format. The software YouTubeByClick is capable enough to download the video in the audio format too. So, you can change the option to Mp3 or Mp4 according to your need.

6). Next thing is about the quality of the video that you are about to download from Instagram now. In the process of how to save Instagram video through this software, you must focus on the quality of the video. There are three types available for it, Best, Normal and Custom. I would suggest you to keep the option on Normal for faster download.

7). Now as soon as you will press the button of Paste URL, the download will start automatically on the chosen format and quality. And once completed it will automatically be saved in the desired location. If you want to play it then you can either play it from the software or through the chosen location of the video.

To all the lazy lads out there looking for a solution of how to save videos from Instagram, I think they can prefer YouTubeByClick over iMusic. However, there is one more method too. You can also choose this one which is mentioned right below.

Method 3: Save Videos by Online Website


This website is out 3rd and final method if you are still wondering how to save Instagram videos. The site is not only capable to download Instagram videos but media files through other social media platforms as well. You just need to select the right section to download the concerned video from out there.

1). This method is about downloading Instagram videos with the help of a simple website. This is an online method to download whatever Instagram videos you want to download. I have already mentioned the website above through which you can download the Instagram videos.

2). Simply, open up the website mentioned above. Now you are going to see a text bar out there. You need to copy the URL of the Instagram video that you want to download through this website and paste it down there on that text bar.

3). Now, to move forward in the process of how to save Instagram videos, you are going to see the option of “GO” beside the URL bar on this site. You need to click on it to initiate the process of fetching the video from Instagram on this website.

4). Once you start the process then you will see the video being fetched on the site. Now, an option of “Download” will appear right below the video. You can click on it to download the video into your system.

Final Words

I am as amazed as you all are right now. I mean it was so simple to download Instagram videos but we never even tried it. But I am sure that after these methods you would be downloading every single video from this social networking site from now on.

You can download any software given above (iSkysoft iMusic Software, Youtubebyclick software) or you can simply download such videos from Method 3 as well. The idea is to learn how to save Instagram videos and I think from this method it would have become clear by now.

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