Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend


There is always a need for good questions to ask your girlfriend and no one can understand this better than a man who is very keen to learn everything about his girlfriend. It is said that women are difficult to read and if you want your dream woman, you really have to manage your image towards her.

For all the men, female mind is full of mystery and you can never guess what they want and what they don’t. It is a very bad thing if you don’t even know about her favorite music genre. To end all these difficulties and to understand your girls, be ready to face my good questions to ask your girlfriend if you really want to establish a successful relationship.

So let’s take a break from your life, set the pace and start with these good questions to ask your girlfriend to know about her past, her present and her future desires. When she loved first, why she broke up and just everything.

100+ Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

1). What came to your mind when you first saw me?

2). Did you find my looks as expected?

3). Did my humor make you happy?

4). Which song so you want to dedicate to me?

5). Which thing made you fall in love with me?

6). What are those things that make me a perfect boyfriend?

7). What things do you have that remind you of me?

8). How did you feel when I first kissed you? These good questions to ask your girlfriend will reveal her feelings for you or how intimate she feels for you.

9). What do you feel so sexy about me?

10). How much are you satisfied with your love life?

11). What is your favorite nickname for me?

12). How frequently do you want to go on a date with me?

13). What is your dream date?

14). What is your favorite honeymoon destination?

15). Does my presence make you feel special?

16). What do you think of spending the entire life with me?

17). Are we the best couples?

18). What is that one flaw in me that you hate?

19). What is that one good thing that you just love?

20). Do you have any romantic fantasy that you not to complete?

21). How would you feel if I gift you lingerie?

22). What would be a perfect night for us? Have these good questions to ask your girlfriend to know her personal choices

23). Would you keep it honest with long distance relationship?

24). If ever you fall in love with someone else, would you tell me or just keep it behind my back?

25). Do you see me as a loyal life partner?

26). If in future you would have kids, what would be the names?

27). How do you want our wedding to be?

28). What flowers do you love the most?

29). What dresses you want me to gift you?

30). In which attire, I look most dashing to you?

31). When you get intimate, is there anything that you want me to do?

32). Do you think about our marriage night?

33). When you first came on the date, how nervous you were?

34). What do you mean by a happily married couple?

35). What superpowers do you like the most?

36). Is there any wildest thing that you have ever done? Through these good questions to ask your girlfriend you know her excitement and passion for things.

37). Have you ever abused anyone so badly?

38). Have you ever involved in a fight?

39). What do you do when you are alone?

40). Have you ever feel depressed because of me?

41). How frequently am I the reason of your smile?

42). What’s the best day when we were together?

43). Which Hollywood actor do you want me to look like?

44). What kind of physique would you really appreciate?

45). If I have a billion dollars, what would you expect me to buy for you?

46). Have you ever watched so scariest movie and you thought of holding my hand?

47). Have you ever rub your nose on your shirt when no one was there?

48). How afraid are you of ghosts? List these good questions to ask your girlfriend, so next time you can scare her easily.

49). Have you ever received any cheesiest line by a guy?

50). Have you ever felt for another guy?

51). Have you ever had a crush on any male teachers?

52). Have you ever feel attracted to a girl?

53). How would you feel if I am on the beach and there are so many girls around?

54). Have you ever done any extracurricular activity?

55). What do you think about joining the gym?

56). Are you satisfied with your physics?

57). What is a perfect man according to you? Know her choices for a perfect man by these good questions to ask your girlfriend and you can also have a chance to be her dream man?

58). How would you feel if I ever talk about my ex-girl?

59). What is the saddest thing you have ever faced?

60). What is that one thing you are really thankful that your family taught you?

61). What are you most afraid of, any creature or person?

62). How much would it depress you to lose me?

63). What is a good hygiene a boy should have?

64). When we go to the restaurant, have you ever felt like you should pay for the bill?

65). Is there anything, you owe me for?

66). When did you last pray for me?

67). On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our relationship?

68). Have you ever cheated on me?

69). Have you gone through depression?

70). Do you feel comfortable about telling me everything you go through?

71). What is that song that can make you cry anywhere?

72). Have you ever made a decision that you still regret? Slave all the worries and support her always by these good questions to ask your girlfriend

73). Have I ever given you the best advice? How do you think of our dream home?

74). Is there any celebrity that you really think of switching life with her?

75). What do you expect me to do in the New Year’s Eve?

76). What do you like the most, having dinner with me in a famous restaurant or having a dance at a beautiful beach?

77). How much do you believe in God?

78). Have you ever tried an exotic meal? How was your first experience?

79). What do you prefer more, an ice-cream or a chocolate?

80). What are your 3 weaknesses? So you can know her weak points and hold her in her bad, just include these good questions to ask your girlfriend.

81). Would you like teaching me some dancing moves?

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82). Have you ever gone through any funny school incident?

83). What do you do in your leisure time?

84). How do you feel about twilight? Which Team is your favorite?

85). Which is our favorite twilight character?

86). What is your obsession?

87). Which things in man totally impress you?

88). What is your favorite pet?

89). What do you think about compulsion? So you know how she feels about it, have she ever wanted it. We’ll get to know by good questions to ask your girlfriend.

90). Who inspires you the most?

91). What is that one thing that can make you smile in just a blink?

92). How do you feel about social networking sites? Are you addicted to them?

93). To what do you give importance, having thousands of social contact or some quality people in your life?

94). Have you bought our dream car? If not, what is it?

95). Have you ever done a tattoo for your loved one?

96). Which person comes to your mind if you feel yourself in complete dark?

97). What is a perfect evening according to you?

98). Have you ever been in a nightclub for dating purposes?

99). Which supernatural TV serial is our favorite?

100). Do you Consider Yourself lucky because you found me?

101). What is your childhood nickname? So you can make some fun around your girl by these simple and good questions to ask your girlfriend.

102). Do you see me as a good father for our future kids?

103). Have you ever thought of taking Revenge?

104). Can you describe m in one word?

105). Do you enjoy say near nature or near technology?

106). Are you a shy or normal person that can easily make friends?

107). How are your drawing skills?

108). Have you learned any instrument ever?

109). Do you have a fondness for rings?

110). Which Precious Metal attracts you the most?

111). Do you love late sleep or you are an early riser?

112). Do you love reading newspaper with a cup of coffee or tea?

113). Have you ever faced any tragedy?

114). Do you have any cousin that is really close to you?

115). Is there anything that I should know about you?

116). Do you find me a guy who respects Women?

117). How much I love you on your scale?

118). What is the thing that worries you the most?

119). Do you enjoy listening FM while driving? So you know her favorite radio station though these good questions to ask your girlfriend.

120). Are you a bathroom singer?

121). Have you ever faced any unexpected thing?

122). What types of beverages do you like, Hot or Cold?

123). What type of dresses do you prefer more?

124). How many shades of jeans you have?

125). Do you really care about your wardrobe?

126). Do you ever dream of enjoying Roller Coasters with me? This is also among the good questions to ask your girlfriend to know how she thinks of you.

127). Do you love junk food or you believe in a healthy diet?

128). How do you start your day?

129). Do you prefer seeing sunrise r seeing your phone screen?

130). Who is that person that you love the most?

131). Do you read comics or stories?

132). How do you feel about dancing in rain?

133). What do you prefer, a love letter or a digital message of love? So you come to know her taste of expressing love by my good questions to ask your girlfriend.

134). How do you feel about Kissing in Public?

135). Have you stolen anything?

136). Have you ever taken a fake vow? Take care that she won’t do it again and explain her significance of vows through the good questions to ask your girlfriend.

137). Have you ever dreamt of me and you having sex?

138). What was your first job?

139). At what age, you fall in love?

140). How do you feel about watching porn?

141). Have you ever caught by your parents doing something weird?

142). Do you know what the purpose of your life is?

143). What are your biggest happiness and biggest fear?

144). Are you an internet savvy? Do you have your own blog?

145). In how many seconds can you make a person smile?

146). Are you still close to your childhood friends?

147). When were you last drunk?

148). What is hell and heaven for you?

149). How close are you to your parents? There are also good questions to ask your girlfriend by that you get to know how she feels about her family?

150). Have you ever made a plan and then broke it?

151). What would you prefer going out with your bestie or your boyfriend?

152). How do you want to look your home, messy or organized?

153). Do you ever expect me to make you breakfast?

154). Do you believe that I’m your true love?

155). What would you choose between me and your family?

156). Have you ever dated a girl?

157). Have you ever felt a crush on anybody of your school?

158). On Christmas, what do you wish most?

159). Which life do you like, school, college or work life?

160). Do you believe in exercising daily? By these good questions to ask your girlfriend about the exercise you know how she believes in physical fitness?

161). How frequently do you swear?

162). What can you do to make me believe that I have a place in your heart?

163). Do you trust me in every situation?

164). Which sports its new best?

165). Have you ever felt to hug me tight?

166). Are you cuter or sexier?

167). Do you believe in autobiography or keeping your secrets to yourself?

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Mostly girls are like a hidden clue and you live happily if you’re able to fetch that clue. But there are others who just don’t know about any of these steps. For all those guys, I bring these questions and I hope you like and would really try all these good questions to ask your girlfriend.

When you are asking the question, take care of every word she spits out. Paying attention is the key to knowing her more and more, question wherever you feel any doubt and always reset to follow the questions one after another. Keep it like a conversation with fun activities; don’t make it look like an interview. Look into her eyes, be relaxed and just ask her.

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