Top 10 Adobe Premiere Alternative for Windows/Mac


Adobe Premiere or Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software. If you are not satisfied with its use then this section of Adobe Premiere alternative software will definitely help you out in it. In the modern world, on one place or another, it becomes a necessity to get involved in such digital works and I think these software can become the perfect helping hand for you.

Top 10 Adobe Premiere Alternative for Windows/Mac

Of course, there is no doubt that Adobe video editing software is surely one of the best we are having right now but it is not wrong to keep up with some options handy. Take a look at this list of options and enjoy the services right away.

1. Open Shot


Open-ShotThe first one and probably the simplest Adobe Premiere alternative in this list is Open Shot. Open Shot Video Editor is an award-winning simple and fast tool which is no less than a pro tool for giving your videos a professional touch. The video editor will help you to learn basic as well as advanced tactics of editing perfectly.

Some of the features of Open Shot are cross-platform linking, various media format support, desktop integration, clip resizing, scaling, snapping and the list goes on.

Open Shot is open source program and also renowned too. Other services that you can get here are OpenShot Cloud API and OpenShot C++ Library. I would strongly recommend Open Shot for making your videos livelier. It works perfectly for Windows, Macs and Linux based systems.

For this, Open Shot offers advanced tools like digital video effects, chroma key, gamma, brightness, audio video mixing and editing, 3D animation, smooth transitions and many more others. It is updated timely so that they can remove bugs and hence users get the best experience of editing and improving their media files for like thousand times.

Supported with:

2. Final Cut Pro X


Final-Cut-Pro-X-EditorThis is a video editing software on whose quality and capability are something which you cannot doubt at all. Final Cut Pro X is a perfect Adobe Premiere alternative offered by Apple. Way ahead than others, it utilizes Magnetic Timeline 2 and provide powerful media organization.

However, Final Cut Pro X only supports Macs with OS X 10.11.4 and later. This service is also not free and you would have to buy it for $299.99 but before that you can use its 30 days trial period.

Some of the features of Final Cut Pro X that you would like to know are magnetic timeline, professional editing tools, professional camera support, third-party plugins etc. To be specific, you get things like multichannel audio editing, multi-cam editing, 64 bit engine support, clear visual connections, 3D effects and many more.

Final Cut Pro X makes a perfect alternative to Adobe Premiere and the automatic use of metadata by it removes a lot of hassle for the operators. A perfect video editing and improvement tool for professional use.

Supported with:

3. DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci-Resolve-EditorDaVinci Resolve is mostly used in higher scale video editing and it finds most of its uses in movie editing too. Powered by Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve is a master tool with higher performance and playback engine which provides desired optimization over different aspects.

DaVinci Resolve makes an absolutely amazing Adobe Premiere alternative. The one I am talking about in this section is BlackmagicDesign’s DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio and it is going to cost you $299 as a one time fee, the basic version is free.

Now, talking about the features, DaVinci Resolve 14 offers color correction, light adjustment, basic video editing tools like snapping, scaling, collaboration, playback engine, built-in chat, timeline comparison, open storage and many more. The software can really help you to be creative and more pro in the world of video editing.

With wide format support and multiple professional hardware control panels, DaVinci Resolve has established itself as one of the best video editing service ever. With three different panels, you can start three different workflows, which is a huge advantage with this software.

Supported with:

4. Vegas Pro


Vegas-Pro-EditorVegas Pro is a software by Vegas Creative Software and it is not their only product to offer but they have more than it in their kitty. However, I found this software to be more appropriate and better than other versions like Vegas Pro Edit, and the higher one Vegas Pro Suit.

So, talking about Vegas Pro as an Adobe Premiere alternative, you get services like the professional video as well as audio disc authoring and touch-ups like never before.

Vegas Pro 15 or simply Vegas Pro is going to cost you $500 but in a special offer running right now, you can get it for $300 only along with policy of free trial too. Things you are going to get with Vegas Pro are customizable interface, work in HD or 4K, drag and drop editing, editing on popular formats and many more.

Vegas Pro is only compatible for Windows with specific requirements. It is surely one of the most used Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives for Windows.

Supported with:

5. Lightworks


Lightworks-EditorNext one making the perfect option for Adobe Premier Alternative is Lightworks. It finds its applications mainly in film editing and high-end needs. Providing a console driver, Lightworks utilizes multiple in-built programs and add-ons to support users for editing.

This is rather called a complete video creation package used for pro work and it is compatible to platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The next thing you should know about Lightworks is that it is not free to use and comes with only 7 days of free trial period. Afterwards, you would have to upgrade to Lightworks Pro which is available for a monthly license of $24.99 and there are other subscriptions too.

Features you get with Lightworks Pro are timeline editing and trimming, ready to use audio and video FX, proxy workflows for 4K, export video to different formats, fast and simple and many more. In fact, it has been used in the editing of various popular movies and I am sure now you would also want to use it too.

Supported with:

6. Shotcut


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Shotcut-EdtorShotcut is an open source and completely free to use software. It even supports cross-platform integration and makes one of the best free Adobe Premiere alternative. With Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI used for input and preview monitoring, you get to use one of the advances techniques of editing world in it.

There are some quickstart and short cuts which you can learn through the software guide. Supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux, Shotcut keeps all the users happy.

The features you are going to get with this Adobe Premiere alternative are multiple media format support, native timeline editing, audio capture, color, noise and counter generators, webcam capture, network stream playback and the list goes on like this.

My strong recommendation for the people who wants to access this software for video effects and cross-platform connections. Controllable and customizable features along with two desktop support, Shortcut is an advanced and integrated way of improving media quality.

Supported with:

7. VideoPad Video Editor


VideoPad-Video-EditorVideoPad Video Editing software is designed to be in such a way that it supports Multicam support like MPV, DV Camcorder, webcam, and others. A big thanks to its simple navigation and smooth accessing + interface which fully support even beginners to get used to of it.

VideoPad is such an Adobe Premiere alternative which can be used for free if for non-commercial use. However, it also comes with some limitations and to improve it you would have to buy it for $24.99. The Master’s edition of this software is up for $49.99 but both the prices are under special condition.

The features you can avail under this video editing software are the wide range of video clip transition, multiple formats, customization, color and other visual effects, additional plugin support, import-export subtitles, sharing, easy to use, smooth and much more.

You can use this software for Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 and above. Powered by NCH Software, VideoPad is an excellent solution for video editors around the world.

Supported with:

8. HitFilm Pro


HitFilm-Pro-Video-EditorAmongst various other software offered by HitFilm, HitFilm Pro is the one which is most used by the video editors across the globe. Giving major credit of its popularity to the high-resolution preview that it provides of your work plus length transformation of videos it is mostly used by YouTubers and vine makers.

Being an excellent Adobe Premiere alternative, it is comprised of support to 8K resolution along with 32-bit color depth and 360-degree video footage too.

Getting started with the unlimited use of demo, you can further upgrade with the original one which costs $345 as a one-time charge. On these charges, you get very popular and latest video editing tools like auto syncing, mixing, 2D-3D support and many more.

It is expensive than other software but the high-end features and technological advancements compensate with it. The features associated with HitFilm Pro are color grading, motion graphics, visual effects, easy customization and integration, trim, ripple, roll and other video editing elements, VFX and many more.

Supported with:

9. Camtasia Video Editor


Camtasia-Video-EditorThe next one for the list of Adobe Premiere alternative is Camtasia Video Editor powered by Techsmith. In three steps of choosing footage, making edits and exporting it out, you can learn the best editing techniques in the world.

Unfortunately, Camtasia Video Editor is not free to use and you would have to pay $199 for Camtasia Version 9 which is a single user license. You can anytime upgrade to a higher version with $99.50 one-time fee. For professional use, it would be better to upgrade the version of this software.

Camtasia works on 64-bit performance which enhances stability of your project. Be it any type of videos like tutorials, educational or promotional, you can create them through Camtasia. Camtasia support Windows and Mac with Intel core processor and OS 10.10 and later.

The features you get Camtasia are special video effects, drag and drop edits, animated background, motion graphics, icons, webcam support, multi-track timeline, annotations like arrows, callouts etc., transitions and smooth touch and many more.

Supported with:

10. Kdenlive


Kdenlive-Video-EditorKdenlive comes in the category of cheap video editing software as it is absolutely free to use. Despite being an open source video editing platform Kdenlive has great features to offer. The software provides or huge toolbox comprising of categories like the library, transitions, editing, clips, effects and much more for the users’ needs.

It has this really cool interface which is smart and simple providing simple access to every single tool and features. From basic uses like smooth interpolation, adding metadata, timeline track compositing, it does higher tasks like odd project curing, auto syncing etc.

The features which you are going to get with this free to use software are multi-track video editing, multiple media format support, various shortcuts and easy accessing, 2D titles, many effects and transitions, proxy editing, automatic backup creation and many more.

It is compatible with platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and written in C++. It also supports various formats like AVI, MPEG, and WMV, etc. Editing features provided by Kdenlive are totally unmatchable and makes it an excellent Adobe Premiere alternative too.

Supported with:

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It’s time to move on with Premiere editing and focus on other software for video editing tricks and tips. There are plenty of options available for the same and I have only tried to pick out the best options amongst the list of thousands of them.

Whether it is impressing your girl with cute video or preparing something official, I am sure these Adobe Premiere alternative are surely going to help you out in it. They are mentioned along with their details and uses so that you can take a look and decide which one to go for.

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