Top 10 Apps like Wish


Wish is one of the most popular shopping app in the world which offers affordable clothing. Apps like Wish have always been a helping hand to people running on budget and especially students. I think people should know more about such apps to avail great discounts on their shopping stuff.

Top 10 Apps like Wish

This section is all about such applications. This is going to get you acquainted to totally affordable and cheap clothing apps like Wish which are a huge helping hand to avail great items on a really low price. Here is a list given below which contains ten such apps in it.

1). AliExpress

Download App: Android, iOS

AliExpress is the first mention in the list of apps like Wish because it is as reliable and affordable as the former one. The app is owned by the popular Alibaba group and it is one of the most used app for the shopping purposes throughout the world.

Their idea of reaching to everyone made it possible to supply their stuff in the entire world except some places and that too on really low prices.

AliExpress is an app which is not only perfect in shopping for fashion items but also in toys, electronics, beauty products, health items, shoes, home decors etc. And despite having such a big market on a single screen, AliExpress provides timely coupons and super deals to avail discounts on these products.

Being a global platform, AliExpress supports various languages and currency systems too. They also ensures safe transactions so that people can rely on them completely. AliExpress also offers free shipping on almost 75% products in its mart depending upon the location.

Being such a cheap platform helped AliExpress to earn billions of registered customers on its shopping app.

2). Zulily

Download App: Android, iOS

I am sure that you must have already heard about this app before. This is because Zulily is like the best friend a girl can have and relying on its fashion section is like the everyday ritual for most of the girls in the world. So, I listed it next in the category of apps like Wish.

Zulily basically deals in multiple stuff like dresses, clothing for women and kids, toys, footwear, home décor, maternity stuff etc. This is a perfect shopping destination for all the women.

I think Zulily has been doing a fantastic work by understanding what a female shopper really wants. Hence, the products out here are not kept by keeping in mind the fashion but the comfort of its shoppers.

The other benefits of joining such shopping apps like Wish is to get access to timely sales on big brands. When you get registered here, you get timely emails and alerts prior to the sale. There are various app-only offers too which cannot be availed on site and hence I think every woman should definitely install this app.

3). Geek

Download App: Android, iOS

For all those people who have less knowledge about Geek, let me clear it out first that Geek is the sister site of Wish only. This means they both belong to the same parent company. However, despite that their area of providing products are totally different and hence I listed it in the category of apps like wish.

Where, Wish is a popular app for providing fashion items, Geek is there to provide great deals on electronics and tech stuffs.

The idea behind Geek is to provide great and latest tech accessories and mainstream products on a price cut off of 50%-80%. This is just like shopping at local stores and here you would not even need to bargain as the site already offer so less price for everything.

The focused criteria in electronics that you will find here are speakers, headphones, watches, car accessories, electronics, phone upgrades etc. Geek is the most loved tech world and I personally think that it is a smart choice to buy tech items from such Wish alternative apps.

4). Overstock

Download App: Android, iOS

Up next one in the list of apps like Wish is Overstock. This shopping app is basically designed to provide branded stuff on as low price as 70% OFF to its customers. I know it’s a huge discount but despite that the quality of the items are still promised to be great enough.

The reason of people loving Overstock is because of their daily deals and great weekly promotions. And because of such huge discounts customers do not want to go somewhere else.

Like most of the best shopping apps, Overstock follows the similar things like alerting its customers for great deals, exclusive coupons, daily discounts etc. In this way, users do not have to check their app again and again to find something new.

Overstock is not only known for its great and vast shopping mart in your phone but also for their stupendous customer service too. I think that is very important for an organization to stay stable and Overstock is one of them for sure.

If you a US residents then you have the opportunity to avail free shipping on all the orders above $45. Overstock is a secure platform and you can trust them with payment gateway for sure.

5). Banggood

Download App: Android, iOS

Banggood is a worldwide synonym for affordable shopping and in this section, you are going to know why. Banggood is a platform which is way larger than your imagination. For instance, I can share the news that they have completed 3 million orders till date.

Banggood is just the way other apps like Wish works and deals in more than 200,000 products on its platform. Some of them are fashion apparels for men, women, hobbies stuff, tech, jewelry, footwear, health, and beauty etc.

Despite having so many categories the main forte of Banggood is electronics and you are going to find all the latest gadgets and electronics stuff here for sure.

Banggood is also popular for organizing timely flash sale where you can avail some of the items for as low as half their price. The other usual features of this app are wishlist making, PayPal payment mode, great customer support, full shopping cart access etc. Banggood is a great place where you can buy whatever you want and save bucks simultaneously.

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6). Wanelo Shopping

Download App: Android, iOS

If anybody does not know what Wanelo stands for then let me tell you that it is Want, Need and Love and this is amongst the best shopping apps like Wish. Wanelo is the love of various people to discover their favorite items and then shop them easily at quite low prices.

Wanelo is used by millions of people to shop in different categories. Some of these are fashion, home décor, furniture, accessories, shoes, gadgets etc.

Wanelo provides various facilities on its app which makes the process of shopping, even more fun for the customers here. You can create a universal wishlist on this app to staple your desired products in it. This eliminates the need of finding them out again.

Wanelo also comes in one of the best shopping sites as its site is also easy to use. Once you have started shopping from this app, then Wanelo remembers your choice and displays items accordingly. This saves a lot of time for the users here to discover their favorite stuff.

7). Keep Shopping

Download App: Android, iOS

Keep Shopping is a mobile shopping app from the site which is a perfect place for affordable shopping. I found this platform to be a little different from the rest of the apps like Wish. You can call it to be a spin-off of all the best e-commerce websites on one portal.

The idea behind this app is to showcase the best products offered by all e-commerce websites on a single platform so that people can compare the prices and shop for the best of the stuff.

This unique thought behind Keep shopping has led it to gross so many users on its platform. There are various items that you can shop on Keep Shopping like fashion apparels, accessories, home décor stuff etc. Being so versatile has helped it to grow as a company too.

Thank god! Keep is quite user-friendly because when you keep an item in your wishlist, they send you an alert when its price goes down. This makes it superfast for you to grab that item as quick as possible. Keep Shopping is literally keeping the shopping game up!

8). YoShop

Download App: Android, iOS

The next one in this section of apps like Wish is YoShop. The app has got so many registered users on it along with variety of stuffs. According to YoShop, they have more than 2 million satisfied customers till date and a public repot which is irreplaceable.

YoShop ships its products to various countries and the great and lenient shipping policies has helped to become even more popular than ever.

YoShop offers great products in various categories like beauty products, home décor, women’s fashion, accessories etc. In fact, when you place your first order through YoShop, they offer you some discount too. Apart from it, if you are not satisfied with the product then you can claim 45 days money back guarantee too.

YoShop makes one of the best Wish alternative apps in this list. With such great deals, I think there won’t be a single person who does not want to shop with YoShop.

9). eBay

Download App: Android, iOS

Who does not know about eBay and it won’t be wrong at all to include this app in the category of apps like Wish. eBay is not only about affordable and cheap pricing of its products but it is also about making most of a single item showcased here.

Some of the unique features of eBay makes it one of the largest shopping apps in the world. eBay deals in clothing, gadgets, accessories, home décor, jewelry, used cars and other stuff etc.

eBay keeps its users happy with timely sales and great deals offered on various categories of products. The unique features of eBay like search, sell, bid, super deals, easy shopping makes it damn user-friendly. eBay not only allows you to buy also to sell on its platform too.

eBay is quite affordable and the fact that it is as popular as mainstream shopping apps increases the likeliness of people shopping on it.

10). Joom

Download App: Android, iOS

The last one in this section of apps like Wish is Joom. I think you would have heard the name of this app earlier because of its tremendous popularity and millions of registered users on it. This is so simple to install Joom and creating an account on it and the rest is just the flow.

Joom offers classic features and great variety of items on its shopping app. Some of these stuff are bags, shoes, fashion apparels, watches, sports items, accessories, beauty products, gadgets etc.

You would also be glad to know that Joom comes under those few Wish alternative apps which offers free as well fast delivery in the entire world. Can you imagine that how much cost it saves for an average customer? Joom offers high-quality items and great deals on them regularly.

Joom is way smarter than you think it is. It picks the best ones from millions of products and the more you use this app, it memorizes your choice and shows products on its basis only.

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I think this section is going to be a huge treasure for the people who were desperately looking for such affordable apps earlier. Apart from the apps, all these online shopping companies have their sites too but mobile application provides easier accessing.

This listing of apps like Wish is going to be really beneficial not only on terms of cheaper shopping pricings but also on terms of versatility of items and fashion necessities. Don’t wait anymore and check out the prices on these apps and start shopping right away.

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